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Some call it “a circle of idiocy,” while others call it DICEy practice to give guns to criminals.

But whatever it is? The lack of transparency–the utter disregard for the most basic tenets of law–law enfarcers who break the law at every level–just to create cases?

It is plainly not right, and plainly it is coordinated through the Special Operations Divisions (aka fusion centers, aka SOD) via DICE databases.

The New York Post reports on the Law Enfarcement Operation known as Fast and Furious–and law enfarcement begins there: too fast, too loose with it’s facts to create clean cases.

AND, apparently, the Post is either in on the grand GS plan, and mocking my words–or the person involved in the case believes as I do “You can’t make this shit up!”

Take the government out of this equation and nothing gets done. No guns get purchased, because there is no FBI money to pay for them; no guns get sold, because ATF is not coercing the gun dealers to sell them; and no guns get trafficked, because ATF is not using the guise of a “big case” to allow it all to happen.

And yet the Justice Department was happy to let the farce continue, telling my ATF bosses they were doing a great job.

You can’t make this s–t up!

How the US gave guns to Mexican cartels

How the US gave guns to Mexican cartels: a primer in law enfarcement, and how American’s have forgotten the basic principles of gun safety. Number one rule of guns, kids, is this–never ever give a gun to a criminal who might kill people with it!
But that’s exactly what America was caught doing.

We gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Americans died. Where is the outrage?

When I was young, I lived on a farm for awhile, and I had guns. I shot guns at everything-bale of hay? Blast it! Pile of rocks? Blammo! Occasional pheasant? From twenty yards, on the fly, with a .22 caliber rifle, I winged it–but no one ever taught me to track it down.

Blood trails were lost on me then, much less blood trails from creatures that fly: creatures whose positions change in mid air, or whose ‘trail’ becomes scattered on grasses–grasses that sway in the wind, and touch each other, and spread the print of blood elsewhere; and anywhere but the ‘site of the kill’.

It’s hard to hit a flying target–but sort of exciting. And, sort of a let-down, when your bird goes free–probably a bigger let-down when you realize that you killed something you didn’t or couldn’t eat (probably moreso if you, like some others, weigh in around 300#s, and can’t go a day without trying to convince yourself that the exercise ball in the middle of the room will get used–after all, I hear they use them in Indiana– and the pheasants there are good too…)

So, then, I was guilty of leaving a bird to die a painful death–or to cause that bird to be scavenged by predators–and predators are semi-conscious, conscious beings, in that they kill for a living, but unconscious to anything else around them but their ‘prey’.

Or, like a lot of kids, I was actually imagining that I had even HIT the bird! After all, pheasants can swoop almost as good as quail if they have too. I had no actual bird in my hands–only the visual image of a bird, seeming to fall and then disappear into the fauna after my shot.

So,  like the scorpion said to the trusting swan: “it’s my nature,” and like the predator to his self flattery ” I got it.”

Me, I was just a stupid kid with guns, and the will to use them–looking for every imaginary scenario where I could or would use them  heroically; use them for my protection; for the protection of others; and to get a meal here and there.

Note that order of reference–because that is the actual frame of most every gun owner on earth. No matter how much they claim to have guns to get food? It really is that order–heroism, self protection, protection of others, food.

And they all work together–but the heroism part is really really important–because hero’s are often just bullies–but everyone calls them hero’s because to say otherwise would be to get that weapon turned on oneself.

Then I grew up, and encountered the strangest thing: everywhere I went, unarmed, I was assaulted, or threatened, or otherwise accosted by people who had guns, or who in one way or another believed in killing with them. People who WANTED to kill with them–as if somewhere in themselves was a huge and painful wound that could only be salved by killing.

And tracking is something that I had to learn all by myself. You could even say I learned to track THE HARD WAY: from being lost and alone, and having the necessity to divine wisdom from odors on the winds, and directions from stars; or to use multiple paths synonymously, and to zig zag when predators are trailing you for food; or to leave trails that you know the predators will follow-or to simply try to not get lost in the first place.

That is how I have had to find my way.

But my personal problems began when I was pushed off of my path–when I was for whatever reason they had–derailed my attempts at mere self actualization. One most recent comes to mind: the guy who punched me in the back of the head because my pants were “rolled up” at the knee–as I talked to East Africans about the rights they have to self-defense when attacked. Ironic: self defense, the natural adversary of those who offend others.

But that is neither here nor there. What is important is that I am not alone in noting what a farce law enforcement has become–and I do feel bad for the good cops–that one in one thousand among them– who have to keep their heads up the asses of the bad ones, just to listen for the winds of change that say ” NO you can tell the truth!; No, you can reveal that record that your Soop told you doesn’t exist!; NO, you can stand alone like a man/woman!” and not be hurt, demoted, or silenced for that.

News to good cops everywhere: the winds of change do not come from the ass of your direct superiors, or those that elected people who condone this mass illegality in your institutions.

Revolution–a revolution of whistle blowers from among the ranks of police–that is what needs to happen on a nationwide basis in order to reveal what the SOD and DICE database are up to: massive criminality that does not respect the Constitution, or even, the nations borders as pertains to gun trafficking, which I wrote about briefly, here

Toronto, where an officer of the law, a respectable police person told me that it is quite likely that American police are importing guns into their country to drive Bush-era terrorism hysteria–Toronto ranked second in honest cities.

It is important–very very important–to have police persons who are not from your country to tell you if what you see and observe is true or false, based on the information that you give them. In this one case, it was the average beat cop up there who knew the score–and that discussion, my adversary, was one you could have learned from.


( I counted a 24 second delay in writing that thought–but that was not a clock count, it was a one thousand one, one thousand two, type of count. And, based on experience, here is what that type of delay does: WordPress is structured with an auto save feature. That auto save is there to protect a writers writing from being lost. It automatically saves your writing.

In the past, it was truly an automatic feature–but in the last several years–from 200 6 moving forwards, somehow the police aparatus has been able to autosave every few minutes–and even seconds. This serves a quasi-governmental purpose of taking raw thought and words-that thought often in mid flight, or otherwise not fully destined, and is able to alter it, via the autosave feature–one can type, and then, the writing does not appear on the screen–for seven to 24 seconds in this case–just this thought was delayed by approximately 27 seconds !)

Note about Fast and Furious: WordPress has a default mechanism that links your post to posts with similar content. It is called Zemanta. Zemanta links to content thta is similar too, or relevent to your post.

But in the case of the phrase “Fast and Furious”, which is a gun running program that America has used to de-stabilize it’s neighboring countries–Zemanta links only to the Hollywood movie of the same name, with no actual or important link to the illegal gun running program that the United States is deploying across the Americas.

I have inserted that link just so you can see that this is true.

FINALLY, I canot as yet describe out loud the psychological operations that were fully in effect as i wrote this post. They will be called at a later date, but suffice to say

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