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This is the part where they pretend I don’t know they have back door(s) to my blog

So, as I wrote about a few days ago, some GS actually have inferred that they are cops, and they have been trolling this blog in the disguise of being actual TI’s.

first hop always masked

I pretend my connection is not subverted at all times–for decades! Even though we know that I am re-directed at all times, and the first hop is always masked when they think they have you pinned down. Or, there’s a bunker behind my house that coincidentaly has a Stingray attached.

And they threatened me and my wife and my child in several ways. How odd: in the old days, they used to come to my wife and try in every thick skulled way possible to convince her that I was a bad man (of course, then, too, they were trying to recruit her into the law enfarcement domestic spying schemas as well, while others scouted her for international)–and trying to indoctrinate her into the good Guys-R-Us local dog and pony show, too.

Ahhhh: the cost of non-compliance with police state agendas…I see it so clearly now; not that other failed police states didn’t already provide great examples (CHEKA, NKVD, STASI, SS, Red Guard, etc.–the torturers and their games–‘you don’t want your family to suffer, do you’–as they torture your kid in front of you, and rape your wife. Thank Jeebus on a stick that these Americans only metaphorically rape your wives! After all, the American legal system is expensive! And rape leaves DNA samples behind it. But don’t worry–in America, they have special torture for children called CPS–and it is designed to pimp children to state authorities and others who are ‘the good guys and gals.’)

I mean, in the old days– 1998-9, 2001 through 2006, they sort of had me alone, all to themselves when they stole my stuff, or broke in to my houses ( I can’t wait to see the warrants on those) and basically attempted to create a ‘paperless trail’ of pretext and pre-emptive basis in my life to do–exactly what? “Cut the heads of of puppets?” Or just my screensavers?–you can bet that will bite your asses when it comes up.

But as we now know? This guy wasn’t even the big fish–he was just an idealistic librarian who actually wanted to teach people to read. AND you sure did alter your methods after ’06, ay? CIPAV, etc, and that, shot down by the courts–I mean, when does the word ‘experimenting on citizens,’ come into play? Oh–that’s not a word, it’s a phrase–and it’s more complex than your fantasies at my windowsill. And CIPAV, et al were defeatable, but one must have offline backups that are clean, and a really really good password tool. Oh, that and a bit of a clue that Stuxnet had such a multi-layered goal….

Then, it was merely illegal and quasi-legal harassment that I was subjected to, and I am glad I began documenting it and informing various witnesses. AND THEN, my own data began disappearing–my email accounts that documented these shenanigans (in particular, one entire account was completely erased–but not because local law enfarcers are  clever, or even necessarily malicious entirely–but by outright bungling because a n00b was the one who splooged all over themselves trying to get into my mental pants via an email account.)

Homeless Death Police

These two winners beat Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill man, to death. Is it just me, or do they look like the average run of the mill sewage tat leaks out of a Russian Gulag?–oh, except they are kind of fat headed, like they eat way to well.

Now it is some other thing indeed. This thing of theirs is indeed a hydra. Because they tried to create exigent circumstances at every opportunity (like the one turd said the other day ‘if you can prove all these things you say–‘) and turned my life into a ticking time bomb scenario–and that, so they could try to look like hero’s. And as I documented elsewhere, yes, they are sooooooooooo desperate to look good that they really come of kind off, well, bad.

Yeah, I believe I can indeed, and then some. And I want my neighbors to know who it is that is stalking through their yards (you) and triggering their security lights (YOU), causing them to put up fences; making their phones click, using their front porches for staging areas,  and hacking their internet connections (YOU, again)–do you see a pattern?

We actually share a purpose, albeit on opposite sides of the Constitution: you, the one splitting hairs and trampling known case law willingly, and for decades; me, merely trying to document in one way or another what you are up to, and narrowly escaping most of your attempted setups over these decades–because the Constitution DOES work–and existing case law IS THERE FOR A REASON.

And your DICEy databases indeed are informed by morons and bitchy, vindictive little pricks who substituted their dicks for cannons a long time ago–and that substitutioon was back stabbing slander on better men–men who you couldn’t set up or frame, or otherwise run over the rights of–men who knew their rights at the time, and predicted then what is going on now–character assasination over DECADES.

Yeah– in case you missed it while getting your masters in law enfarcement and the management of law enfarcers degree, post four year–the law is a lover–it is a nurturing reference point for window ledge slobbering morons to refer to when they have to justify the massive amount of resources that they consume to their supervisors–and some of those soops leaner, younger, and less corrupt than you are. And even more, our law even loves those working in agencies in other countries that are watching the watchers–because the watchers have turned the ‘war on terror’ inside–the cannibals are eating themselves, right here in America.

So here below is the now predictable patterns they follow–in the first five years or so of this type of harassment, I did not know for sure who these people were–why for instance I saw them in one city and then, again, in a city clear across America, whereas now, I know they are indeed actual stalkers, who have followed me for decades!

DECADES between 1998 and today–three separate decades to be exact:

–this is their pattern: 1) harass, intimidate, stalk, break in, steal, hack my connections, attempt some set up or another, 2) then they fade away, back off for a few days or weeks or whatever and gauge whether or not they have provoked me or sent me into a bi-polar psychosis of one kind or another 3) then, they re-appear, in various forms and shapes: the city meter guy, the ambulance driver, the hired cab (“Deuce in SF–the mystery Temple man in MPLS—hahahahahaha.)  the pedestrian that just has to stop, and admire the placement of my cameras in front; the cute laughing couple who puts the grocery divider stick on the conveyor in front of my snax– or any one of another thinly veiled and provocative forms.

And now, it is my turn to act like I don’t know you/they are there (this has been the pattern)–or to doubt myself, and wonder if it isn’t all in my head, as others over these decades have been glad to tell me (oddly, and somewhat triumphantly, many have told me it is in my head–but it isn’t I know that now.) Now is my turn to try to reverse engineer an event, and trigger you to out yourselves.

And so,  my part is to create a diversionary excursion, and then turn left, and then right and circle–to see if I can catch the tail(….); now is the time to do a test call to a good friend overseas and gauge whether or not my phone line has been re-directed at one of the offshore switches (yes, I knew in 2007 that the calls overseas were tapped at the shores–and so did others, which, I am certain, will call certain MASSIVE amounts of data that was culled in that era to be called into question NOW–especially as pertains to cases related to international trade into question–because while the US whines about copyright infringement? There are dozens of nations who can counter ‘what about favored status at the shores–why does XXXXXXX (Chicago company) get favored treatment over XXXXX (Mineapolis company? Etc–lots of etc.

WHy does internet connection Y take five minutes per page, while internet connection X–two feet away–is virtually INSTANT, while using the SAME CARRIER?

Yeah–now is the time to do anything–ANYTHING that will prove to myself that it ISN”T in my head. Maybe go Dorner all over their asses–or paint my hair red–after all, these law enfarcement GS methods work that way on others (and here and here)–Because over these decades, ‘reality’ as most perceive it was not mine to have, to enjoy, to own or to possess; and happiness itself was not something I could pursue–because I was always being pursued. Not to mention security, privacy, and every single one of those other purported ‘rights.’ They have forced me to live beyond the boundaries and worse, attempted to invoke those at the top of my personal ladder into the fray.

Or, the Panopticon-at what point in the panopticon do we just throw the Constitution away? At the point where they begin filming, or at the point where I and others do? Or at the point where I film them? Or at the point where we film each other until one of us decides the whole ting is indeed a farce–and splashes law enfarcement repellent, or acid on the lens? Please–great and famous director–I never took the class ‘acting for the cameras’–so please, indeed, let me train with your studio! After all, your Academy Awards are certainly not-worthy. And your scripts are so, um, circa 1954.

And, here’s a Kleenex, sothat your wife will still love you, and believe whatever farcical shit you tell her when you are done leering.

Cold war law enfarcement, bogeymen, and you, here, today. Bad scripts sell to audiences in the backwoods–which is why I am in the city.

And so, in these eras, certainly opportunities have been lost–chiefly, opportunities for my nation to employ the RIGHT people instead of roving bands of thugs who are so obvious in their presence that cases get flubbed from the get because they are so obvious. And mission creep comes to mind–certain agencies intentionally missing the real deal just so that they can get another ten years of funds? Yeah–law enfarcement.

And agency overlap comes to mind as well–not like, as in Whitey Bulger and the local FBI collusion with Bostons finest to perpetrate homicides, and thefts of millions–no, not that; nor Christopher Dorner’s beloved LAPD overlap with the Sherriffs department and the new, raceless faceless KKK that law enfarcement has become–no, not that either.

But something bigger–something that you will NOT SEE written here, or anywhere as yet. But something that, given the right political climate, and the right ears, will blow you off of your high horses indeed. And something that uploads automatically–because I too want them to see what YOU are up to–but it takes the right ears–not those ones you have been working with over these decades to fudge and smudge the warrant requirement like a law enfarcement scat session.

My mother was also good, and a bit older than your own, wiser–and not at all involved in the snitch society schema–and my father is truly in Heben–not behind a bench on the XX circuit, just waiting for the opportunity to flub a Constitutional ball, like yo’ daddy.

After all, as you know, I am all about bringing people together! And Yo’ Daddy can come too–despite having overlooked the procedural precedents of the utter invasiveness that you and yours have deployed upon me over decades of time.

And I am not an ardent nationalist, nor a traitor–I am one pissed off citizen who has had enough (really–that trick  in ’06 with the caravan of profilers-red, blue, grey– and local task farce boys with Mamasota dialect was hilarious–almost as funny as the DEA on the top floor of the spice house up until 2001).

But I think some of us want our laws back in our hands–not yours. Because most if us and me would NEVER EVER grope an old lady, beat a mentally ill man to death, or shoot a kid in the vagina with a taser.  And even those of us who treasure our prostitutes and working gals–and even those who don’t? None of us kill them, and cover it up, as your kind does, or exploit them for agency funding.

But you and yours do it every day in this country–and that just ain’t right by me. You, too, need to be held accountable.