My one dedicated reader has blossomed to two!

I have noted that my one dedicated avid reader/law enfarcer/ first official stalker on THIS blog, has blossomed to two–and yesterday, four readers hit the same posts–and Australia made the map for the first time* (sure, I could get the web spider package and all that fancy schmancy IP collection data via wordpress–but why>you guys fake your IP’s more often than not.  And, my instinct for you people is virtually no fail-your own law enfarcer profile** reveals you.)

australia acts as the dirty minded little brother of the us

Using one simple free tool in a free blog, and employing psychometrics, one can determine WITH CERTAINTY that law enfarcement agents and their related gang stalking cohorts are active readers.

Well the one who has been peeking in regularly and combing through every story on this blog one by one–3-5 per day–looking for clooz to the whole story I am telling–my ‘tells’ about who “I” really really am, or wutever. Good luck with that–lingwistsicsis is lke statistics–you can make them work the way YOU want them to work, and someone else can make them come out another way.  And worse, some of the seemingly blatantly truthful statements herein are actually coded memories that tell you nothing at all, butremind me of something that damns you, or they are there only to distract you. One PsyWar gets another, wouldn’t you agree–and after all, you have been waging yours on me since before the Millenium! And I was just minding my own business…

Or something like that.

Here is one such story they combed through today (and when the time is right, I will tell you what notes they took out of this story, what the profiler said, and how they will manipulate tat for further pretext–that is, if they wrote it down, and didn’t shred them, as shredding evidence, particularly exculpatory, has become a law enfarcement hallmark).

* You should see what Australia is up to in the whole NSA scheme of things–not to mention all that dirt full of jumpy little viruses and other exploits on their government servers–that not only violate United States Constitutional standards, but also target citizens with XXXXXX.

Australia pinnacle

Strange phallic art in Australia–even stranger, illegal programs running from the Sydney law enfarcement agencies (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

** Law Enfarcers can be spotted/made via a host of personality traits that exhibit themselves in various ways that make them distinctive in their web habits, web spech, and methods of exploits. More importantly, their is a rhetorical/dia-logical pattern to their conduct, meaning that law enfarcers can be identified and distinguished  from other conversational participants, netizens, black hats and script kiddies by the patterns of speech, the predictable nature of their dialogues, the ‘rhythms’ of their exploits.

Most importantly, on a blog format, there is an investigative methodology employed in their reading habits–and that, by the construction/reconstruction of their reading habits day by day.

, I would gladly accept the help of any programmer who has the ability to help me devise a program to demonstrate exactly what I just said they do/are.

"To be successful at reading comprehensio...

Does anyone else see the hidden message here? And, the message is actually fucking hilarious: “To be successful at reading comprehension, students need to …” (Photo credit: Ken Whytock)

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