I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried: the laughs keep coming

So, I recently wrote about how the gang stalker works with police and state agents–and how the police state uses children to create cases, or do other tasks that serve the GS-law enfarcement alliance.

In fact, I wrote four days ago that one recent event–the use of kids to break in to my neighbors house, was an orchestrated event with a hidden motive.

And, just last night here is what happens: several new wi-fi signals pop up in my neighborhood. One of them deploying Zyxel technology sprouted about a week ago, and  last night several more that have NEVER been in this neighborhood. Here is just ONE screencap:

Sieg Heil the gangs all here--with NEW members--yayayyy

Sieg Heil the gangs all here–with NEW members–yaaayyy


THEN ( again, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried) just after midnight–12:12 a.m. to be exact–this little gang of total pussies scopes out my car in the alley. I will only load one screencap, because I don’t want to reveal even more of my technologies that they will exploit . In fact, as I am demonstrating here–EVERY time I document their methods, or discuss what they are doing, they creat, or recreate the incident, or do some other shit:

three wannabe GS recruits

Gang Stalking recruits do the low end dirt for higher ups: Here, three males, one with glasses, one a cigarette smoker, and one slightly stocky, testing the door handles on my cars in my driveway–four days after I wrote about the employment of these and similar gang stalking methods.


Now, based on past experiences with GS and law enfarcer events, these guys could be : 1) looking for stuff to steal 2) assisting the planting of evidence in my car/s 3) preliminary dry run for the installation of GPS ( I have been GPS’d many times over these decades) 4) scoping out the cars for other purposes I don’t have time to imagine right now 5) doing something completely unrelated to law enfarcement or gang stalking–this is plausible as well.

Now, many people know that I will not call police unless someones life is actually threatened. And others know that when I call police, the police use that as pretext to assault me, project some nefarious activity at me, or scope out my technology, or set me up in other ways as discussed and documented elsewhere (as in the case of the SOD database, etc.–but the police have not helped me nor have they aided me in any time EVER–they always use the encounter to harm me, or otherwise steal/plant/scope/install/ etc–which then, often results in a black bag job of one kind or another ( too many to mention, film/s, photo’s and other data at 11…)

Well, there you go–call me crazy–AGAIN. But this REALLY HAPPENED, and up above is some more proof in the pie. And what is REALLY MOST IMPORTANT is the time frame–four days between writing that they do this, and then, they do it. So, in the very least, it takes four days to arrange this sort of thing in my locality–not that it couldn’t be done sooner, by themselves, but these were young guys–kids doing this.


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