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Any Poker Players out there? Here is a government “tell.”

Anyone who has ever played poker ( and I admittedly HATE games) knows what a tell is:  “A “tell” is any physical reaction, kind of behavior, or habit that gives (or tells) the other players information about your hand.”

Here is an example of one:

Last night, as i reported in real time, I was harassed, cut off of my internet conection, and finally redirected by a man in the middle attacker, at a reduced speed of connection (forty minutes to five minutes just to load a page).

And when I ran the tracert command in the cmd.exe module, I discovered that my usual connection has been compromised–even as I write this. But was is MOST important, as pertains to the redirection and routing of legitimate web searches to illegitimate and most often illegal material, or otherwise controversial web content is this: there is no accident that the United States Government et al employ a technique of  “implantation of evidence via innocent web searches.”

Or, the government sof the west are doing every and any despicable thing to cause the invocation of what is known in wesern law as “creating te circumstances of probable cause’.

This means, in western legal terms, that the governments of the west (chiefly Britain, the United States, and their associated sheep fucking blood brothers and ever-available sisters–the Australians, the New Zealand police, and Canada) are planting evidence on peoples computers, via the innocent seaching of things as simple as a web address.

Here, below, is one such example:

As noted elsewhere on this blog, I am often redirected, rerouted, and subverted in my basic quests for information via web searches, or subverted in my desire to document the reality that I experience on a DAILY basis.

And, as noted today and yesterday, I have been hijacked AGAIN by a “man in the middle” attack. These types of attacks have happened to me for decades, as documented offline and elsewhere.

But here is the profile of a certain “mental exploit” that I have endured for decades-and most of it is actually not documented, as I wasn’t fully aware of the nature of this mental exploitation until around 2005, or even fully aware that I was indeed a targeted individual until 2006.

But here is the exploit:

1) I have been hacked/rerouted

2) I do some basic, moron type investigation, and discover that indeed, it is not ‘in my mind’ that the NATURE of my internet connection has fundamentally changed–it has slowed down.

3) my ‘basic’ investigation is to run a tracert command on the cmd.exe module that is standard equiptment on any windows computer

4) the tracert shows me two things: one, I have a new IP showing in my “path” to the website I have punched in to my browser

5) I research the redirection–and specifically the IP that has slowed my conection–in this case it is a nameless ICAN address, which is located in Los Angeles California, near Marina del Rey (one of my most favorite places on earth, BTW). AND that address is also conveniently located next to the University of Southern California (USC), which has a stellar IT department.

6) I run the IP in my browser, and it leads me to this page (which I translated through Google Translate), which has some Arabic language religious crap on it–it was the #1 link that showed in Avant browser*:tell on yourself


7) with little or no actual pretext, and with little or no actual desire on my part to participate in religion, or fanatical backwards religion-Judaism, Christianity, or Islam–I am suddenly holding in my hand a card that indicates ‘interest in’ a fanatical religion–provided for me from the “up the sleeve” technology of the United States of America’s never ending assault on the spirit of the law.

How’s that for the letter? Not to mention this daily assault on the ‘spirit’ of the law, as directed at me.

But really? You tell on yourselves, every time you pull this transparent shit–and it IS subversive of the definition of “legal cause,” or legal “probable cause,” indeed.


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