Paul Anthony Ciancia, LAX shooter FACT: his father IS affiliated with a secretive society.

The LATEST MASS SHOOTER, Paul Anthony Ciancia, is alleged to be a conspiracy theorist, and a note found in his belongings said that he ” did not intend to injure any civilians, only federal employees.”

Conspiracy Theories are disinformation campaigns designed to distract attention and consume time–and they target those who are connected one way or another to people in power–people who belong to secret societies [which one? Answer below!].

And, it seems a meme can travel fairly far in just a few months, , as

Officials say Ciancia is in critical condition after being shot in the face”

Getting shot in the face is just a metaphor for some of us, but others take it quite literally. Like the cop who shot Cianci, whose own father is deeply affiliated with a secret society.  And shooting in the face is a two way street. Very oddly, the metaphor that preceded this decades  muscling up of the police state was “Blood in the Face,” which was the Clinton decades call for more cops on the streets, and a precursor to the militarization we see today–because the bad guys are everywhere!
Here, and in nearly every other case–especially the Columbine case--we see a clear affiliation with a secret society that is NOT the Masons, is NOT the Order of the Eastern Star, is NOT the Shriners, or even a satanic cult–but in fact the The Fraternal Order of Police

The suspect’s father has been involved with Pennsville’s Fraternal Order of Police, said neighbor Orlando Pagan, a lieutenant in nearby Penns Grove. He didn’t provide details on his involvement.

Outside the father’s home Friday in Pennsville, a police cruiser blocked the long driveway.”

Well, we’ve probably all had that anti-government feeling at one time or another.  A Senate and House that rubber stamps the shredding of the Constitution, two presidents who have rubber stamped illegal war after war; and in the case of Ciancia, he was targeting the TSA, which is charged with enforcing breast feeding policies for nursing mothers, feeling up three year old kids  in wheelchairs, and detaining grandmothers and frisking them for catheter pee bags, and all kinds of other noble ‘front line hero’ stuff that keeps US safe from turr-eriss’s.

But conspiracy theories aren’t all theories. We all know that when Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned us about a military industrial complex, that he was right–it was not a conspiracy theory at all, as NPR notes, some 50 years later.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Oval Office

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Oval Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And when the Clinton scandal was going on, Hillary famously labelled it a ‘conspiracy theory,’ against her power quest–a conspiracy against the legitimacy of her marriage, her multi million dollar businesses and so forth. And Bill did what any good king would do-he took the bullet to prolong the dynasty.

Fast forward to now, and she has the backing of the Chinese, the gay vote, the black vote here in America via Bill, and the white female progressive camp that has raised the spectre of rape hysteria so loudly in the last two decades that the hysteria has gone world wide, and prompted covert war after covert war in the middle east and elsewhere–and built a police state funded by International capitalists who use this meme to begin  propagation of fear in the middle class woman–who then transfers a fear based anxiety to her children–and who will then do anything for more ‘protection’.

Or: Americans are now controlled and leveraged by Catch me if You Can politics, enforced by slippery slope SCOTUS positions, with cases brought by You’ll never catch me policing.

And salary hikes for those in Congress who let it happen has become the norm, not the exception, as the exact same thing that Eisenhower predicted has come true, and as Hillary has deftly and cunningly prepared her run for office in 2016* by doing exactly hat liberals ranted against in every decade before: the global reach, and human rights breaches of the Military Industrial Complex.

The conspiracy theorist card is every bit as much of a flammable straw man as a race or gender card, but carries an even deeper meaning: stay away from this thought, this idea, or this speculation OR ELSE you might get targeted as a crazy person; or as an ‘enemy of the state’.

And that policy–that threat– has trickled down in ways that are heinous–and provide  the building blocks of what is called a police state. The methods are no different now than they are in any other country that could be said to have a police state with one glaring exception: ONLY AMERICA has been steadily at work gang stalking, hunting, jailing, intimidating, coercing, setting up, arresting, and incarcerating dissent–since the 1980’s! Now that’s proactive policing indeed. Some 25% of the entire worlds prison population resides in American prisons.

Even Hitler was on to the ‘lock up dissenters’ tip–and look where that got him? Seems like this New World Order has re-tooled even the time frame for indoctrinating a generation to tolerate such conditions.

But that’s neither here, nor there. What is most important? As I wrote days ago, at the bottom of every mass shooter, and every shooting incident in America? There is ALWAYS a close military or POLICE connection. And Cianci needed look no further than his own quiet home, “set back into the woods,” like so many drop spots of secret society members–cultists who practice a dirty religion of death, and whose bible is police porn planted in newspapers to generate moral panics, which bankroll generation after generation of police state growth.

RELATED NOTE: It is interesting that  Fuselier*, the FBI agent involved in the Columbine Massacre was allowed to be involved at any level, considering that it was his own son who concieved of the”Trench Coat Mafia,” but was never prosecuted– because conflict of interest applies to any ethical profession. Link here:  

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