Really good readers go out of their way to read–and my new favorite reader went all over the world just to read me tonight!

Three countries in one night!

My reader, tonight, went to Switzerland! Canada! And jolly old England just to read my posts!

This is a screencap of my “visitors” location, and what posts concerned ‘her’ the most.

My British subscriber --from Switzerland via Canada

My visitor is purportedly an older woman from the north side of England. BUT ‘she’ manages to write to me from Manchester–as if I have United loyalties, which I don’t. The only United loyalties I have are to a Hong Kong girl and a certain market on Spadina.

The Chinese characters for "Hong Kong".

The Chinese characters for “Hong Kong”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After that, I don’t give a shit about soccer, or the other games that the royalists play. Even if those royals are the bastard clans that have managed to inhabit the American presidency for over two full decades.

But Kenya IS interesting, isn’t it? I hear the Somali‘s aren’t even a real threat, in any sense of the word, and easy to infiltrate–once you get past the window ledge slobbering local pork, who have no long term visions of how and why it works the way it does.

And even then, I ‘hear’ tha tthey are more than willing to shit all over the pen before the corn is put into the trough.

Sad state of affairs, really. Kind of ruins it for all of us–except the fat ones, who even eat their own shit.

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