Prior restraint in action: last night, assaulted by GS who threatened my family; tonight, I notice the restraint

Last night, my connection was slowed down, one of my ‘blog followers’ in England actually appeared to be sending comments from three different countries, and my family ws threatened subtly, as was I with the threat of “homelessness.” And these are not unusual occurences–these are every day occurences, as documented elsewhere.

And then, while perusing my blog, I come upon a post–a very important post about Kelly Thomas who was beaten to death by cops; Kelly, a man from Fullerton California–a man whose father was a cop, and a man who happened to be mentally ill–beaten to death in front of bystanders as he screamed repeatedly ” Dad come save me! I am dying They are killing me!”

This post has been edited for me–this post has been restrained from being published–and this post has been altered. Four out of five of the photos that I put there are no longer there!

Here is the screenshot of that:

Prior restraint in action

Now,a note about insanity:for decades I was told its all in myhead–that when these things happen, it could be some internet glitch, or just a weird thing that happens–but I now know it is real–very real. So real that lawyers in Guantanamo Bay Cuba report similar things, and more.

I am under attack by a police apparatus, and this is one example.

Yes–the internet changes every day, whole websites disappear and reappear, news stories get edited and moved, and links get broken, or deleted–sure, that happens.

But in this case–andI have been writing forever a decade online–in this case theratio is so egregiously wrong that I had to write it–I had towrite about it, as 80% of the links are broken or moved or deleted; or, asI aid above?Like many other times when the actual WORDS and wholeparpagraphs get deleted, Iknowthis is that kind of psychic harassment: some turdout there has deleted 80% of mylinked content as regards pictures.

AND, I will leave this last paragraph above, unedited–to demonstrate one other form of harassment: note the words that run onto each other? This is caused by a time delay that itself acts as prior restraint-but worse and more insidious? Is that it is targeted harassment–in the category of “catch me if you can” policing.

“Procedure becomes…whatever you gotta do, on the day….” And it is illegal, I promise you–and I am documenting it.

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