What is Law Enfarcement, and why you should care-2

Law enfarcement is when the law as it is written becomes a farce–a state serving joke that denies the people the rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and everything that depends from that, not least of which is ‘due process’ starting with proper legal basis, as opposed to the black-ops that we see today making cases in America.

Or, a bad seed grows a bad tree, which bears poison fruit– and the whole thing should be cut down when the intention of the laws protections for the citizen becomes secondary to the ability of the state to ‘make a case’–where investigative methods or basis are unclean, but upheld; when prosecutor obligations to due process become sublimated to making cases based on withholding evidence or obstructing justice; when military men are on the take, or willingly torture or murder; this is  law enfarcement.

Here is a link roundup of just a few of the outstanding and horrible examples of how those who are charged with the responsibility of enforcing the law are actually the biggest part of the problem of crime creation, via dishonest and illegal ‘law enforcement’ activity.

“One Rogue Cop” amonst eleven bikers indicted for stalking a family, and nearly beating the father to death–The family were out for dinner with their two year old child in the car, celebrating their anniversary.

A man who is believed to be Wojciech Braszczok (red motorcycle, rainbow helmet, New Rochelle logo on jacket) during the biker chase and attack of Alexian Lien. He is the undercover detective arraigned on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 for being part of a biker group which assaulted a driver in an SUV on the West Side Highway.

When you hear the expression “one rogue cop,” always remember: that one is just one of many, but he/she is the “one” that got caught–and even then cops will try to say that he was doing some ‘deep cover’ work, or some other CYA lie. I am sure the next lie is that “they are trying to use this cop to infiltrate the prisons, and institute statewide prison reform.” NOT.

As noted elsewhere, when “one rogue cop,” or prosecutor, or judge, etc. is caught, they are just the tip of the ICEBERG of a system of inter-related institutions that have failed at every level in America to either properly enforce the law, or to “do justice,” for the people.

They are not here for that–they are here to make their salaries, inflate the statistics of crime control, generate positive voter base responses, and and otherwise evade, obstruct, or obfuscate the law.

While cops are the average persons image of what law enforcement looks like, there are many levels–and truly, and despite what one might have as an impression of ‘my beliefs’ about beat cops–it is actually those above, and around them that are the hidden, more powerful, and systemic face of corruption and law enfarcement.

And it is the systemic cronyism inherent in America–the inability to separate military from policing that has made this possible. And nowhere since the time of President Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex, has this police and state cronyism exhibited itself so blatantly, and so pathologically

Prosecutors who ruin peoples lives, and get slapped on the wrist for doing so: 

GEORGETOWN, Texas (AP) — Ken Anderson, a former Texas prosecutor charged over a wrongful murder conviction agreed to a 10-day jail sentence Friday, accepting the punishment in front of the innocent man he helped put in prison for nearly 25 years.
Michael Morton, Ken Anderson, prosecutorial misconduct, withholding evidence, the psychology of policing

Or prosecutors and judges who do the exact same things they are there to adjudicate over:
Illinois prosecutor pleaded guilty Friday to federal heroin and gun charges as part of a deal calling for him serving a year and a half in prison. Michael Cook, 43, admitted he has been a drug addict but insisted he was sober when he told U.S. District Judge Joe Billy McDade he was pleading guilty to a misdemeanor heroin-possession charge and a felony count of having firearms while being a user of controlled substances.

When other mothers son’s are killed in jails and prisons  because they smoked some pot (it seems that many women have forgotten that the sons of other mothers could be their own in regards to the police and state–women are so busy ‘uniting as women’ that their boys are forgotten):

“Today’s Drug War Outrage: Man Dies In Jail Cell After Misdemeanor Pot Offense
Saffioti failed to make a court date on a misdemeanor charge for pot possession. In July of last year, he surrendered himself to Snohomish County, Washington authorities, who promptly jailed him.”

The boy was given typical jail food, which killed him. And, as he hopped around in his cell, apparently dying a slow painful death due to food-caused asphyxiation, the guard told him he was “faking it.”

“Then the coverup began. County officials stonewalled Saffioti’s mother’s attempts to obtain video of the events leading to her son’s death, first by denying its existence. After Saffioti’s family discovered the police had lied about that, they turned over only non-incriminating portions of the video.”

We tolerate certain levels of blatant corruption in the armed forces–but it’s always the stuf we don’t know about yet–the ‘state secrets‘ stuff that would truly show the American people how rotten we have become.

Navy Commanders take bribes–and you should see what else the United States is doing aboard these ships “offshore”… 
WASHINGTON — Two United States admirals, including the Navy’s chief intelligence officer, were stripped of their access to classified information on Friday after being implicated in a contracting scandal that federal prosecutors are investigating in San Diego.

Records Cite Lavish Gifts in Navy Bribery Case (November 8, 2013)
The accusations against the two officers — Vice Adm. Ted Branch, the director of naval intelligence, and Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, the director of intelligence operations — signal a significant escalation in the investigation and show its widening impact on the Navy….Admiral Loveless was once based in Japan as assistant chief of staff for intelligence for the Seventh Fleet.

The police state uses women and children as tools of social control to further police state agendas, while they starve, bomb, or use chemical weapons like depleted uranium on the children of other nations.

And members of police forces and other law enfarcers who employ stereotypes of vulnerable women and children when it suits their purpose–but rape the same women when they can:

UK prison staff rape Gypsy woman in detention center

And soldiers who murder other captured fighters are only one notch above police who taser children and old ladies, and who beat the mentally ill, and the homeless to death:

A British judge has released a recording of a conversation between Royal Marines as they allegedly executed a captured Taliban prisoner.

Here, below is a snippet of the dialogue between these Royal Marines as they summarily execute a man on the battlefield–and remember, when one “rogue cop/soldier/prosecutor gets caught, they are just the tip of the ICEberg:

A transcript of the recording follows:

”Get his a— over there.”


”F—— c—, b——.”

”F—— dirty.”

”That’s it, lads”


”Don’t give a f— about you, son. Stop f—— whingeing. F—— p—-.”

”Over by that corn.

”Over here.”

[Shouting and movement]

”That will do, that will do, that will do.”

”Out here?”

”Do you want him back in?”

”I want him back in here so I can see what I’m f—— doing.”


”Err, anybody want to do first aid on this idiot? No?”


”Could put one in his head if you want? Take your pick.”


”Not in his head because that will be f—— obvious.”

”Shoot him round here.”

”In one round?”

”In one round.”

”I’m going to switch this f—– off. Everyone [inaudible] hates it, mate.”

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