Thought Crime: the Hallmark–no, the BADGE of a Police State

In a free society, all human beings are able to write, and  speak freely, to hold and express opinions, and even to empathize or sympathize with any belief, cause, faith and dogma that they choose.

In a police state, these exact same things are dangers to society– as somewhere along the line, the psychology of policing, and the very psyche of the police officer has been fundamentally altered to perceive these same things as ‘threats,’ and as suspicious activity–and mostly, as challenges to their authority–threats to their own expression–which exerts itself as intimidation, repression, and outright bullying of opinions and the people who hold them.

Or, words are themselves weapons, and they are targeted as much if not more than actual crimes as ‘probable cause’ to open an investigation.

Maybe they just aren’t equipped with the ability to discern an opinion from a threat–or a joke from a terrorist threat laden word-bomb; but they are destroying the very fabric of discourse itself–forcing us all to dialogue with them, and see them as ‘one of us’ even though, clearly, they are NOT.

Cops, military persons, and the thousands and thousands of XXXXXX who are enmployed at XXXXXXX,  ARE the online threat–and they are busy every day orchestrating events, and anonymously corrupting the fundamental flow of every single important issue in every single discussion. I can prove that, at a later point, but for now, here is a classic case in point–and this is happening ALL OVER AMERICA on a daily basis:

Police chief to Facebook critic: If you want to legalize pot, you’re probably a criminal

policechief.png (1920×1080)

The police personality is one that itself seeks to express itself quite freely, and with ‘reasonable force’ up to the point of homicide–but that perceives itself as “more free to do so,” than citizens, and further, it is willing to stalk you, bully you online, intimidate you, and hunt you down to enforce that belief–and silence your own.

  Police in Columbia, the state capital, recently seized “$40K of marijuana.” When the cops happily announced their success on Facebook, Columbia resident Brandon Whitmer let them know what he thought of the bust.

“Maybe u should arrest the people shooting people in 5 points instead of worrying about a stoner that’s not bothering anyone,” Whitmer wrote. “It’ll be legal here one day anyway.”

Interim police chief Ruben Santiago responded five hours later.

“@Brandon whitmer, we have arrested all the violent offenders in Five points. Thank you for sharing your views and giving us reasonable suspicion to believe you might be a criminal, we will work on finding you.”

Santiago’s threat to find Whitmer has sparked outrage online and off. The message was soon deleted but, not one to take criticism lightly, Santiago soon returned to Facebook.

It is this more than anything that has damned American freedumb, and created a climate where illegal torture is acceptable, and the rape of privacy that we have now seen is an actual threat to all of us is being normalized; and actual protest in the form of words is a bigger threat to safety than all of the illegal wars of the last decade.

This is the root of the tree that has been allowed to grow, and tap ever deeper into the soil of the American dialectic that there is at this point, little left to salvage. They won, and you lost.

And I have been followed around, wiretapped, harassed, harangued, and excoriated online by cops for decades–set up in word police ‘stings,’ redirected in my web searches, cut of line and rerouted when I get back online–or, just read through this blog, and you will see what it has come to.

And it all started because I don’t use words the way they want me to–and I don’t talk to them if I can avoid it, because all they do is lie, manipulate, and so forth–and I DON’T SPEAK PIG LATIN either.

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