Finally, winter is here–a time to slip off of slippery slopes, and claim that you can recover from it-you can’t. Democracy is DEAD in America–shot in the face by cowards.

And these cowards are represented by police and teachers unions–unions that McDonalds workers do not have access to–unions that workers are denied in every “at will” employment state in America–

I’m not wrong about the fact that we have hit the slippery slope without ski’s: in England, social services now cuts children out of the wombs of pregnant women, who suffer panic attacks. If this was a Jewish child, the entire world would be whipped into  an uproar.

Imagine that– a pregnant woman suffering a panic attack or some other mental distress--soooo unusual, ay, by gum ? Not. AND the judge in the case is recommending the child be put up for adoption!!!!!!!!!!

But it was an Italian child, born to a mother who has bi-polar mental illness that was ripped from her womb,  and now, is being pandered to the adoption networks of England.

Many adoptions cost 80,000 dollars(US) or more–but this way, the state cuts costs by cutting wombs, and justifying it on eugenic grounds.

Seems that social services and their state sponsors are so hungry to get their hands on children (especially the ‘ethnic’ ones)that they are now tearing them from the womb.

Those crazy, blood thirsty Brits–maybe all those stolen and murdered kids from Iraq, et al just can’t feed the hunger that they cause by being sittingstarving duck targets.

But their kissing cousins up in Canada are so hungry for baby flesh that cops, social workers, teachers as well as the usual suspects–priests–comprise by way of anecdotal evidence,  over 55% of those who make child porn–go figure: it’s always those with official titles to hide behind who are up to no good when it comes to kids, and the practices and policies that drive social panics as well as actual crimes.

Apparently, its “for the children.” (story below)

“The arrests included 40 schoolteachers, nine doctors and nurses, 32 people who volunteered with children, six law-enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests and three foster parents,” said inspector Joanna Beavan-Desjardins.”

I am not kidding when I say that at the bottom of a cops heart, or in the center of any “official source” is the basic desire to cannibalize others, and in doing so, attempt to prove oneself to be “right.” Or, to just feed themselves at the public trough. After all, in the ‘starving times’ of the great white north, everything is fair game when it comes to food sources-and children are raised with that in mind.

Odd paradox of pathological narcissism, isn’t it? Forever hungry-the path-narcs have an endless need for a ‘narcissistic supply’ much less day to day food–food that they steal from others, or cannibalize in secret.

So, it’s no surprise that a German cop dismembers man

And we know that the police profile includes cannibalism as a personality trait:  American cops are so stifled in their relationships with significant others who are as they are–power and control oriented people–mirror images of themselves, projected on others–so repressed from speaking “words” out loud” that they become monsters–in a metaphorical way, as well as, sometimes, a very heinous way:

But at least I am not alone in suffering internet ‘blackouts’ and other forms of restraint–apparently, democratically elected leaders from Venezuela also experience odd happenings:

Apparently, the right wing politicos ( not at all unlike the NSA and law enfarcers on the backbone of the internet–also cut communications and manipulate the outcomes, and the intentions of world leaders–and in this case, apparently cuts the electric cable to THE ENTIRE NATION in order to stop democratic elections from taking place–and to cause the perception tat they didn’t do it–that in fact, the democratically elected leader ‘might have;’ done it.

Nicolas Maduro, the successor to Hugo Chavez, who likely died from plutonium poisoning, or another black ops cancer causing agent, says that they did it to try to force him to postpone the elections. And that, would have made him look bad–as if HE was the one holding up democracy, which he isn’t.

He is suffring from the exact kind of manipulation by police state agents that I am–black ops that try to force you into decisions that would otherwise not cross your agenda.

And Nelson Mandela died today–aged 95, and America didn’t take him off of the terrorist watch list until 2008. Condoleeza Rice said atthe time that it was an ” embarrassing matter that I still have to waive in….the great leader Nelson Mandela.”

And it seems that the police aren’t at all immune to shooting themselves in the face–especially after they lose face by cheating on their mates:,

and get caught doing their dirty work–in this case, a cheating cop offs herself after she sends a text message to her husband–instead of her lover.

And sometime cops actually get shot in the face, but seldom is it the ones who deserve it:

Sadly, it’s usually the very few good ones that do get nicked–a woman who wants some extra sex isn’t a criminal–she’s just trapped in the lie of monogamy, in a war based society, and withthe doubly damning disguise of being a ‘normalizer’.

The bad ones–which in a rare case where guilt by association goes a long way towards truth, most of them are involved at many levels of ‘bad behavior’ and they are usually too busy shooting old ladies, Tasering children in the vagina, entrapping ‘turerrsiss’s, enfarcing the laws, or otherwise wasting taxpayer dollars by imitating pubescent young women and mentally ill people online, or threatening people who love free speech or anonymity.

Toronto, where an officer of the law, a respectable police person told me that it is quite likely that American police are importing guns into their country to drive Bush-era terrorism hysteria–Toronto ranked second in honest cities.

I don’t know, maybe I am nuts–or the society I live in has lost it’s ever lovin’ mind. But either way? I wish I had a country that wanted to exploit these facts, publicize them, and make this phony American dream the reality it is: a police state clothed with excess PR, and excess deceptions that make Pol Pot, or Stalin look like patriots.

— I am more than willing to work for food clothing and shelter just to expose the hypocrisy of American Law Enfarcement. And ven then? No one puts me on ice for long–there’s always another layer of clothing, isn’t there?

And I want them to see you too–after all, your the ones in the sheeps wool, tryimg to uphold the appearance of civility, while doing the most base things imaginable.

Hope your nuts don’t fall off out there tonight–these below zero temps can sure be enlightening.

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