Man in the middle harassment. Or, where the XKEYSCORE prototype program began.

My internet troubles began some time in the 1990’s, and generally, I was a political target, as documented elsewhere. And, in 2000, they began to follow me around at political events and photograph me–I especially remember the Pakistani girl who avidly pursued me more than any other activists.

Enemies of The United States of America

Enemies of The United States of America (and me, apparently….)(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine: there you are, doing what students do: searching the internet in a public internet library–and you are researching difficult to talk about subjects like  Israeli bombings of American ships, or Stalin’s collusion with internationalists to wholesale slaughter some 10 million or more people; or the use by the police state, and particularly the American police state, of sexual and moral panics that drive the ever increasing militarization of America, and Americans consciousness; the sexual abuse of children by women–the most taboo topic in AMERICA—not your average student queries to be sure.

And I was more or less a freshman then, just getting started. Yet really, I was then just being targeted with “soft force” psychological operations. In those days, I wasn’t even aware of the term, or the nature of PsyOps, and its deployment on targeted Americans. But I can prove that this is so when my day comes.

So, there I am, in the computer lab, looking for data on divorce and domestic violence statistics in America at a time when these same were being subverted and state operated; or Israeli’s bombing American ships and so forth–and I had no particular awareness at the time of the political significance of such events–but then, instead of my clicked links taking me to the sites that I clicked, instead, I am mysteriously redirected to neo-Nazi websites, full of slogans and symbols of Nazi-ism! Imagine that, in a public computer lab in one of the most diverse colleges in my state–while others looked over my shoulders.

An dno matter what I did–no matter what internet search I performed–the little numbered balls in the internet lottery rolled, and came up–NAZI!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

Maybe it was an internet “glitch”–or maybe it was mind control–or, most likely based on my last decades of evidence, it was part of a humiliation and embarrassment campaign waged by internet warriors, funded by the United States of America, in a pre-emptive citizen assaulting, unconstitutional brain targeting  exercise by Psy Ops amateurs bent on gaining supervisors attention.

Fortunately, I was friends with the head of the IT department, and was able to back source some of it. And yes, there are records of these events stored elsewhere. And no, you cannot steal all of the records or email accounts, or corrupt witnesses–because I won’t give you their names.

And, around the same time, I became aware of the break-ins here. And, my trouble with internet searches were treble magnified after I reported this story.

There are not yet words to describe the subversion of justice that is taking place in the United States of America–unless we revisit the past–as Edward Snowden did, when he brought a copy of Dostoevsky to Russia–a reminder of the past, and a prediction for the future: America has become the exact thing it warned me against for all of my life. An oppressive, justice-foiling farce of a nation.

And it’s probably a good thing that he didn’t bring Solzhenitsyn….

America, and emergent police state, that is no longer a democracy, but rather a strictly theoretical, non-inclusive two party system dominated and paid for by the military industrial complex, and its fear mongering, media subverting, anti-democratic quest for total subversion of the rights that we hold dear–but that very few of us are willing to fight for, much less, um, even know about. Have YOU ever read the United States Constitution? And really–since when are guns the only viable weapons? Words always precede those who will kill the speakers of words.

Here below are tonight’s examples of only one type of harassment that I have endured for decades.

These screen caps span a length of time, and document the re-routing of my internet connection. They are time stamped, and include other incident information.

1)11 7 notice that Linux HP comes up over my signal as soon as I log on to my own net then goes back to normal

2)man in the middle slows net to forty second page poad times 1

3) man in the middle slows net to forty second page load times 2

4)man in the middle slows net to forty second page load times 4--hour lost in trying to write

5)man in the middle slows net to forty second page load times 3

6)man in the middle slows net to forty second page load times 5--hour lost in trying to write

7)man in the middle slows net to forty second page load times 6--hour lost in trying to write

What is most important is that this router has NEVER defaulted to the IP or similar ICAN IP’s , and is usually a clear path using 66.xxxxxx as a true Clearspot IP. Or, put another way, generally when this happens, I am aware that I have been hacked, taken offline into one of their ‘black site’ internets* or otherwise Stingrayed, or beaten up with “soft force”.

And it has gone on FOR DECADES. The average citizen would literally have to spend a minimum of  a thousand dollars to just BEGIN documenting these intrusions–and even then, you would have to give up your ‘life’ in any real sense just to do so–because the amount of time it takes documenting these methods? EXHAUSTIVE–but I really don’t have much choice–here I am, one more night MERELY TRYING TO WRITE MY BLOG–and this is what I get. There is no “choice” involved, only documentation, because as yet they are getting away with it.

Special notes: a correction to the above–images 4 and 5 should be switched, to preserve proper order.

*black site internets are replications of the actual internet. Unlike the “Deep Web,” these internets are exclusively and without exception under the control of the United States, and its associated “five eyes.” They come complete with imitation Google search engines, imitation web results, and imitation email routing, etc.-and a whole bunch of amateur PsyOps and other military script kiddies attacking computers INSIDE America.

As most Americans recently discovered, the government built an operated the “deep web.”

But these internets exist in secret, as yet undocumented, target specific, and time delayed locations around America (the switching hubs), but primarily, because they are illegal “honeypots,”  full of ‘redirection” and other black hat Ops which reroute web traffic to places outside the United States to maintain the farce of their inherent lack of legality,  and  offer the government plausible deniability.

Also, the tentacles of these/this  black site internet exists in places all over the world, hidden in servers that perform various routing functions and virus/malware implantation. Think of a ship, sitting in a port offshore of Japan hosting a crew of cyber warriors and the equipment that they require to perform; this ship, and its various computers and content–programs and such–exist in total secrecy, and perform illegal activities all around the world–any computer anywhere that is connected to ; that connected to the actual internet can become hostage to these cyber criminals who operate under cover of authority.

Then, the “information” that hey steal, alter, manipulate, and the content that they provide has the net effect of creating ‘slave’ computers that no longer actually connect to the actual internet, but instead, connect ONLY to government agencies, servers, etc from that day forwards. More often than not the nexus points begin  near US military bases, US affiliated and/or US friendly states, narions, and government agencies, and especially, in CIA dark cover installations.

But I have also seen them or the tip of their tentacles operating from within a certain nations own government college of technology! And that nation a theoretical “enemy” of America…cyber war did not originate in China, that I can assure you with certainty.

Put another way, these are “fake Internets,” complete with every single capability that the actual internet has, with one exception: once users are routed to them, they become targets for any and all variety of web-redirection, and sabotage, ping ponging between these hidden servers that mask or mirror their actual locations, andimpersonate legitimate servers.

Unlike the Deep Web, which was also created by the USG, these other pieces of the internet backbone are like a cancer, with little or no actual purpose other than to experiment on people worldwide, but also inside America.   These fake internets have as a primary goal spying here and around the world-but in America, the gang stalking functions of harassing people (they start by sniffing networks in every city in America), and the eventual causation of suicides, or entrapment of ‘suspects via the information that they glean from sniffing networks–and even in many cases identity theft (these methods were active from 2001 forwards,with a dramatic increase in 2003,  but the root of them was actually in the 90’s)’

As opposed to the “gathering of intelligence,” these internets have as a sole and exclusive purpose the experimentation on human subjects, via a multitude of programs that have yet been named publicly, or even described by others such as Edward Snowden, et al. And, if known, would be deemed highly illegal, invasive and outrageous even by MKULTRA standards.

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