A note on excessive force: no one has yet tried to make the case that the NSA et al is using excessive force.

Tonight, I see that what the GS are targeting are posts that mention or possibly could be twisted to infer, violence; thatI am violent, or that I am a threat.

Hmmm. The seven second delay is kind of coercive; the days where my internet connection is cut or obstructed by their technology are kind of lonesome, and in the least not at all legal; but really, getting tasered in the back by some GS and THEN GETTING TAKEN TO JAIL ON FALSE CHARGES is kind of a big clue that coercive law enforcement is the new “normal,” and that NSA obstruction is the new “excessive force.”

The Federalist Papers presented arguments in f...

The Federalist Papers presented arguments in favor of a strong connection between citizens and their congressional representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all–these entities and agencies conspire against the very precepts and preambles of a free nations treasured writs and guarantees of freedom. But catch them–if you can! Because to do so would require a budget in the millions, if not the HUNDREDS of millions–and I don’t have that. But I AM willing to work for any state or nation that values freedom, and I can demonstrate exactly what I just said is true.

Let me be clear: as the record can and does show, I am the kind of person who turns violence inward, rather than outward, until it comes to words, in which case, I am a scattergun loaded with buckshot.

But someone of them is exclusively perusing my entries and posts that  use certain phrases (which I will not disclose due to the nature of the word twisting that they employ in PsyOPs, as well as the fact that this information is that which should be seen by someone who actually knows the law, not a mere law enfarcer, or GS lackie, as the average IQ of these types is around 100–and none of them know or love the laws of the country they get fat in)

But this post is the best example of what they are using as ammunition to try to stoke a fire somewhere–and lord knows they can stir up shit, pre-emptively, and cause violence themselves–Iraq, Afghanistan, tehn Libya, Syria, etc–and Iran–as they work hard to destroy actual democracies–Egypt–they are paid to monitor me, and try to tease out one kind of case or another based on “my” words”

Not MY words–those words the words of a merely theoretically free man–the words of an American who has at any time enjoyed the protection of the law, or the Constitution; no–“my words” are not my own–they are a reaction to law enfarcement, and the various assaults that I have endured over decades of time, at the hands of the state and GS agents of social control. And THAT, because I LOVE WORDS.

But here is the post they are using yesterday to put some mortar into their sandy brick bastion: One becomes two, becomes three: I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!

( link here as well, in case they alter the one above:  https://viviccf.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/one-becomes-two-becomes-three-i-couldnt-make-this-shit-up-if-i-tried/  )
Personal ramblings become suspects in a GS”terrorist threats” schema– Here is a post that they hit up, looking to twist the meaning of these paragraphs:

“And I do believe a better world is possible–but not in the current context. And if anyone could explain to me the benefits of working for such a system, I promise that my results carry big payloads–really, really big payloads. And my alternate has time for a call or TWO–encrypted.

But for now, I am harassed endlessly, and not compensated at all for what I do-which really, is to keep freedom free by raising my voice–not the kind of voice you can kill for anywhere on earth, because that kind is, well, kind of a dishonest way to make a living, and very very common. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a terrorist, or a threat, or prone to violence–I have never ever resisted an arrest, never ever never been convicted of a crime of violence; never ever never been shown to be involved in any terrorist plot or otherwise– and anyone who really knows me, knows that my favorite terrorists are these guys: Daniel Shay’s-an Irishman who attepmted the first ACTUAL American Revolution–with a ragtag army composed of slaves and servants and freedmen of all colors and many nations;The founding fathers, who anonymously wrote “the Federalist Papers,” which became your US Constitution ( a fickle old whore, beholden now to only the richest of it’s subscribers, and a gigolo for Saudi’s and other international cabals); Malcolm X, whose singular most threatening gesture was “to bring people together” by discarding race as a primary organizing tool of people who seek peace; and many others of the same clothe.

But my stalkers (I suspect an 11 person team, currently, with one main shot caller, as opposed to the 9 person surveillance teams of the past) are currently reading through my blog, and conveniently skipping every post where I mention peace, or mention my aversion to violence, or the fact that I am armed only with words–and seeking justification for an extra-judicial homicide; a Kelly Thomas type scenario where they think they can kill an innocent person, and then, blame that person for it.

Or, in the least, they are trying to creat a scenari where they can finally attempt to show one American judge or another that I am “potentially” violent.

And that violence, of course, predicated by DECADES of false criminal or civil charges that have been brought against me, and each time I was found inocent of those charges–which wasn’t enough for Lady Justice aparently, because she allowed her gang stalkers to begin all kind os black ops against me, including attempting to murder me with a Taser in my back, and other documented assaults.

Yeah–I get it: America land of the free–inocent as long as you have the money to prove it to me, right? You have stolen enough from me–time energy, and money; and anything you are using as a further excuse to hunt me? Attempt to kill me? Is just more of the same.

My words will set me free, and I am a man of peace–two cheeks, and a third, because the cowards, and the path-narcs amongst you like to press the line of the law, as I have demonstrated for years.

You’ll see. Really, you will: words are more powerful than guns, bombs, and decades of false charges–even more powerful than trying to gangstalk a person to death.

In resisting–and in knowing now WITH CERTAINTY that it is real now, I have found the will to live again–just to bring your methods into the public realm. With the most dangerous weapons of all–a shot of pud in your faces of raw truth, manipulated by your actions over a period of time that spanned decades. BLAMMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How’d that feel? I bet you grabbed your micro penises, and then, went for your gun, right Captain Crunchypants? And lieutenant Seargent Backseat probably ran for the top drawer of her dresser, and grabbed a lighted dildo–but I am done being used as police state pornography.

Your projections, going back to 1993, right back at you–and it will have a deteriorating effect on your own minds, I promise you.

Words–both yours and mine, much less actions over decades of time– WILL set me free–not the other way around.


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