Responding to threats from state agents: it is not always easy to maintain your rights, or prevent them from escalating threatening behaviors.

I have been covering a gang stalking event that has gone on for decades.

And I note that as of tonight–this very minute–it appears that I have given them enough of something or other to get them to back off the car in front of my house, and STOP the harassment they are sending me over the internet. I am not as yet tonight on ‘time delay–not once in the last five minutes has wordpress stopped or delayed the writing( which is NOT a WordPress problem, BTW), or been sent into a seven to 24 second delay AS I write.

But one thing IS CERTAIN: Jake Baker NEVER went through this! AN ode, to free speech, and it’s restrictions and restraints via illegal government activity, below.

Now, They have been using a car that is devoid of license plates to attempt to provoke me, or intimidate me for several months now. A woman who drives that car gets up every morning to switch it from one side of the street to the other, Sometimes, A man walks into the range of the camera from an entirely different apartment, and drives the car away.

And they never EVER get traffic tickets, unlike some of my neighbors who have license plates ON their cars, and who do NOT drive their cars without license plates. The GS are, after all, privileged.

Now, that car was gone for most of the Thanksgiving holiday–a week or so. I should have skipped out then! Grabbed my passport and headed to countries where freedom is soon to be–Russia, China, Cuba, etc. But I stayed HERE, in America…just to keep this story of police state shenanigans front and center!

The hooliganism, and the cars that circled my house endlessly this last round of GS, subsided in June, 2013 or so. Between January, and July, there was, according to my counts on my front of the house camera, a lot of traffic–some 3500 videos per day.  But what is highly significant is this: in each of those videos, there are patterns–morning rush hour, lunch time, rush hour at night-and these are predictable patterns.

But what is HIGHLY significant is this: I read some time last year that a certain person from Minnesota had shot up some cars, and killed people by standing in the median of a street in Maplewood,MN. And that person had reportedly shot randomly at car–in SPRING, MARCH, 2013– because ” he was being followed, and noisy,  targeted traffic had been circling his home.”

I haven’t followed the status of that case–here–give me a minute (after all, I am typing freely right now–Wordpress has not even blinked–not even YET been on a seven second delay! And I have been writing for nearly twenty minutes! My words flow like water–and there is no mind controlling, time nagging delay between the point where my digit hits the keyboard, and the letters appearing on the screen!

OR: I have their game down–and this is another test scenario where I appear to ‘win’–but only later to be sabotaged, as the press ‘discovers’ another whistle blower, and reports only 1/3 of a story, based of course in the most insidious, and democracy destroying meme ever–“according to official sources.”‘)

Well, anyways–based upon my front of the house camera, here are the facts: I counted cars as noted above, loosely–and the percentage of change went like this: between January and September of the last year2013–the cars ion front of my house has predictable, and NON-predictable patterns. I will describe thee patterns below.

1) as described, traffic patterns showed a swell at morning rush hour, lunch time, and evening rush hour.

2) traffic patternes showed that traffic increased after “bar-time” meaning that, In Minnesota, bars that serve full content alcohol close at 2 a.m., and traffic increases at his time in front of my house.

3) between the specified months, traffic also showed a pattern of conduct–that despite normal traffic hours as staetd above, there was a significant difference in traffic between March, 2013, and September, of the same year.

4) between January, and June of 2013, there was s spike in trafic in front of my house. Convoys of traffic appeared to circle my hous nightly between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. These ‘convoys consisted of patterns of three cars in a row, and persisted for the duration of those hours.

5) Between August and today–December 5th, 2013, the patterns of cars in front of my house have changed*–there are no longer convoys of three car teams circling in those stated hours; the late night traffic has resumed to a predictable, and enumerable amount of cars–the bar rush, etc.

6) the net differences are: in spring there is ‘slight’ increases in morning to noon traffic; in fall this amount decreaes slightly–nearly 5%.

7) what never changes is this: in the beginning of the year, there is a 25% difference in late noight traffic–and that this traffic–especially the three car convoys that ran endlessly between said hours anfd early morning– dropped off 100% after june, 2013.

Since the last round of  internet mobbing that began in 2011, I was stalked via online chat forums and other internet activity–theoretically, “my” online presence.

And, particularly, since last winters mobbing, documented elsewhere, I was surrounded by unknown (as yet) agents of social control who invaded every aspect of “my” online life–“my” perusal of internet  media.

And these agents insulted me, my mother, my causes; these agents deleted my postst in online forums, sent me threatening e-mails, and otherwise altered my perception of reality–they swiped entire converstaions online clean! They sat two or three doors down from me in different apartments and talked about how “my ass itches!”

AND they at all times altered, controlled, and modified the delivery of what is subjectively called the “internet experience.”

But that is nothing new to me, at least–it has been going on since at least 2003!

So–I pick uop where I left off–in since June of this last year, and thereafter, I was left with only occasional threats to my safety, or threats against my family, property, or other things (except for the recent round of threats chronicled here   and here,  after publishing this) or other inferences of violence directed at me.

And most notably, the late night traffic in front of my house–the convoys of cars, etc–have all but stopped. AND, only occasional GS activity is clearly shown on my cameras–in fact, since I installed MORE cameras-in fact tripled the amount of cameras around my house–the GS activity has all but stopped.

No one sneaking in to my house to tip my ‘happy clown’ statues upside down to “sad clowns’; no onw has messed with mhy seeing eye monkey, nor have my snails been poisoned’ nor have my daughters diapers been carried out of the house to be DNA sampled, or as in the past, thrown about the driveway.  (note: between the paragraphs above, and NOW, I am on the delay again! But now, it is merely a 2 to 3 second delay. Probably tolerable  by the “average community standard, right?)

So, in that light, tonight I give you this: if, and when shooting people like YOU, who do these things, or YOU who condone these things–if shooting people like YOU in the face becomes legal; if and when outright murdering people like YOU with impunity becomes socially progressive, and societally responsible and acceptable behavior; if and when murder for hire becomes legal in my country (ahem)–I have a list of people like YOU, my  free speech killing, gang stalking pusilanimous–I have a list of people that WILL get shot in the face.

And, I will do it myself, with great and utter joy–and in your case, I will do it sdeveral times, slighlty missing the sentient parts of you–and shooting multiple times just so you feel something–feel something, perhaps for the first time in your life–but definitely so that you feel just a bit of the effects of being restrained, and harassed to the point od death–to the point where you have atemptd to dribve me because you are too cowardly to accept the opinions, or the facts, or the words of others who disagree with you.

My life-long stance of non-violence comes to an end, when the law permits me to hunt you, as you have hiunted me–or, if another nation invades here? I will personally drive them to the door of your hunting cabin, and set you on fire myself.

And of course, that is a pretty big IF wouldn’t you agree? After all, as demonstrated over these decades–it is me whi has self restraint, and you–cowardly GS, cowardly cop, cowardly snitch society member–it is YOU that brought tasering in the back; endless decades of breakins, endless robberies of my personal possessions–you brought grief to me–without any justification other than that I LOVE words–and I LOVE the Constitution, despite how people who are EXACTLY like you have subverted its noble intentions. And my love of words has caused you to try to kill me, assault me, jail me, follow me, and otherwise montior me–I will kill you the way you killed me.

Peace goes out the window when people like you are allowed to do what you have done to me over the years–ultimate peace relied upon eradicating the YOUS from the world, so that the WE’s who love peace, and despise war can be at peace again. I get it now–people like you, banded together in cowardly fashion, have attempted to kill my individuality–my impulses for peace–and YOU have waged generations of war on me–Israel, Palestine, etc.–until I become some kind of ‘threat’ to your wars.

I get that. And, given laws in my favor, and.or the right allies? Yeah–I will march them to the door of your daughters playhouse and obliterate your futrue the way you did to me. BUt unlike you–I will follow the ‘law’–and as yet, I am pretty sure that the law indicates that your entire pretext and pretense for what you have done over these decades?

I am pretty sure the law is in my favor; thatis, if America actually had laws that are indeed Constitutionally sound, or Constitutionally right.

Blammo!!! In your face, just to the left of your ears–because you can’t hear the truth–and BLAMMO! just to noick your skull enough top wake you up, and hope your eyes see what you have done here–and SPLATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

The next three rounds ticking at the side of your temples, just to arouse the part of your brain that can no longer hide behind the doors and walls of the struct-while you wage cyber war on me becuase I loved words–and finally–no last shot–I will let YOU bleed out like a pig, and let ‘fate’ or crows decide.

But even then, I am not like you–I am not a murderer, But I do love the idea of crows pecking your eyes out. Because people like you can’t be helped or educated–nor can I forgive the decades where you altered my path, and stymied my purposes. Maybe then, you can begin to feel or see again: in blindness, their is truth for people like you.

AND, I have case law on my side to educate you, and maybe, a judge or two, about the boundaries of free speech–not to mention privacy laws, and ,malicious prosecutions based in you, and your colleagues deliberate ignorance of, disrespect for, disregard of, disrespect for, and secret dissolution of the boundaries of law–your illegal shenanigans that violate  “the law.”

And, I suspect that there are others from across the seas who will aid me in revealing your programs–and your disregard for the laws of my beloved country.

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