About Conspiracy in general: conspiracy theories are a waste of time–by design.

Every society depends upon “order,” and on hierarchies that leverage human rights to a small or a large degree. And, all societies depend upon and tolerate to the same extreme existential degrees the scapegoating or victimization of others.

In the case of what are called “conspiracy theories,” they act as a ‘flag,’ or a beacon that in the least, something is not right with the truth telling mechanism of that conspiracy specific society; and also, as a bastion, whereby social enforcers/law enfarcers rest their sights, targeting those who question official narratives of “truth.”

In the case of America’s now fallen democracy–a democracy that once thrived with many parties running in every election; a system of democracy that saw the birth of Lincoln’s Republican party amidst a playing field of many others–and a system that has seen the Ku Klux Klan as founding fathers of the Democratic party–there is ONLY one element of conspiracy that our society meets: the willingness by those in power in the “two party system” to occlude the facts; to mock those who seek facts, and to continue to withhold crucial facts that could and should reveal the nature of the system(s) of power, and the complicit agreements by those in the two party system to subvert any other democratic organization for their own self protection, and for the protection of others who work within those same two-party systems.

Or, a fraternal and sororal orders that gatekeep facts for generations and render them obscure–an complicity of obscurity by members of privileged classes, whose job it is BY DESIGN to merely garner their daily bread from complicity with the ruling class( the salary paying class)-teachers who talk about the importance of unions while neglecting to talk about how McDonalds corporation subverts them; those teachers allied with the police and prison guards unions to gatekeep the important facts–like police complicity in the subversion of union organizers who work for McDonalds Corporation–and institutional journalists who rely upon “official sources,” or  who fail to listen to the heartbeat of democracy, and lead with their hearst instead of their headlines.

This complicity can be found in police states and dictatorships; in oligargichal, and subverted governmental models–and sadly, and now, it too can be found in the country thta claims “freedom,” as it’s PR pitch, rather than its actuality–just ask any SCOTUS robe who paid for their seat in the chamber.

But this complicity leads the average citizen to speculation, or reliance on theory unlike any other: in nature, one can ask the comet why it’s trsail is so long, and the answer is dust, and some other stuff; otr ask why the stars hang there all night–gravity, through research and theory, has come to be the accepted answer–but as pertains to science in the sphere of politics, and the collision with the peoples right to know how their country works–how their country gains capital; how their country organizes the quest for sustenance?

The answer is ” you are too stupid, or too unimportant to know the facts–too under-educated to ask the right questions; but mostly? to impotent to actually gain the power to take those facts for yourselves, because, after all, they are help behind the iron curtain of the largest prison system in the world–this, the risk you run to ask the important questions.

And then, if you find the right questions–rub the wrong elbows to get that information, you become targeted as a “conspiracy theorist“–those same citizens only informed as much as the persons in power and the institutions that guard those persons in power will “allow or condone,” and those same institutions tat mock you for asking questions.

Mostly democratic societies tolerate seelcted victimization of individuals or groups and target them f or special selected victimization–and especially, the most basic form of human rights imaginable: actual democratic dialogues BEFORE the government spends ten or twenty years corrupting the flow of information–poisoning the fruit so badly that truth is barely legible–utterly indiscernible from gibberish, PR spin; Fox, or CNN news.

In fact, all news outlets and all news channels are merely conduits for one liars side of an argument or the other sides alleged facts–and the “subscriber” is in actuality NOT he person who gets a newspaper thrown at their doorstep==but rather, those in power who distort the truth, and then, in a complicit manner, render these distortions as “newsworthy facts” of important public concern.

And conspiracy theories are just that: theories–but they are on a deeper level, theories about possible truth, or probable truth; the shreds of truth that the average citizen can put together to attempt to understand the inconsistencies in the “official story.”

But that quest is designed–institutionally designed to steal your time and energy in jst seking the answers.

And in the case of one conspiracy theory that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the John F. Kennedy “mystery” might be as simple as I knew it was all along:  the infamous second shooter was yet another cop who didn’t handle his weapon correctly, oe who deliberatley used it incorrectly, as most of these close cases of assasination’s usually are.

A secret Service agent possibly killed a head of state–and then, our opinion leaders allowed laws to be enacted to help that delinquent cover his ass; new privileges were doled out to a cop who fucked up–and this complicity at all levels of government points to only one thing: the birth of the modern police state where one “rogue cops” malfeasance leads to 50 plus years of protection of “the integrity of the badge”–at the expense of a world leader who was our elected president!

And the sheeple do indeed soak up the spin. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2013/11/06/21-million-viewers-watched-jfk-the-smoking-gun-on-premiere-night-546011/20131106reelz01/

Hey–I have an idea how we could END this “theory” if in fact we are a democracy: get the fucking papers that the CIA holds about the assasination out of their hands before they burn EVEN more of them than they did the papers on MKULTRA–or the torture videos of Khalid Sheik Muhammed.

The people always lose when we protect one bad cop–and this has become systemic, a disease that trickles down the pant-leg of America like a syphlis discharge–it  guides American politics in every state, city, or  township, and your silence allows “us” to be labeled as “crazies,” while “they” steal an elected leaders life.

And digging through the reams of paperwork and lies to get the truth? It steals your time–when in fact the truth is YOURS for the taking if in fact we are citizens at all.

But we are not: we are now subjects, and sheeple–or we are the subjected to, and targeted.

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried–here I am below, in DALLAS of all places…baaaaaahhhhhh….mbaaaaaahhhhh….bleeet.

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(  I am on 12 second delay tonight, which means that everything I write, or edit, I get a 12 second delay–or, pictue that you punch a key-the letter X, for instance, and it takes 12 seconds just for it to appear in the space you are looking at right now–makes me wana holla…..)



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