What the threat assesment team is being fed: writing, as a form of terrorism–a threat to “the children.”

[ Threat assessment group orgy below this post]

I come from a nation whose dirty laundry is washed by an unaccountable entity: the CIA, and its associated Homeland Security enablers. They work the foreign and domestic fronts to provide s sense of “mystery” to the question of “how” theoretical “security” is created. But mostly, the Company exists to direct the intentions of foreign–and more and more les-so, domestic oligarchs in the “how-to” of world control, via willingly subversive, competitive, and complicit local police agency/ies to subvert the laws of this great nation.

Or, “law enfarcement.

Children are killed across the globe, tortured, raped or otherwise horribly disfigured by American police state initiatives–like the “Arab Spring“. On the surface, capitalist liberation sounds cool, right? And I am sure that YOU won’t be bothered one bit by the fact that the CIA created wars in the middle east have facilitated the rapes, torture, and death of some 11,000 children, right? After all. the gas for your SUV is cheaper, and YOU can drive further!

AND, you can wear a yamulka to work! Or keep a crucifix in your courthouse! Yaaaay! Hooray!!!! for religious fanaticism and its western social control mechanisms!

The problem there in YOUR paradigm to anyone who knows or loves the law–that law merely theoretically constructed to be devoid of your fanatical impositions of “religious truth”, is that the CIA ( definitely NOT a religious organization) is beholden to a mandate that they NOT operate on American shores, or adhere to religious beliefs–but what about when they DO? And they do it in the thin disguise of anti-terrorism–a label that is so braod as that it encpompasses anything that is…antiJewish, and therefore, anti-Christian? Because as any informed person knows, the two religions are inseparable–Jews run propaganda and illegal activity, and Christians monitor and guide the sheeple–but ONLY after taking orders from Hollywood, and other internationally subversive oligarchs and plutocrats.

They proved that you don’t care if Buddhist and animist kids ( Cambodia is STILL full of landmines that explode on children every month–and those land mines are curiously positioned around the “Killing Fields,” and those killing fields are, by no small coincidence, full of sapphires and rubies; but children die and die and die, and die–after all, your theoretical freedumb follows, and kids of the future( that future dependent upon any nations subservience to Christians who kill and Jews whose eugenic constructs  de-populate nations of fathers, and children who love their fathers) are MORE SAFE to buy products from American manufacturers, and to watch the Disney channel–or eat a McDonalds Burger!!!

Capitalism tastes yummie, and it’s good for your stock portfolio as well (did I mention five legged frogs in Mamasota?) And, thanks to the “Arab Spring” Islamic children (particularly the young girls, for which Hollywood has special plans), means more McDonalds for EVERYONE! And, if you are really really good–CHRISTMAS!! A holiday where you can buy your children stuffed fabrics that are sewed to look like Mickey Mouse, and other western cartoon characters!!!! And eat chocolate that is sold by companies that once belonged to NAZI’s but now belong to Jews! (Brachs, for example.)

Freedumb, your part of it, explained. And for now–this generation–it’s those damn kids in the middle east that love their fathers that are clearly standing in the way–and need to be ethnically, and religiously cleansed; this, the western version of freedumb, which will take centuries to fulfill, lines the pockets of the war industry.

Sounds pretty simple, right? But it’s not: Homeland security and the associated path-narc agencies are all on ‘trickle down’ federal funding initiatives that on one hand promise MORE MONEY for inflating one statistic or another–and by bending, and breaking the law to gain that funding, and inflate that statistic.

And they use Disney sponsored media to do it: in fact of the thousands of radio stations, television outlets, and other media? They are ALL owned by ONLY SIX corporations–and all of those corporations derive direct benefit from 1) the CIA sponsored wholesale murder of children (war pornography) and 2) the eventual sales and profits that come from American media sponsored products ( Barbie dolls, Mickey Mouse propaganda, and McDonaldfs burgers).

THAT is FREEDUMB. And you, if you condone this, are an accessory to mass homicide.

Or, put in other words, I, like YOU, are captives and a de facto accomplices of a police and state mechanism that not only perpetrates the homicide and the eventual torture of children, but that hides their complicity via a media that is owned by foreigners to phony, idealized American ideals–owned by those who corrupt the very meaning of American Constitutional law in favor of media influenced faux-democratic CIA solutions to “world problems.”

Solutions that kill and torture children, or that cause children to be killed and tortured, on a daily basis.

Now, here is a snapshot of what it looks like when a person like me–who has NOT enjoyed the rights that you claim as your own for decades-the right to silence; the right to  protect against unreasonable search and seizure; the right to remain anonymous–that right not fully described by the constitution, but implied by the protections of ‘privacy’; the right to be free in my associations; the right to “the pursuit of happiness”; my ‘rights have been for decades, only partially enjoyed, or inevitably, denied by the process that will, by future litigation, become known as an historic test–me, against as yet unknown assailants and provocateurs who spent well over two decades infiltrating, manipulating, and complicating my personal life in ways that the Constitution has never seen, shirt of slavery.

Here is the snapshot of only ONE event, that altered my mindset, and my emotion; my very psychological makeup and  intent for a moment in time–note the ‘clicked link’ in the lower right hand corner–some deviant just HAD to click hger photo. I can’t wait to see the IP of who did that:

Note the brooke bass hit

And here is what else the ‘threat assessment team’ are reading tonight–they especially are seeking posts with the phrase “shot in the face” and others, that I will disclose later. I will not at this time give the phrases that they are seeking, and using to create a “case” because then, I will be giving away the code, but their deliberate misuse of guidelines that assess actual threats versus police intrusions justified by “threat assesment” is a major portion of the cases that they are trying to use to justify the MASSIVE scale of illegal police activity in America:




And Collen Rowley appeared with Edward Snowden in Russia merely days after I wrote this post–


Colleen Rowley, who saw a different possibility to the “real world equation of us versus them,” and whose intuition, and evidence could possibly have prevented 9-11. However, the government and its provocateurs were more focused on their assault on Americans civil liberties (long term_) than they were on preventing an actual terrorist attack.”

I am not alone in blowing a whistle; a rape whistle at what has been done to me and others over the years by the complicit FBI, and local law enfarcers who, for now, enjoy a kind of rodeo atmosphere where they are the “cowboys” and we are the bulls–I dispensed of my nose ring years ago, when I realized I was in a continuous loop of them, attempting to set me up in some crime or another.

Look at the new boss–same as the old boss. And blackface doesn’t cut it when it comes to dispensing or resisting a corrupted and clothed form of “justice.”


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