Catch me if you can policing: ‘it’s not illegal when WE do it to YOU.’

As a nation, America has fallen off the slippery slope, and the world is only safe for armed law enfarcers, and the cowardly killers that they ‘serve and protect,’ after, of course, serving and protecting themselves first. Here are a few stories from just todays news–but cops are really bad people–how can we sleep at night knowing that they are out there?

Cop caught protecting and serving a criminal burglary ring here–and he did what many gang stalkers and cops do: they used “official databases” to further their criminality:

“The gang focused on thoroughly casing their marks to determine ideal moments to strike — and even slapped a GPS tracker on the car of one victim to keep tabs on his whereabouts, prosecutors said. Astacio also used his law-enforcement status to access protected FBI databases to perform crime-related research, authorities said.

FBI working hard to destroy the Freedom of Information Act–which forms the basis of ANY good news story YOU have ever read, or watched. Here, the research of a PhD grad student is a threat to national security!!WTF?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is claiming the dissertation research of Ryan Shapiro, a PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will “irreparably damage national security.”

And, as usual, the FBI continues to occlude any glimpse into its illegal methodology (remember here, how they shred documents? Or here, where they oversee the torture of people in other countries? Or here, where the FBI distributes child pornography drugs and guns?

And you might remember that the FBI also is deeply involved in creating crime, computer sabotage, and a laundry list of other illegality–most of which is cloaked in “plausible deniability” so they don’t get caught, fired, and imprisoned for what they are up to.

According to recently convicted hacker Jeremy Hammond–who hacked Stratfor “What the United States could not accomplish legally, it used Sabu, and by extension, me and my co-defendants, to accomplish illegally.”

This is how gang stalking works as a whole, and these stories are just a trickle of the great ocean that is rotten with American police state crimes.

There’s this great movie called “the Pathfinder“(NOT this one or this one, which suck) from one of the Nordic countries (I can’t tell the difference in Nordic people-they all look alike to me). But I am guessing it is Norwegian, because the characters look lkike members of the Sami minority.

Here is the link--and it is the Sami people in the film. (original title in Sami: Ofelaš and in Norwegian: Veiviseren)

In the movie, we see a young boy set out into the world as many young boy do, and we see this young boy encounter the horrors of a group of people who have no ‘souls’ for lack of a beter word–no cpmapssion, no love, and no respect for human life.

These are called the “dark men,” and they kill everything in their path–everything that has laughter or life, or love.

And the boy loses his sister in the most heinous of ways to these DarkMen, which crushes his child spirit forever.

Then, through fate, and the aberrant laws of nature, he encounters his teacher–the Pathfinder, who teaches him to live on despite these horrible murderous people.

This is what American society is today–the Darkmen and their women are running the show, and the people have no say–and the law itself is a sad joke–a weapon aimed at those who do have laughter and love and liveliness about ourselves.

But you have to see the movie to understand the dull horror of being stalked by the Darkmen–and for me, to conect that with events in my life for several decades– a darkness aimed at me as a ‘normalizing’ force-and that darknes like a mist enveloping thise around me, pulling at them to see if they would allow themselves to be consumed by that darkness. Most often, most people are susceptible to it, as demonstrated in the famous Milgram experiment where some 70% of people are shown to be capable of torturing inocent people.

And when they join that darkness, I lose them forever. I am often alone, isolated from even hte 30% who are not torturers–or who are not people who rationalize their own criminality for ‘legitimate social purposes,” like law enfarcement and its associated criminal enterprises.

I needed to get out of this country in a Fast and Furious way years ago–but I was landlocked by these types of police tactics, and gangstalking in official records.



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One thought on “Catch me if you can policing: ‘it’s not illegal when WE do it to YOU.’

  1. Yes. Follows logically from a police state.

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