Madelein McCann case: as usual, the usual suspect is “the black guy.”

Where do old racist stereotypes go to die? Portugal, apparently.

Madeleine McCann's right eye

Madeleine McCann’s right eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Portugal Police are dragging one of America’s most faithful, most deviant, and most disreputable stereotypes out of the black hat of police state child kidnapping conspiracy: they have found a ‘suspect’ that fits some kind or another ‘profile’-and that profile is informed by three things that all police states depend upon: 1) the suspect was NOT indigenous to Portugal, and 2) the ‘suspect’ cannot reasonably speak for himself, and3) the naming of such a ‘suspect’ acts as a complete and total diversion away from other possibilities–like local complicity, or, as in the case of most things that harm children–parental involvement or negligence.

The following is a good example of what I call “official slander*,” which is different than ordinary slander in many ways.

In the case of Madeleine McCann, the police have apparently solved the case–the same way the Chicago police, and other American police agencies  solved cases for the last century: blame a black guy.

 ”  ‘Portuguese police inspectors, who studied the case and asked for its recent reopening, put together a profile of the suspect who died aged 40 in 2009, and concluded the character traits they identified strengthened the possibility he could have been the author of the crime.’ “

And this is doubly, and triply true of cases that involve white females–extra bonus heroism if the white female is blonde, and you take home the turkey if she is also under-aged.

Real police heroism shows itself when you can 1) blame a black, or blackened** guy, 2) “save” or vindicate a white female, 3) save or vindicate, AND protect the virginity and honor of an underaged white female! Which, of course, somehow trickles down to all other white women who, apparently, are cowering in fear every day, afraid that their vagina’s might be desired in some way other than to procreate a police-state baby.

But real heroism is talking shit about dead people employing a complicit police state media to do it : bin Laden’s porn stash? The Ohio kidnapper and  rapist Castro died from auto erotic asphyxiation? The guy the FBI killed in Florida was “about to sign a confession?” Of what–Islamic complicity with Jewish mafias? I’m not trying to stick up for bad guys–far from it.

I am attempting to widen the net, and point out how the police state is chock full of neo-nazi’s, crypto racists, and fascists and fauxminists (phony feminists who shill for the police state)who think that by killing others overseas, that they have made me any safer–which they haven’t, because before I was even able to speak up?

They waged war on me for three decades–and 1993 was a BANNER YEAR when America bought into the internationalist aganda. It didn’t matter if you were right or left-what mattered was that the Lie Must and DID become the truth“more women are abused on Superbowl Sunday than any other day in America!!!!–it was THE YEAR that the police state first stomped all over my ‘rights’ and tried to label me in official records as a deviant. And they LITERALLY used a jackboot, specifically, the size 13 black boot of the Downtown Esoteric/initials D.E.C.***

These are the tools of a police state–at least, that’s what America taught me before we became the exact police state that I was TAUGHT in American schools is a bad thing to be. But what do I know? Since 1993–which was a banner year for moral panics and other lies–American children have been propagandized every bit as much as Chinese kids were during the “Great Leap Forwards!”.

And even then, Mao got the one child policy right–because look what has been built out of that? Dear America: China owns you now–and I would gladly work for them, sans a legitimate opportunity for employment on my own country. Because deployment is for the testosterone charged adrenalin-junkiepeople with guns who compensate for….oh never mind….

* Official Slander is a tool of police states, and it is primarily a tool of control, more than a useful method of intelligence gathering. It amounts to a variety of methods: the gathering of hearsay evidence into databases, the collection of anecdotes about a person or group, and even the most simple form of a police or state agent talking to the neighbors of a ‘suspect’ and telling that neighbor about unverified claims from  those data bases, which has the net effect of causing the ‘suspect’ to feel uncomfortable, or to spread rumors and so forth.

It is a well documented practice that preceded the modern police state, and was employed by the Cheka and the KGB of Russia, the Stasi of East Germany, the Red Guard and the children of Mao revolution during the Great Leap Forwards, and yes, Hitler’s SS and brownshirts as well.

AND, it is being used today by Americas Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and other American police state agencies, whose main goal–beyond the simple tasks of defamation in “official records,” is the further and later wave of criminal and civil prosecutions that validate .

**in the days when the Irish were still considered another “race” of people by the ruling classes, and especially by the English who waged a holocaust upon them, they were also considered “black” before black was even a racialized term among Europeans. To some degree, the Scottish were also so-villified, and the notable remnant of that era between the mid 16th century and the early 1960’s in America is the phrase that is still in use today in regards to the guardians of the Queen–the Black Guard, which likely derived from the term “blackard” Link HERE

*** DEC is a cop who stomped on my foot one day. At the time, of course, I had been traumatized in ways that have yet to find words in America, as my story–and the story of many others–is censored, and carefully monitored, because it involves  ACTUAL kidnapping, and ACTUAL victimization of American children.

And frankly, I know his beat. I knew it then, and I know it now–but being a bully, he is damn lucky I am NOT a vengeful terrorist or a murderer–nor can I be pushed to such extremes–but he is damn lucky that, in his arrogant, and objectifying manner–his inability to recognize the faces of those who he has attempted to set up, or assisted others in slandering– or other wise be able to face those who he defamed and stomped on?

HE is DAMN lucky that he never got a bullet in his face, because, after all, as a decent person who got shit on by cops, cops who never pursued any other avenue than the one they were ‘on’–which caused children’s lives to become merely average, or even less than average existences–I knew where he was, looked him in the face on more than one occasion as he stalked black children in downtown Minneapolis–and he never had a shred of recognition for who I was, some 20 plus years after the fact of my proven innocence–but I could have offed him with one shot to his 300# fat face with little or no emotion, and done the time with pride.

But then, of course, I would have become what people like him have tried to make me–a mere gun toting, gang stalking murderer, and a coward. Or, in other words–ONE OF THEM: a heartless, conformity seeking missile, without care or concern for who was in my path–as long as I got paid one way or another: narcissistic payload, or paycheck–black, white, who cares? As long as I get fed–right you fat piece of shit?

Irish as slaves:

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