Speaking of misinformation: what about moral campaigns that waste resources?

Moral campaigns are designed by the OLD police state to garner revenue for the static police state–the unmovable, intrusive police state that skoobers on gay peoples windowsills. and seeks to create cases via “evidence” created by the police, to generate sexual hysteria.

Really–why is it the business of policing to worry about how we fuck each other? Or what we jack off to? What one woman’s thighs squirt over, versus what one mans penis ejaculates over? After all, orgasms are provably mere moments in time where the ultimate privacy is subverted ONLY by prying eyes–and a pre-emptive examination of –what we are titillated by?

And: because none of that actually kills people, or invokes the necessity of law enfarcements over reaching, and reach-arounding L. Craig-like invasions and hypocrisy–which is SOOOOOOO J. Edgar. Hoover, circa, 1968 like,  and gay bashing….why exactly is it your BUSINESS to mind MY DICK, in its private form?

Fucking weirdos, in the very least….You people should have read the law before you attacked me–and put your shit in my face.

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