A quick note on obstruction: I tried in several ways to give this piece a title–and NOTHING works!

re: https://viviccf.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/a-little-guantanamo-sans-alamo-or-anything-nearly-resembling-freedom-just-for-me/

Morons, each and every one of you–yeah, I know you are reading this, too.

Because when armed people stalk your nights and peer into your windows from bunkers–right here in America–well, let’s just say there is probably a reason that the other religious fanatics across the globe want to blast Americans faces off.

But as I am documenting–I have spent DAYS researching possible fixes, etc. AND the problem did not exist in months past, or even last week. The problem exists NOW, as I begin to detail the programs that they are running–and talking about what they are doing–days before major media writes about it (the Guantanamo lawyers being harassed directly via their computer so BADLY that they have asked the judge for completely NEW sealed systems.)

I tried several ways, and published many days ago, this piece above, but NOTHING I could do documented or left on the internet the manner in which I was priorly restrained from publishing the FACT that what I have experienced is EXACTLY what lawyers at Guantanamo Bay have experienced in the form of internet harassment:

Here is the post that OI cannot seem to get a “headline” on. https://viviccf.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/a-little-guantanamo-sans-alamo-or-anything-nearly-resembling-freedom-just-for-me/

AND, my IP defaults to a known government wiretap,


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