SElected Targeting: a note on spelling errors and conspiracy in general

I generally avoid websites that talk about gangstaliking or any of the other DD on down programs of targeting American citizens with PsyOps–but I can’t help but notice the names that crop up prominently–and I avoid them even more so: I avoid reading them to deeply, because the majority of them are working on disinformation campaigns that I am not privvy to, or they are just nutty, or half factual.

What I write about is my own personal experience as  TI, and most of what is truly imprtant I keep to myself for now, or share/d with various lawyers over the years.

But one certainly must lend a bit of respect to any of them that describe experiences that I have endured over these decades.

Here below is one such example: a former FBI man Geral Sosbee ( truthfully, they never ever really leave the Corporation) who mentions the sort of sabotage that I have endured–and I draw special note to the fact that he mentions spelling errors as a form of sabotage.

intelligence report on hacking by fbi operative 17.Dec.2011 09:37

geral link


I wrote about this on many blogs over the years, and now, here, I document some of the internet slowdowns, and other as yet undisclosed or under documented forms of psychic harassment that are very much a part of the modern, re-tooled and steroidal MKULTRA that is being tested on American citizens.

But these hyper-targeted atacks are subtle, time consuming, and especially deviant in that they are as yet undocumented–there is no clear and legal way to prove that they are taking place per se, except as I have done with my various atempts so far-screen caps, screencasts, and eyeball witnesses-they are kind of hard to impeach in court.

So when another comes along and has the same or similar troubles, I feel lees crazy–and I act that way too I am sure: less rage, more hope that there might be a solution to exposing these hydras of mental assaults that are part of the GS programs, and not so easily written off as ” some weird internet glitch.”

Here is more of Sosbee, writing on the topic of how the FBI and the CIA are in complete criminal collusion to subvert the entire idea of democracy:

The following information represents the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and is not intended as legal advice.

All criminal and civil cases in which the fbi has been in any way involved during the past fifty (50) years may contain (and in some instances does in fact contain) fraudulent or prejudicial evidence used for predominantly political purposes to remove innocent citizens from mainstream society and to subsequently terminate them by means not generally known by the people of the United States of America.

Such cases include all federal, state, and local jurisdictions where fbi personnel (including fbi laboratory technicians) have had any input in the evidence submitted to the civil or criminal courts and tribunals. The evidence submitted by fbi agents, operatives, and associates may be (and in some instances are in fact) fabricated and based on fraud, perjury, extortion, and a variety of other criminal tactics which, if such had been known to the court at the time of the hearing/trial, would have been inadmissible; indeed, in many instances the fbi knew that the accused was innocent both before and after the defendant’s incarceration and (under these circumstances)such fbi personnel would have been subject to criminal charges if the Judge had known all the facts relating to fbi planting of evidence.

The fbi agents and operatives regularly engage in fraud on the court for a number of reasons, the chief ones being to acquire a personal gain and to protect the fbi from embarrassing revelations of fbi criminal conduct, as briefly outlined below and as set forth in this website. With no oversight of fbi operations by the courts or by Congress, the fbi often runs with wild abandon over their targets.

Again–I generally avoid conspiracy theorizing–but tis guy does indeed describe my own experience in a big way.


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