I love Rooney Mara, and I am not ashamed to say so. Even IF the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo isn’t really her.

But the fact is, no actor could portray such a character unless they identified with the writing, and Rooney Mara, to me, IS ‘that girl.’

“if anything should happen-if I get hit by a car; if you hit me with a car, this video will upload automatically to the internet.”

from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

And That Girl is one of my role models, and I can only wish to be as in control, as vigorous in my self-defense, and as covert in my protection of those I love, tough I am, as she was, limited on my immediate powers to fight those that have abused me, and those I love ….

And, failing that, I might just have to chase YOU down with a motorcycle, and watch you blow yourself up. But either way? No one cares about men or boys who fight this same way as she did–who, for whatever reason are forced/ marginalized/ isolated to the point where their actions are considered ignoble crimes, whereas the same actions by women are considered heroic.

So I guess I will have to hire others to do it for me–actors, maybe–after all, my war chest is pretty large at this point–and other available “resources” are jusall away–always have been. Just like the Girl ith the Dragon Tattoo–her resources were large, indeed.

And some of those resources might surprise you. They nmight be in the desk drawer next to you–or, in your immediate supervisors online profile–you get where I am coming from? I don’t need to SHOW you anything, until the time comes.

And then? It will be YOPU who is under scrutiny, as in “why did you NOT do this, THEN? ANd Why did you do this, NOW?” Yeah–bank accounts go both ways–but you lose the actual culprits with your pissing contests, and Machiavellian path narc need to be “right.”

You are ssssoooooooo wrong. And I am stuck with you, as my constant harasser–my path narc “prayer warrior” whoi taunts me, and harasses me online for decades–with NO accountability! And I can’t shoot you in the face, although it would be the right thing to do.

And, failing that? Yeah–I am stuck in a country that has become the exact police state it warned me about some forty years ago, as I studied how the Nixon Administration was actually a criminal enterprise–break-ins, and black lists??WTF?? I thought Stalin et al did those things, and that our presidents were somehow “better than that,” beholden to “law.”

OOOPs, my bad–there is no law anymore in America, only enfarcement.

Oddly, I had the idea that I could speak truth to power–that I could expose wrongdoing by government; but I didn’t then factor in a generation of children (or two) who had been subverted–who had been propagandized to believe that illegal acts BY government are “necessary evils,” and “acceptable injustices.”

Acceptable injustices? WOW. I see how you guys win, generation after generation.

Oh–and BTW? It seems that the portrayal of sexual abuse, rape, and power games is not at all innacurate–after all, the state uses peoples lives to create the appearance of cases, rather than to police those who actually actually create, and control the heinous and life altering destruction that is produced BY agents of the state, and other social controllers:

In just ONE operation in Canada, it was discovered that nearly 55% of child abuse videos were produced with the aid and assistance–indeed produced BY the teachers, the day care workers, and with the aid of the police, and the social workers.


Here is the “official sources*” version of the story–which downplays the complicity, and the “interconnections” of state sponsored child abuse:


In one of the biggest such operations ever seen, investigators uncovered an octopus-like child-porn network centered on a now-shuttered sex-film business in Toronto. Its tentacles extended across Canada, where 108 people have been taken into custody, and to six continents. In the US, 76 people were arrested while others have been rounded up in several European countries.

While the investigation, Project Spade, was led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), it was pursued with the collaboration of the US Postal Inspection Service and law enforcement agencies in Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong, officials said.


And here below, are the raw numbers–the numbers that can point us to the nature of the  “complicity’ of the state to cover up of the western states and western governments covert purposes in violating children across the globe (as noted here and here and here, and here as well).

The arrests included 40 schoolteachers, nine doctors and nurses, 32 people who volunteered with children, six law-enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests and three foster parents,” said inspector Joanna Beavan-Desjardins.

Or: 6 cops acted as door persons and gate keepers and official enforcers to this heinous state abuse, and enabled, and covered for– 40 teachers who were likely on the SAME union rolls as they were, 9 doctors and nurses who for whatever reason were complicit (most likely economic blackmail, taxation related threats, or other state threats), 32 people who ‘volunteered with children’. 9 pastors and priests who ‘counselled’ those children(religions are ALL cults) and three foster parents who actively gained revenue by pimping those children. This last category–the foster parents, are the most obvious pimps and panderers, because they gain money by merely ‘looking good’ without any actual checks and balances.)

The state  purposes are to claim higher ground, and pursue, and villify others who question their methods, and their methodolological basis-to persecute or prosecute, in any way possible, those that question their systemic corruptions of actual innocent children, at the expense of truth; and to exonerate the systematic and unspeakable crimes against children that all of western capitalistic societies are based upon; and, anyone who speaks of it is to be demonized, vilified, and/or  turned into a bogeyman that obscures their practices.

There is no such thing as “rogue cops.” They are in it together, until they get caught, and then, only the main perpetrators are covered in the literature, or the news, as these cowardly child abusers and law enfarcers go undetected, and un-punished–because many of them are the exact “official sources” that obfuscate the citizens ability to see the ‘goings on’ of law enfarcement.

Because there really, really IS a “new world order” and cops are well aware of the costs to themselves if they reveal how their agencies, their handlers, and their supervisors are ‘complicit’  and actually, deeply enmeshed in the horrors that society ‘suffers from.’

Or, not. Because these path narcs almost always walk, because they blackmail each other into complicity. THAT is the sytemic NORMAL.


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