The intermediary in my head: thought control, courtesy of…whoever.

Somewhere between this thought and the next one, as I write–my mind was interrupted. The things I wanted to write about–with notes accompanying them–was erased, via obstructions that as yet have not been officially documented, or legally described.

My thoughts were “patterned”, or altered. Here is how that occurs:

1) you set out as a PRIVATE citizen to merely write a page, online.,

2) You see that other writing you have done has been scrutinized or altered by outside agents of “control.”

3) you respond to that ‘control as any decent citizen would: outrage.

4) at this point, your emotions have been in the least AFFECTED,and altered.

5) your “focus” has been manipulated.

6) your initial desires–to write a piece in this case about XXXX has been “re-focused” to a topic of their choosing–i.e., they have in ways documented elsewhere–and in this blog–detrimentally changed the outcome of your INTENDED moment.

7) you have become what they desire you to be–an easy target for their manipulations, and their illegall mind control program (which I am not–I resist, and record what they are doing, which WILL be proved at a later time).

So–what was I trying to write about tonight>? Who knows-that was almost fifty minutes ago ( as documented elsewhere  before I discovered what they were reading/altering.


It’s an endless cycle, this documentation, considering the legal implications of NOT doing so….


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