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LA sheriffs department probe yields sadistic torture, obstruction, and malicious prosecution of Consulate officials

LA Sheriffs Department corrupt. Who knew!?? Consulate afficials arrested for inquiring about one of their charges? Jails hiding witnesses? Visitors to the jail being beaten, and arrested on false charges? I thought those things just happened–EVERYWHERE ELSE in America!

“Our investigation also found that these incidents did not take place in a vacuum — in fact, they demonstrated behavior that had become institutionalized,” U.S. Attorney André Birotte Jr. said. “The pattern of activity alleged in the obstruction of justice case shows how some members of the Sheriff’s Department considered themselves to be above the law.”

Like serial killers, rapists, pedophiles and other scum, law enfarcers and police who are complicit in brutality or any of a host of other illegal activity seldom have one victim.

And, because of the access to an endless supply of people to victimize, police institutions are over run with serial sadists and other perverts. The possibility for victimization are endless as are the stream of victims. Worse, the police and law enfarcement agencies in general practice a code of silence–not at all unlike secret societies, the KKK, or other nefarious organizations.

There are more abuses of persons per capita within the law enfarcement system–and access to potential victims–as well as actual documented abuses of children and others through law enfarcement related agencies– than any of the nearly mythical satanic cults that police organizations claim exist, but really don’t.

SO, the orchestration of gun control debates, like sex based hysteria’s and other social scares relies, primarily, on that exact code of silence–and woe to the person who breaks that code, because the tacticians and the conductors of these scares are law enfarcers–and they will seek to punish you in every way possible if you speak up. And that, pre-emptively.

While the Joker in Colorado, and Adam Lanza, and Paul Ciancia most likely had direct contact with “agents provocateurs,”, most likely via the internet* preceding their senseless shooting rampages, one recent mass shooter stands out as something distinctly different, and patently unlike most mass shooters.

Christopher Dorner, a mixed race man who was a decorated veteran, a police corruption whistleblower, and a police officer himself, targeted and killed other police officers because of the endemic racism, brutality, and corruption in the Los Angeles police Department. And that corruption had touched him too, the first time he stood up, and dared to question police brutality directed at citizens.

Dorner, in training and stained by the sticky goo that dyes the thin blue line, did not come forward immediately after he witnessed his training officer–a white woman– kicking a handcuffed man in the face. Instead, he came forwards after a negative performance review, and suffered afterwards because of it. This is the ‘transactional’ corruption endemic in all police departments acros America: keeping secrets and covering each others asses closer than a bloody Kotex is the rule, not the exception.

Well, it turns out that Dorner wasn’t entirely wrong.

So, as the revelations of the NSA spin out one trickle at a time (we all have our own part to play), it is being revealed to a much wider audience that the police infrastructure of America is on a par with any third world country in the invasiveness, and the outright lechery that is employed by these agencies as they snoop through your daughters web cam pics and chats, re-direct your sons web searches, and otherwise wreek havoc on the very idea of both ‘internet autonomy’, and ‘privacy.’

Why? Because the police state rests its laurels at the feet of the most ignorant, the most backwoods, and the most uninformed of the American people in order to create the appearance of doing good, while attempting at all points and at all turns to intimidate, harass, and silence any and every whistleblower that could come forwards to educate the public.

Christopher Dorner was one such whistleblower, and as such, he set himself apart from any and EVERY so-called mass shooter that ever took up arms. In other words, he took his battle to exactly where it needed top be: to systematically brutal, racist,  corrupt organizations that needed to hear his message–and here are some of the positive results:

Eighteen current and former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were indicted The four indictments and a criminal complaint allege “a wide scope of illegal conduct,” Birotte said. “This investigation started by focusing on misconduct in county jails, and we uncovered examples of civil rights violations that included excessive force and unlawful arrests.”

NOTES on internet agents provocateurs:

Paul Ciancia, James “the Joker” Holmes, and Adam Lanza share several things in common: close contact with cops and law enforcement via the gun forums and gun owners websites that proliferate on the net. In fact, Ciancia’s father has close ties to law enforcement. These forums are well known channels for agents provocateurs to infiltrate the minds of citizens, under the cover of claiming to monitor citizen networks.

Two of these three shooters also shared the similar goal of destroying their hard drives, which is a well known result of those who have been in direct contact with agents provocateurs. It is also recommended procedure for any military, covert, or other op in the field should their position be compromised.

And there are many more actual facts which can be found, especially before the cleansing of the official narrative takes place in the gradual strip tease of news stories.

Conspiracy theories thrive in the vacuum of official narratives from ‘official sources’ that fill in the blanks and actually misinform the public, and these theories thrive on the  obscuring of facts, or outright lying to the public that most official sources and official narratives carried by official media outlets perpetrate, as in the Cases of James Clapper and Keith Alexander and many others who lie to the American public daily, and most recently were caught lying to congress over the NSA spying scandal and its illegality and scope.

All that, while they admonish us about honesty, and telling the truth, and upholding the integrity of the system. Bunch of Jokers, if you ask me.

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