My one subscriber–who lives in Canada, via Switzerland, via England: a real reader goes out of their way to read.

And my reader, tonight, went to Switzerland! Canada! And jolly old England  France, the historic friend of all things British(erhem) just to read my posts!

This is a screencap of my “visitors” locations as they claimed to be from England.

My British subscriber --from Switzerland via Canada

My visitor is purportedly an older woman from the north side of England. BUT ‘she’ manages to write to me from Manchester–as if I have United loyalties, which I don’t. The only United loyalties I have are to a Hong Kong girl and a certain market on Spadina.

After that, I don’t give a shit about soccer, or the other games that the royalists play. Even if those royals are the bastard clans that have managed to inhabit the American presidency for over two full decades.

But Kenya IS interesting, isn’t it? I hear the Somali‘s aren’t even a real threat, in any sense of the word, and easy to infiltrate–once you get past the window ledge slobbering local pork, who have no long term visions of how and why it works the way it does.

Update: as of today, this persons commentary has split into two definite and distinct personalities- as if on one hand they might be a quaint older gal from the north side of England–and on the other, a wide jowled piggish faced dirt bag from within the American GS community. And, my IP 10.41.xx.xx is still on their blacknets–but none of the usual stuff of the past, just clear, direct harassment and insulting attempts at head twisting, as I will document below and elsewhere.

Now: apologies to the older gal if you actually exist, or if you actually suffer what you do. But it appears that you are not who you say you are, and worse–you are all over the world when you think you are actually right there in England.

Put another way, someone has likely co-opted your identity, and their IP is located in Manchester–which may or may not be where these posts actually come from.

So, while harassing me two nights ago–threatening me subtly, threatening my family and my homes–subtly, with implication and double talk–these GS seem to have revealed something I had not given much thought too: they are impersonating apparently real people, and leaving an internet trail of same.

But mostly, they are working hard to 1) create a false ‘web’ of connections via these interactions (which I knew already) 2) they are attempting to implant ideas and cause internet searches based on these ideas that they plant, i.e. they are ‘suggesting’ different topics. Along with the implied threats to home and family, this/these middle men are deploying negative images to effect mental and emotional damage, and top affect the net outcome of events in a conversation–they are ‘steering’ the direction of the conversation.

and 3) they are hooked up in one way or another to existing profiles of individuals in these conversations and using that profile to manipulate the outcome and the intent of these conversations 4) this, which when one becomes aware of it, can direct–or redirect an internet users experience.

And VOILA! This is how I suspect an Adam Lanza happens, or a James the Joker.

When I have time, I will backtrack and try to preserve the ‘conversation’ that they were directing at me via another party who may or may not exist–an emotional/social engineering stunt that can cause actual damages, and redirected intentions. That they are doing it to me is laughable at his point–but that they likely are doing this to others who are not steeled inside as I am after these decades is a huge red flag, and deserves further public awareness. And this IS the method theyare deploying.

key phrases and links: ‘bled them dry/bleed you dry,’ innocent/we will hurt innocent people in your life because you have witnesses to what we are attempting to do to you,’ ‘homelessness/international banksters have employed us to attempt–attempt to make you homeless.’

There were a few more, but for reasons of self protection that will become clear later, I will not give them more ‘profile’ material.

Key names and literature mentioned by this intermediary voice: Cialdini, Mark M. Rich, Layton links later

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