Beware of too convenient, too coincidental narratives–even if they come from your heroes.

Saint Edward Snowden indeed unleashed some actual and long overdue “truth” upon Americans about the illegal, Constitution bartering, Constitution battering programs of the NSA et al.

But then comes the bartering point: one individuals freedom leveraged against thousands–hundreds and thousands of other individuals, who, if properly organized into a “class” could obliterate, and/or completely validate that one individuals claims, and work together to creatae “cause”.

Or, in the worst case scenario, could work against each other and create for only one individual, cessation of state persecution.

Only the first option includes democracies most tender, most delicate, and most precious premises–and that last is what has derailed democracy in America in the last decades–self interest.

So. because Ihave a cause that needs to be comforted, nurtured, and otherwise maintained and protected–for now, I can’t write an article–my cause needs maintainance, and sustenance, and interaction.

But here are the secret messages and other back-channel communications from both GS and law enfarcers who compete at times against each other (driven by pathological narcissism, and domestic/foreign policy tensions and the need to self validate) to break a big “case” or stalk a human being or two who knows the answer to death:

RAW NOTES AND LINKS TO FUTURE ARTICLE, the day Snowden acknowledges the program of pornography set ups by the NSA (as I noted in regards to bin Laden, et al here, and he conveniently skirts how this affects Americans, and the associated agencies that NSA trickles information to, i.e. he is either a spin doctor now, or occluding facts about how these same programs target American citizens–and mostly, the news itself uses the phrase ” porn habits” as opposed to ” the habituation of ” targeted individuials by US agencies. More on that at 9.

AND I wrote about this months and weks and days ago, as well..

Anyways, raw notes on what the spooks, GS, and other associated law enfarcers are reading, and some thgoughts:

They’re working on the seven second delay problem. How do I know? Because my experience on the internet is streamlined–from IP address–after the “request timed out” hop according to tracert.
But the enemy is working my blog hard–like a houn dog, sent to kill a squirrel. Surely it’s master has underestimated the rusyling in the tree?

But Edward Snowden reports that his handlers are on to a story that could engulf his trickle of information:
I have an NSA follower–it’s about time! I am Soooo tired of these local pigs and FBIbees fucking with my cameras, and sending morons to punch me in the back of the head!
Panoptic cameras of the constant observers who try to limit my ability to speak, write or otherwise live a normal productive life. AND I cannot continue to tolerate the co-option of my thoughts, my ideas, and my greater purpose of “living an un-obstructed life” with all of these fearful, Oprah watching, torture condoning path-narcs named “Maya” surrounding my very libidinal impulses.

But I can continue to get to the bottom of this MKULTRAtion that is going on here in America–this great, path-narc driven circus of civil rights lost, and localized police farces gathering intel like its the last basket of underwear-fruit, and fresh fromunda cheese that will ever be harvested or aged; and I can sit here as a beacon to point others to the doors, and windowsills of those who leered at me for these lost decades… but nothing in this work that I know of mentioned the pathology of white women, who look the other way as “their men”–their owned, controlled, and possesed to the point of disorder–husbands sons and lovers–torture other childrens fathers, and other children’s brothers; other mothers sons, those mothers often quite happy to not have women like her around.

Word twisting–what I write gets written about shortly thereafter.

Regarding secret societies in America: the Fraternal Order of Police and the “shot in the face ” meme–they have signed on and they are using this meme to create a ‘case of violence’. Thank JEEBUSESESES that I am a pacifist, documented elswhere over these miserable decades!
Nov 14th

LAST NOTES: the internet is NOT on seven second delay tonight–and altrnates between delay and no delay, almost regularly as Snowdens “newest” revelations occur, or my own ” quasi revelations” occur.

And they are still selectively targeting my posts that infer, imply, or otherwise connote what could be construed as “personal revelations” or “possible motivations” to some as yet unnamed or undescribed hypothetical thought or speech crime.

These foul cunts are sooo preictable. Even communist countries are not this “hip” as regards thougt crimes or psychic harassment.

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