Prior restraint of ideas, much less press, before I get ahead of myself

Last night I tried to publish this XXXXXXXX, and I was stopped in my tracks.

And tonight, as I edited this post ( which I was able to publish twice–but was stymied the 3rd, 4th and 5th times to edit as my wordpress froze up–which has become my own personal “new normal” since 2007 at the earliest, when I became aware that the NSA and or local law enfarcers began the use of illegal programs targeting me, but also which became my “police state enforced, plausibly deniable new-new normal” in 2009.

Or–prior restraint, magnified times mind control–does that make sense? Of course it doesn’t–because YOU haven’t been subjected to it YET.


Image representing Edward Snowden as depicted ...

Image by None via CrunchBase


So, now, after days of these and similar troubles, I am re-routed to IP, which is way the heck out in California–IANA‘s main site apparently, and perhaps in collusion with USC, which acts as a default switch hub in these illegal programs. You can web search it yourself, although, as I have experienced for decades–as soon as I document one of their switches or other forms of evidence tampering, etc., the evidence often disappears, or the web addresses get moved and so forth.

And you don’t want it, I guarantee you. After a half decade of this, I was a bit muddled at the very least–they are always switching it up–but the next decade has been beyond legal in every way..switching it up all the time.

So–what if it was you and not me that this was happening to?

Sure–you upload some photo’s of your grand kids to Tumblr or wherever. Or, you talk to your niece, your nephew, or whoever on Google chat–and 99.9% of the time, you are fine–and in that slim .01% of the time when you have a “connection problem”? You d what everyone else does–you take it lightly, and wait a bit–because the internet needs a break, or something, right?

Then you get back to chatting, or whatever ‘normal’ things you do.

But what of normal disn’t mean shit to you? What of Julian Assange, or Edward Snowden, or the cover-up of the torture that occurred at Guantanamo Bay, or Abu Ghraib was your “normal”?

And what if for whatever reason–no mater whose fault it was–your government decided to stalk you, and follow you , and no matter what you did that “normal” people do? There they are, on your internet connection, exerting force, and directing/redirection/ or other wise time-delaying your internet activity?

My guess is that you would still have no clue that it was even happening–or that it was ILLEGAL, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, in EVERY PRECEDENTIAL WAY.

And even then? Like most sheeple, you would just wait a bit more, and then, hen the “internet” is ready you would just carry on–as if nothing strange had happened.

Well, I didn’t do that. I chose to resist, and to report, here, and NOT with them, which is more dangerous than anything a person could ever do in a society that is transitioning between a “free society” and a “police state.”

Well, here is some proof of that: Tonight as i was writing, and publishing to my free, non -Constitutionally protected blog ( that blog which does, and could and might and should) inform journalists of these exact harassment’s of a citizen–tonight, again, I suffered a “man in the middle” attack–and that, with “plausible deniability.”

Here are the screen shots:

Prior restraint of ideas--this is what it looks like

And then, more intrigue:

Prior restraint of ideas 2--this is what it looks like in action

And finally–note not only the “man in the middle attack” as exhibited in screen cap 2, and IP, which has nevr–EVER–been invited into my connection–but also notice the complete “prior restraint” at the end-without a timed connection–that connection a timed connection that connects to potentially true hero’s, real law enforcers, and maybe–just maybe that one inside person who could prevent “the next 9/11” without the political cock blocking, the police state positioning for promotions and other benefits, or the manipulation and “framing” of the data  , there is no freedom.

NO publishing, and no truth, means we all have lost to those who think they know the constitution more than we do.

And we, are the people–once upon a time.

Special Notes: here is a lost post from last night, in raw form–

I posted this many months ago, and tonight, not only is the photograph of the henchmen Azzizov gone, but it is not even in my WP media files.

Here are some screencaps from this event: OR NOT–NOW I get ERRORS IN UPLOADING!!!

It’s infuriating–maybe I should go buy a missile launcher, some drugs or guns on the “Dark Web”–I am sure they wouldn’t obstruct that internet transaction….

I tried to publish it, and the connection went down every time. I am sure they will check the weather report, and blame it on the “snow” that was falling–instead of being accountable, and merely acknowledging the flaws in their “spying on American Citizen’s” programs.

I mean–fuck this country–I need a REAL police state to employ me–because beyond the bizarre double standards and blatant lies of a “fre” state? I imagine their is a better, more honest option, like a politburo–but without any Dianne Feinstein’s corruption of the meaning of what ‘legislation’ should look like–that mean, bitchy, law-subverting California prune-she doesn’t even need a bullet in the face, she’s so ugly that even bullets in her face can’t punish her anymore.

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