At first glance, the lack of male birth control has little do with MKULTRA.

But in reality, it has EVERYTHING to do with MKULTRA–and especially so in this new era of MKULTRA on steroids, where male guidance in the home has been superseded by a police state that pedestalizes women, while pedstrianizing men. Who needs fathers, when you can have the Disney channel–and officer friendly at school?

And it does this through a process of de-patterning–driving the psyche’s of women based in the most primal, animal parts of the brain–by deploying propaganda directed at the most basic animal impulses of the birthing sex. Meanwhile, shaming men who had no similar options during the exact same period of historical time.

At the turn of the century and further, they shamed women for having children, because America had not yet dreamed up the right scheme of eugenic population control–and they do this to men today, but in a different way–up to and including overt and covert propaganda aimed at them with similar eugenic shaming.

YET even now? Men STILL don’t yet have an actual ‘pill’–a form of birth control, that does not impinge on the sexual And that is done by encouraging corporate interests to validate the trouble of one half of our population over another–or to ‘privilege’ one genders experience over another to at once, keep us apart, and then, through scripting and scripted outcomes, bringing us together, but under a socially engineered paradigm–  Or, this meme.

While American media is complicit in marketing campaigns that treat women as mere objects of the consumer market place, other media outside America occasionally carries stories that demonstrate the outcome of these campaigns: women who act from base impulses to procreate for the state at any cost.

One need look no further than these stories–which appear in alternative and foreign news every day, but which are censored from American media–to see how true this is: woman buys used pregnancy test to entrap a man; the mental illness of women’s hormonal excesses are no different than male libido’s–except women like Octomom crave baby flesh, and the hormone rush that goes along with it while the fertility industry is busy collecting dead mens sperm (with the help of the dead men’s mothers who fetishize sperm–their own sons–ego- in order to provide a path-narc source of stimulus) to create children who will eventually be offered up to the most war-like or pre-emptively invasive nation since Hitler.

And every man in America is merely one relative, one person, one woman away from the reality that women prioritize breeding over solid, mutually satisfying, adult  relationships with men (this despite 50 plus years of liberation, and birth control/ eugenic choices)–relationships that could easily replace the over breeding militarist model that we thrive on today; as if the paradigms of power are all singularly stemming from the stance that violence is the first resort, rather than the last.

Why? Because nothing threatens or challenges a war-based economy MORE than a man and a woman whose priorities are NOT to birth children who are to be used one way or another by that pre-emptive and invasive nation.

Because in killing pre-emptively, the killer has two options:one exploit real and imagined resources gained by conquest, and, if those are not present–to eat the corpse of the murdered person that ‘stood in their way.’ Humans– evolved as we are purported to be, have not yet overcome cannabalistic impulses, and those impulses, though seldom expressed outright, are sublimated in a way that expresses them metaphorically–like a crucified Jesus on a wooden stick, or social campaigns that seek to ‘root out evil,’ as in the ‘axis of evil’ and all the other justifications that Americans have to get at the women and children o other nations, and exploitthem as resources.

But only after killing their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons who would stand in the way of this pre-emptive killer–those men (and the collaterally murdered women and children that seek guidance from them–)

And so, birthing as well, serves the cannabalistic purpose–it replaces resource gatherers with other resource gatherers.

In fact, less than an hour on any news blog reveals that women are more than willing to lie, manipulate, steal sperm, and otherwise co-opt men’s choices in breeding, and then lie about it, or attempt to force men to conform to the militarist/Catholic/Jewsih/Muslim war and conquest paradigm–because the state, and the laws of every state, favor women who will do so–and state money is set aside to enable them to do just that–as if they are resource stealing missiles targeted at the most vulnerable of men to get a baby that they sell to the state.

Put simply, women are, whether they know it or not, most often willing servants of the military industrial complex, and it’s constant need for more bodies in the trenches.

And the state is more than happy to indulge such sickness–in fact, encourages it, because every baby birthed for the state means revenue FOR that state. And men that fal into that trap–a trap that is well orchestrated, a well funded, and a trap that uses women themselves as honeypot setups– then attempts to exploit men who are trapped by these women’s choices.

In America, 72% of African American children are born to single mother homes, and America has learned to capitalize upon, and exploit women’s selfish choices, or bad judgement in a way that makes them seem like victims–of their own choices! While African American men are likely to do prison time–one of three will go to prison intheir lifetimes, while women get out of jail fre, just by bartering children to the state purposes.

And America exploits youth in ways that would make any chimpanzee troupe proud. And bonobos(the smaller, female led troupes of chimps across the river) would be doubly flattered, knowig that they rule the American roost in complete collusion with male chimpanzees who patrol the perimeters, and murder others jst so they can continue their breeding paradigm. (That’s a bigger converstaion….)

And America targets men who do not uphold the police state usurpation of the rights of fathers, and the rights of families to be free of coercion, intimidation, abuse– and, failing that, employs a form of blackmail that extends for generations.

packets of contraceptive pills

Women have had the pill–and the controversies surrounding the pill–for over 60 years. And, as CIA feminism* has taken hold across the globe, we finally begin to hear about a pill for men, here in America, the ‘land of the free–the land of CHOICE and OPORTUNITY.’

But there has not been choice, or opportunity for men in America since the end of the Viet Nam war. At least–there are no jobs, no special programs to ‘help’ men understand themselves and society. Unless of course, you count boot camp as a deep, spiritual experience, and the ASVAB as a ‘cultural touchstone’ on a par with  a breast cancer walk….

According to one author,

It is for commercial and social reasons that the male pill is not yet available, not scientific ones – the drug companies think men won’t be interested, and they think women won’t trust men who say: “Don’t worry, darling, I’m on the pill.” But my experience, albeit more than a decade ago, was largely positive, and those attitudes are seriously outdated

This is an example of ‘spin,’ which means that it is part truth, and part speculation, falsehood, outright lie, or worst of all, misleading in that it omits crucial details. In this case, it is primarily the later, because notice the key component of this persons argument: he relies upon a DRUG company for his information, and that information purportedly speaking for ‘men,’ s if ‘men’ all are, or are all predictably the same, which they are not.

The truth is this, based on scholarship, and studies that haven’t even been performed yet–men, are, apparently, all the same, whereas women are different, indvidual, mysterious and complex–but astoundingly the same in that they are all afraid of being raped, and all entitled to protection from domestic threats by the police and other social mechanisms.

Why? Because women have been driven–de-patterned to be exactlywhat American society has created them to be–confused, but angry about being confused, and looking for an outlet to express it–bcause obviously, as most men know by now, it’s their fault, even when it isn’t–even when she hits you first, even when she tells you she is on the pill, but she isn’t (and the state preys upon that category more than any other).

But women are MKULTRAted, and you are merely diffused with the memetic of ‘responsibility’ , before you even knew who you are–or had a choice to take a pill and avoid all that double talking indoctrination; all the shepherd guiding the sheep superstitions; and definitely before you get bit by the wolf for wandering away from the ‘herd.

Or, this meme.

It’s YOUR fault there is no pill for men–because you are either MKULTRAted yourself, or you have been caught up in the systemic repetitions of responsibilty–all of which come s down to this: will you, or won’t you participate in te nations ritualistic and ongoing blod baths that ‘we’ call ‘war?’

If the answer is NO, then I guarantee you only one thing: you become prey for the actual, real, and provably harmful to children ‘big bad wolf.’ They will eat you alive if you refuse to participate in that schema, and they will lie to, manipulate, and torture your children for decades in retaliation. EVen if you would have used a pil if you had one–and that, in the era of ‘equality’ where women had the pill, and medical science had the technology to make it equal.

The main diference, of course, is that men of those eras were the objects of state power–the tools of war that were used as cannon fodder for whatever glorious purpose–and that, ‘willingly,’ as the state held women over their heads, and leveraged their children, because, of course, ‘good men’ go off to battle bad men, and when they come home–if they come home–women were also used–as ‘rewards.’

Fetch, lil’ Biscuit! That’s a good by! Here’s a snack. Because men don’t WANt the pill–nor would they use it, right? After all, real men are al the same- Or, this meme.

Why? Because over a century of scholarship, propaganda, billions and billions of dollars in federal funds, and billions of dollars of corporate money has been spent studying women! How to sell to women; how to sell women, without appearing to sell them; how to create orgasms in women; how women are ‘different’ than men; how women can be led, misled into public policy formation; how women can….do you get the picture?

But There are stunningly few studies–if any at all–that have actually sampled men’s actual opinions about a ‘male pill,’; no studies that actually ask men if they would take the pill, etc. And, that is because men and women–may of which are religious, or who believe in patriarchy at all costs, or who believe that insemination of a human female is the highest achievement one can attain; or who cultishly believe in a mysterious force in the sky that wills them to procreate; or those who do it as a badge of egotistical honor, as in competitive birthers like the family of 18 on television–and many more mentally ill people–they comprise the basis of what is ‘normal’ in America.

And the truth is this: men would take the pill up their asses if they knew that all of their potential children will be subtly kidnapped, formed and packaged like products, and subjected to indoctrination that only perpetuates a circular formula for 80% of Americans-consumers who are led daily to one sale, one metaphorical slaughter or another; one public policy awareness meeting, one war after another; one generation after the next, sheared like sheep of their wool, and told that they have done their part–because, apparently, being fleeced is for the good of ‘the children.’

SO, what we do have is a century where men were able to use condoms–and gym socks, paper bags, big balloons–to ‘be responsible’ and to ‘do their part’ to prevent unwanted pregnancy–and of course there was abstinence–and that didn’t work out too well for Boy Scouts, Priests, and other ‘good, God feerin people.’

AND, mens choices have been shared with the one or two equally indoctrinated, sexualized, genderized female that they can get their hands on in that moment of their ‘urgency that [inevitably] means love and marriage.’

Which is more deep bullshit than I can wade through right now.

Because the short answer is? If men had the pill fifty years ago, the international banksters, enabled by law enfarcement and propaganda agents in America would not have been able to rob the bank as succesfully as they have at this point–and only now as the war machine moves on to other nations to nest, while the heros come home to rut and roost, do we have the ability to fully control our own destinies by not getting caught up with women who are complicit in that schema.

Women who on one hand are empowered–indeed, forward thinking and proactively self funding women are the enemy of the state in some regards– to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy on one hand, or to entrap a man on the other, and derive state benefits for doing so.

And even then, Americans have lost any chance of equality, which has proven itself to be usless rhetorical baggage of the MKULTRA generation of the 1960’s–because there are no longer any non-violent, but proactively aware people that see violence is a possibility, rather than an inevitability–a responsibility and a duty, apparently of being male.

And that, contrastyed with no shortage of hero’s and law enfarcers who will hunt and pursue such men who perceive that slight, but exponentially important difference with vigor. Because that complex position threatens their own–Or, this meme, because women themselves have been privileged and flattered, and in return, accept the the pre-emptive paradigm of protection, even when that mans also acceptin

g the slaughter–the real or metaphorical collateral murder- of other peoples children.

Our world is Zero Dark Thirty something, and even then? Stuck somewhere in Neolithic paradigms of  power questing, based on monkey impulses, and the self-righteous invasion of other peaceful apes.

This is the marriage that the police state has made.

 *CIA feminism is distinctly different than what was once known as feminism. Feminism was once a civil rights movement, as well as  human rights movement.

It is no longer that, because each and every agenda of modern feminism is scripted by the CIA, preached in Congress, and plead and bled into every political campaign; filtered through the domestic violence data gathering body at the FBI, statistically manipulated, and trickled down to local law enfarcers whose main function is to manipulate conflate, or inflate statistics based on the objectives of the CIA/FBI.

For example: all statistical evidence of domestic violence pointed to women as tha main perpetrators of that violence before 1993. After 1993, and the super bowl sunday scandal as well as a host of other blatantly false media campaigns, feminists were able to begin to ‘take over the institutions of power’ and thus, ‘be heard,’ even if what they were saying was blatantly false.

ANd that generation of women who called themselves feminists were ‘Machiavellian,’ in that they did ‘whatever it took’ to gain power. Perhaps the most insidious feat of that era was a marriage between feminists, police agents and agencies, and the many odd superstitous, and cultish religions of America with the net effect of creating the most pre-emptive acting war machine in modern History, with the exception of the Third Reich in Germany.

Put into simple terms, ‘feminist’ policies and politics have waged more wars upon nations that did not attack America than any generation EVER. Has killed more children, harnessed the labor of more men, and stolen the wombs of more women to feed that war machine than even Hitler was able to accomplish.

Meanwhile, we sit here today in a nation with the largest prison system in the world–a privatized people warehousing system that derives its funding from international powers and national movements lobbying efforts–feminists who are earning stock bonuses by jailing primarily, men–men who do not partake of their schemes and schemas of social control.

And all of this is in stark contrast to the earlier feminists who once stood for human rights, and stood shoulder to shoulder against the violence of patriarchy. In fact, these modern feminists are without doubt, every single bit as corrupted by power, as driven by mass homicide, and as sure of themselves in the righteous killing of foreigners as any crazed Christian warrior, or any Jewish propagandist or diamond broker who ever drummed up a war.

In other words–there are no feminists anymore, only militarists who have overtaken every single good thing in America. And there methods are beyond Machiavelli–they are actually closer to Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin. And, they are the new religion–the domestic housewives of the international war machine.


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