Psychopaths and policing: are the police psychopathic?

Awhile back I was struggling to come to terms with a lost couple of decades. As noted in this blog and elsewhere, I have been gang stalked  and so forth for decades ( I only learned of this term in the last couple of years-long after it had began, and long after the effects of it wore in). And, while trying to participate in conversations on the internet and so forth, I was “mobbed” at times in very interesting and important discussions–as if I were the nail that stood up, andthey were the hammer whose job it was to hammer me down.

And then, I was told that it is all in my head, and so forth. SO ibegan to ‘get it out of my head!’ And that led me to several interesting ideas, via research:

1) D.E. CAmeron, and Project PAPERCLIP, MKULTRA, BLUEBIRD, MONARCH, and more.

2) The idea that whole nations can be psychopathic, and that in a narcissistic form.

3) the idea of gatekeepers, and the nature of ‘leaders’–which are often times clinical narcissists, but worse, and more often, sociopathic narcissists!

4) that my theory–based on my experiences with actual police, who are the toilet paper of institutional leaders–had become more and more psychopathic in my lifetime! (just look at this video –you don’t have to believe me–believe your own eyes–this is a mentally ill man, the son of a policeman, named  Kell)ly Thomas, beaten to death by the police of Fullerton, CA. And worst of all? It looks lie they were just practicing–each little Nazi practicing club swings and taser targll of cops, beating a helpless, non-confrontational victim–amateur hour  beating people to death–and the worst, I assure you , is yet to came.

5) that pathological narcissism is a key component between opinion leaders and the police state forms of social control–that speaking truth to power gets you clubbed and beaten, sure–but worse? It gets you gang stalked, and defamed so badly in official records that you either flee the country, or dig your toes in and hope for a fair constitutional fight–which is a suicide mission in the current climate of moral panic, social hysteria, and the ever ominous police state collusion with propaganda delivery methods.

6) I was eventually labelled/defamed by police state agents who followed me around on public forums as a narcissist , some three years after I initially offered this analysis of the police state leadership and those who sought positions of power within it. Or, the old I’m rubber you’re glue offense…

7) this memetic has taken hold, and many many many news outlets, forums, and other media are now tossing the phrase around as if they coined itm or offered up the analysis of it in context to the police state, or those who shill for it. (Freud gave us the term)

Well, anyways–I never wanted to be ‘right’ in the right or wrong sense–but I DID want others to consider it, and maybe modify their own behavior for the better.

But policing sure attracts some sickoes…

Most likely to be psychopathic

TV/radio personality
Police Officer
Civil Servant

Least likely to stab you in the back (literally)

Care aide
Charity worker

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