The myth of the “rogue cop”.

Every time some 100 Lb. woman’s face is smashed in by a cop; every time a mentally ill man like Kelly Thomas is beaten to death, or tortured in America by a cop; every time a child is Tasered; and every time a military guy gets caught in a 10 MILLION DOLLAR prostitution scandal–it is inevitable that some idiot will always say that the offending cop was a “rogue officer,” which is a total myth– a lie, because for every cop that gets caught doing dirt, there are thousands more who are clever enough to get away with their criminal behavior.

One rogue cop is the tip of the rogue police state that has overtaken justice, and every right that we hold to be ‘self evident’ in America.

And a case in point is the curious case of the gang stalking of blonde women and others in Minnesota–one of whom, KSTP reporter Jessica Miles, was gang stalked and  had cops from many state agencies circling her house like buzzards.

Do you know the old joke that goes ” Have you seen Mike? And the standard reply is Mike who? and the answer is Mike–Mike Hunt….”

Well this guy who got caught leafing through the personal data of these four blonde women from Minnesota wasn’t named Mike–his name is Captain JOHN Hunt of the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources-but I bet he put up with a lot of bullying himself when he was young over his last name. And police organizations are full of bullies, and many individuals WITHIN the police state apparatus are in fact the victims of bullies–even to the point of acquiescing to those same bullies–and compromising data sets, and private information that, sans bullying, would require a warrant– a legal document, signed by a specific judge, looking for specific information, and  requesting and REQUIRING and responsibly commandeering such information.

And, without that basic requirement, we are just dealing with …bullies with badges, and those who they themselves “punk out” and force into the position of law violating, law enfarcing illegality–there are no “rogue cops,” only cops that for whatever reason, are bullied within the ranks of law enforcement to do the illegal bidding of bigger bullies. Rogue cops are the “hail Mary pass” of law enfarcement agents–the victims of a rogue police state.

the DNR revealed that one of its employees inappropriately accessed the records of 5,000 people, 90 percent of whom were women.

And Hunt was apparently one of the go to guy’s who handled the dirty job of doing illegal, unethical drivers license database “lookups,’ but I promise you there are more:

                                     The DNR later identified the employee as Capt. John Hunt, the administrative manager of the DNR’s Enforcement Division. Hunt, who was fired, is named in the lawsuit, along with several other DNR and Department of Public Safety officials. Hunt had access to the state’s driver and motor vehicle databases to perform checks as part of his job, but DNR officials have said he accessed the information during off-duty hours without a job-related reason to do so.

Hunt did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The women argue in their lawsuit that having their photo, physical description, address and sometimes medical information accessed inappropriately violated their privacy. The lawsuit cites the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and seeks at least $10 million in damages from Hunt and the others.

This is a rare case where bare bones and simple statistical evidence of the purportedly individual wrong doing of the “rogue cop” is available to highlight the subsidiary illegality of police and law enfarcers who are also attached to that “rogue” behavior as an institutional whole. I am working on that right now–but you can too if you have a mind for statissitcscsis.

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