Disinformation: omission as a form of deception

Conspiracy Theories are integral rhetorical distractions that keep us clueless as to what law enfarcement is really doing to America, and acepting official sources dooms the free press to repetition and SPIN.

As regards conspiracy theories, I recently wrote that there is a common thread that runs through all of the recent mass shootings–like the one at LAX yesterday, or the one at the courthouse in Virginia, as well as the historical ones that are common currency, like the Columbine Massacre, where the son of the  FBI man in charge actually formed the Trench Coat Mafia— there is almost ALWAYS a connection to police and or military indoctrination.

And that is not a conspiracy–they are a simple, provable facts.

But what has to reign as one of the Kings of all conspiracies is this: the JFK assassination.

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As noted elsewhere, I have been followed around for decades to the point where any activity that I participate in is soon infiltrated with cops, gang stalkers, or others from various agencies who are trying to accomplish various tasks–which I won’t go into now.* But in issues related to Kennedy, and in every situation where the “conspiracy” is mentioned, there is always without fail an omission of the one crucial detail thta should concern EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN, from whatever party: in employing/deploying lies of omission,what is left out of a story is often the whole story.

So, here is the John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory–and here is a classic example of yet another retelling of on National Public Radio–give it a read and tell me if you can spot the lie of omission ( actual link here as well http://www.npr.org/2013/10/28/240822565/botched-investigation-fuels-kennedy-conspiracy-theories?ft=1&f=1032  )

Did you catch it? Sure, there are dozens of factual issues, etc. that could qualify–but like any good conspiracy theory, those arguable, negotiable facts can keep you talking and wondering for years. Facts and factoids that the press regurgitates every so often, but fails to take an activist position in regards to the immense power they hold over those in political office who could change such situations.

And the best they come up with is a piece like this, which dances around–but never touches hands with! the key detail that should be front and center in any discussion of this nature: the lie of omission.

The lie? It is that the American people are denied generation after generation from even seeing the FACTS that are in OUR possession! SO they drag the phrase “conspiracy” next to every mention of the event, until the internet drowns and drips with the phrases conspiracy and JFK–but never JFK and movement for transparency surrounding the facts ever appears once…even Google acts as a de facto SPIN DOCTOR.

SO, the lie of omission in this story–this story by one of the most arguably reputable news outlets in the country-i-s this: nowhere in the story does the interviewer ever bring up the only thing that matters: why are the details of this story still classified? Why are the full, unwashed, un-edited, and complete details of the event itself still kept from the eyes of the public?

Why can’t We the American People read for ourselves all of the details about the killing of John F. Kennedy? Those details are sealed; classified–and no American Citizen has a right to read the story. It’s a national shame–and apparently such a big secret that it cannot be viewed by the public until 2017.

Sooper Sekrit, like most bungled police investigations, rife with fraudulent or evidence tampering that took half a century to accomplish, is a big seekrit. And it’s a big seekrit because lies provide more fuel than the truth–and police state rely upon lies and obfuscations–plausible deniability–more than they do rely upon any of the ‘values’ and ‘ethics’ that they are sworn to. And every agency is funded according to their respect for the lie, rather than their respect for the truth.

And, failing truth, they just hide shit, lie about shit, drag shit through the mud for a really long time, because all of them are on the take–their jobs do not depend upon honor or integrity–their jobs rely upon a mindless repetition of words of honor thatmean nothing–and they get paid to stammer out the same phrase as regards their duty and honor: “I’m just doin’muh job! Move along! There’s nuthin’ ta see here’,” and failing that, they bring out the batons…

So, in the case of conspiracy, the baton is more police state in your face for dissenting, starting with a simple strawman phrase: “you are a conspiracy theorist,” which is for all practical purposes, one step away from isolation, and mental illness–‘you’re crazy.’

Now, I could give a rats ass about the whole thing–I have no stake at all anymore in the fate of this country–I am a broken link. I would be useful to any other government than this one, as they have made a farce out of my time, and my value as a decoder of-well never mind.

But I can say that recently, I was cast in an internet forum as a JFK conspiracist–and that framing was by a law enfarcer who had it in its profile that I am somehow into all that. I am not–I am just an artist, and writing is the medium I use for now, to stay alive really–I am but bare fingertips.

And so, this is one way I was able to discern the identity of this individual as being a law enfarcer, instead of someone who has any of that above-honor, integrity, and so forth–I was hearing the voice of an actual netizen who had cloaked themselves as a citizen, but then, pulled from their asshat one of the details ta ONLY a profiler would or could have provided; and the average gang stalker hasn’t the profile in hand.

How could I know this? how could I know this provocation was one of them–because the flaw in the profiles they project upon me decade after decade, which is nearly always followed by one form of assault or another, are inherently flawed, because when PsyWar is waged, it is indeed a two way street. And as I noted elsewhere, I have been under attack for decades, in the LITERAL sense, as the record WILL show–if they haven’t put a Kennedy seal on it….

AND, best of all, Kennedy wasn’t even part of that discussion! So, law enfarcer BINGO–talking out of context/provocation/deliberate use of information which is actually a regurgitation of disinformation. Because the GS couldn’t know thatas they don’t have access to the decades of wiretap tapes, and/or warrantless listening sessions where law enfarcers from the local agency peek in and later, plausibly deny that they did so. In those days, Caller ID was a must on any phone, coupled with a little bit of forty dollar Radio Shack technology, and notebooks which were mailed to–oh never mind…

As regards targeting, and the egregious duration that I have endured by unknown(…) agents, and provocateurs (…), and for the casual reader that might just see this as the ramblings of a mad person– I was from birth, and without my consent, enmeshed in the exact political tide that Kennedy’s blood eventually washed over. And I can say that there are other quite pertinent details that are as political if not MORE political than that one assassination that affect me, and those I am related to.

In other words, I am targeted not because of who I am per se, but because of who I know, and what I know about who I know, and what I know about who they know*–does that make sense–I did not ask for my lot, and the worst of it is that decades of this constant harassment, and gang stalking and behind the back stabbing, etc. has taken a toll that is beyond legal, and beyond ethical. Which of course remains a matter for the courts to decide–probably in fifty years or so, after the next extension to the Kennedy act is renewed…

Meantime–hey all you CNN mind controlled zombies–focus on the gypsies! FOCUS ON THE GYPSIES!!!!!

f-o-c-u-s o-n t-h-e g-y-p-s-i-e-s

* This is the premise of gang stalking, and its associated, vaguely constitutional premises, most of which is not recorded or documented. The main purpose is to establish ‘relationship maps’ of targeted individuals, and to widen their premises of investigation/harassment as a form of control ever wider–‘the NET’ as t were. In creating relational maps–not to mention psychological profiles, etc., they are able to create exigent circumstances everywhere, or nowhere at all, depending upon what political purpose or political master dictates their missions.

Or, mobbing, redirection, blackmail, and stalking, and in my case, repeated acts of violence via GS, and every other form of harassment you could imagine in order to, as one of my last internet mobbings produced, “we gotta get this guy for something–anything!!!!!”

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