About: this is a blog, intended solely for the purpose of documenting an ongoing assault on my sanity, my human rights, and my personal safety.

This blog is intended solely for the purpose of documenting ‘reality’ the way I perceive it–a safety valve that releases the negative energy that police agencies and gangstalkers constantly attempt to instill in me. As is becoming the new ‘normal’ Americans are willing to tolerate the selective destruction of one persons safety for the sake of their own–so some 75000 middle eastern children have been murdered by your nation so that your kid can watch Disney propaganda, and commercials about the latest toys for sale (like your own conscience).

All subject matter contained herein is STRICTLY intended to be an opinion, and is not intended for wider commercial use, or should be construed as anything other than opinion, expressed on a blg that has no Constitutional protection, according to the latest Supreme court. So fuck off if you want to sue me–I have a right to my obscurity, and my opinion about being gangstalked, marginalized and nearly murdered by those who can’t get enough of my private thoughts, feelings, and emotions..

This blog documents recent events in my life, and events that alter my perception of ‘your world’–I live in my own world, and yet you are here now reading this for whatever reason–and that means you are most likely a cop, a gangstalker ( Americas version of Nazi brownshirt marauders–inferior humans who derive satisfaction from cowardly attacks on the mind and safety of non-conforming citizens.)

Or, you just ended up here because you were really bored–and somehow, the link you punched put you here accidentally, or something like that. Maybe the NSA directed you here–after all, we know what they are up to, and document that, here.


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