Ciancia is an Italian name–and the CIA at the end is, well, just coincidence…

I love how ignorant law enfarcers are–that low, 100 IQ has got to go as a criterion for candidate selection in the law enfarcement hiring process.

Or not–after all, even Hitler relied upon low IQ morons to do all his brown shirting.

But I am laughing at the searches that came in to my blog today ( and NO, the shot callers have NOT been hitting me since I published THIS.)

Ciancia is an Italian name–and most likely Catholic. And even Italians argue among themselves about racial identity–after all, Africa, and African dicks are only a short sea away from Italian women’s mouths, and genetic legacies…


Anyways–back to race, ethnicity, and moronic constructions that are taught to moronic entry level police, and other law enfarcers who hit my blog: I have a memory to share!

I was calling Homeland Security one day, and the “man in the middle” intervened. I mean–he intervened in an egregious manner–and stopped me from actually talking to the DHS directly! Imagine of my tip was in fact the next 9-11?!!!!!! After all, I predicted the last one....


As regards the black guy in the late model beater who was peeking into my neighbors house two years ago ( and she, a woman of exceptional character who has been an ally and a warrior for al of us—-I suspect that he is the same guy whose license plate, in a little white late model car, peeking into my neighbors windows from my driveway, was/is State of MN, 482-CEU. Another State of Mamasota window ledge slobbering, testosterone deprived wannabe law enfarcer, intent upon breaking the big case.

Sure, you can go and purge your records, and plausibly deny that this moron doesn’t/didn’t work for you, but really? At the end of the day? You will lose that one–which will affect your credibility in ways that cannot yet be predicted. But go ahead–I encourage you. Lil’ Minncestuous law enfarcers.

Oh–and did I mention that he is BLACK? AND VERY hostile–very defensive–very blackcentric, and blackfensive-and possibly a Kanyeic loose cannon in the whole scheme of things, but also, valuable for intelligence–on some level.

But screen it all, because he is  somewhat unable to calculate the boundaries of clear unfettered intelligence, versus biased, blackificated, racially charged information: or; he is a moronic racist with the Asian persuasion. A mere fetishist, actually converting good information to bad because of his biases, and predilections.

Anyhoo*, there I was, attempting to follow the law–and report XXXXXXXX. I mena, don’t good citizens report XXXXXXXX? Of course we do!!!!!!

We are all charged EQUALLY with the difficult task of snitching on foreigners, and other “miscreants” who have an American dream–right? And others of US have a Chinese dream–or a RUSSIAN dream….

AND, speaking of Janet Napolitano, and African Dicks in Italian women’s mouths–I kind of secretly liked her….even though, days before the shooting, I got lots of hits on THIS POST.

*ANYHOO….Anyhoo is an expression specific to white, Anglo-Saxon Nordic people, particularly Nordic people from Minnesota, USA. I do not know if actual Norwegians, Germanic people and others from those regions use it outside Minnesota.

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