Monitoring, and suspecting the ‘shot in the face’ meme, and other word suspects.

I have, like, exactly ONE dedicated follower, and they are working from within an as yet un-named agency.

Baby Huey

Baby Huey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They/it are not the typical GS, or the stalker, or the random ‘citizen’ who is recruited monetarily/momentarily to violate me in some way ( to step in front of me in line, to run up to me in a common public area and decry some weird thing or another, while attempting to read the label on my shirt, or note what kind of computer I am writing on; nor are they the typical GS future brownshirt recruit who scouts my cameras from the alley, tipping it’s/his hat in one direction or another as his handler signals him–and then, once seen by my vigilant neighbors, runs through the OTHER neighbors yard*, and leaps my fence like something they saw in a movie–leaving my fence bent, and in need of replacement.

And, leaving my cameras in front of my house insulted that they had to see such a slovenly display of police/gang stalker/GS thug recruit displays. Because, as mentioned elsewhere, these pigs all clock in around 300 pounds most of the time (although this particular slob who I captured on camera earlier this year was around a fat 240#s). And this slob ran like a front lineman–a mere blob of weight, bent over like it was hump time, and he hadn’t done his homework on first string capabilities, but willing to act the part anyways.

And, maybe I am being unkind to this particular slob, who hopped in and out of cabs that circled my house at that time: this particular slob  tried hard to hoof it across my front lawn the best he could, and, after all, his handler/s were waiting, like good husbands, or concerned traditional mothers for their Baby Huey to come home.

Anyways–that’s neither here nor there–here is what my one “metaphor deprived” black and white thinking, narcissistic reader is reading through as of yesterday:

1) still hard at work, tracing the shot in the face meme–trying to make a case that I am dangerous, and that the meme is my very own phrase–as if I was the first and only person ever to use this phrase, and, because of this, I am a danger to society, or related, linguistically, to every blog post, every news story, and every common occurence of this common phrase! It’s maddening, wht these people try to do–as they STALK ME, break in to my houses, my cars, my computers, and my life, in general,  year after YEAR! DECADE after DECADE! (and I am STILL an innocent man, according to the laws of every state in my country, despite the heinous, trumped up, conflated charges they have tried to “jacket” me with!

Tracking the shot in the face meme, even though, in my humble opinion, they could be spending their tax payer time looking into ACTUAL threats to safety–like endemic police corruption, or the most insidious meme ever “according to official sources..”:

Looking for kleuws in other writing, instead of solving real crimes that hurt ACTUAL people:

Well, what can one expect anymore? After all, they need a REALLY GUD escuse to justify why it is that they are watching all of our internet conections HERE IN AMERICA–AFTER they claimed they were merely trying to ‘stop the terrorists’. I mean, who knew that TERORISTS meant AMERICANS who use WORDS that describe a POLICE STATE, or THOUGHT CRIMES, and most insidiously, attempt to force the issue of their illegality into a court room–where the DECADES of intrusions, atempted set-ups and other attempts to frame Americans into crimes– that I and others have endured–can become public property?

No, REALLY: I am a human missile, aimed at your databases, and your methods, and your off the record inferences and illegal methods of sabotage and defamation; and mostly, any and all information I can gain for the sake of the public, about how you people infiltrate the mind of a kid in Newtown, and manage to leak to the press any and all information that makes him look like a pervert–but manage to NOT release the records of the WHO. HOW, WHEN, WHY, and WHAT of who he communicated to over the internet–not least of which is the guy who was wearing camo, and running FROM the school that day.

WE have a right to know–and I will embody that right.Through the use of WORDS, and THOUGHTS, which seem to challenge you deeply.

I want America back, and you people are ruining the best that we were–a nation of ideals that were UPHELD–but you cowardly internet saboteurs–a bunch of torturers, and propagandists with unclean hands, you are.


* OTHER neighbors yard: one interesting–most interesting aside from all of this is that after this event, that neighbor had her son put up a fence where this slob had run through her yard. Other neighbors have put in fences (three this year since April) security lights (also three, that are new), and other smal details that, rather than lend a sense of security, in fact, as these actions demonstrate, these law enfarcers and gang stalkers have cause 1) actual monetary losses to individuals who were caused to feel insecure, 2)  the installation of ‘security measures’ that may or may not actually crate security–this is no small point, considering that, if you read through this blog and note the time frames–I have been stalked for DECADES, and have given my life to revealing their methodologies–I have lost my TIME here in freedumb–and my neighbors as well, because I took the risk a decade ago and more to write about what I saw happening. AND I was not wrong.

When ones life is threatened, year after year, by those whose job it is is to uphold freedom, and the United States Constitution–and they don’t, what is the logical recourse?  Do like the mass shooters do, and kill inocent people? Join the GS? Jojn the snitch society, and start calling cops every time a neighbor leaves their garage door open?

I don’t know–seems to me the more we call THEM, the less we have ourselves to trust–or have opuyr rights to depend upon. Don’t believe me? Ask her then. This 14 year old girl was tasered in the vagina. Not enough prof for you?

This pregnant woman was tasered–which means her child was tasered as well–even though

the “considerate officer” said “well don’t do it in her stomach…do it in her thigh instead.”



But I had no choice then, or now–they only increase their brutality–which I experienced in 2008 when I was tasered in the BACK while walking home one night.

First, they came for your neighbors, and you remained silent…

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4 thoughts on “Monitoring, and suspecting the ‘shot in the face’ meme, and other word suspects.

  1. Keep putting it out there and telling it like it is. Unlike your brainwashed and enslaved opponents. In respect of which you might find the article How Cults Work by Julia Layton of interest.

    • I have no opponents–only adversaries. I am not playing any games, but indeed, they sure have been tossing the plays my way for decades.

    • Again–you are implying opponents–which are willing participants in some game or other.

      Adversaries are different: they challenge you, or provoke you, or otherwise confront you, whether you ask for it or not. I am merely a person with an opinion that challenges the black and white, black and blue paradigms of bullying and violence that are integral pieces of the culture of policing in America.

      And not all of them are enslaved to the brutality and illegality–in fact, you could say that my writing is actually an appeal to those amongst them who are not part of that. IA for instance, or agencies that overlook other agencies whose goals could and often() are in conflict.

      The truth is that when I began documenting these things many years ago, it was with that exact thing in mind.

    • Oh–did I respond to this post? Never mind–I guess when I read the comments, I take and absorb them–and I am only one up on them!

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