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Depatterning women 101: MKULTRA and the gender gap.

You are what they say you are–as long as you “buy in.”

man woman machine meme 2013-11-25-ke381aew

The new American middle class: she is complicated, you are a tool that she uses for the benefit of the military industrial complex. Good men are dumb, and the monolithic woman is complicated, smart, and forever a mystery to dumb men–who will get shot in the face just to keep her protected and safe from…depatterning by other nations?
Or, something like that.


When I first saw this meme, I was aware that it had two things as a goal: 1) to affirm social perceptions–those perceptions created by, fueled by a century of co-opted military industrial complex feminism (Gloria Steinem, et al worked for the CIA) that sought to explain and convince Americans that women are ‘different and more complex than men,” and 2) to affirm the opposite meme, which is that any man who is complicated has no place in the discussion about the complexity of women.

Women are multi-buttoned and mysterious, whereas men are “dick hard, not dick hard.” Women are “complex and individual–moody and unfathomable,: whereas men afre “kill, don’t kill whatever threatens my comfort with a woman.”

How moronic is that? A society based upon this–a meme that encompasses only a small moment in the mind, but that affirms every Americans first 18 years of indoctrination–each and every Americans first 18 years of being manipulated into a bizarre stereotype? Because it is these women-and these men–who adopt, condone, or agree with thios meme that are killing other peoples children across the globe.

Don’t believe me? Ask her then. She is a woman on fire!

Put into other words, the American war machine is based upon men who have been hammered into a a position of non-complexity –the “strong and silent type,” while women were, most often willingly flattered and pedestalized as “complicated, and multi-purposed; powerful and complex,” the perfect Army wives that would just swap up to the next guy when her man died.

And even then, that guy wopuld be another dumbass–raised on Ritalin, and vidoe games to believe that he is “lucky” just to “have” a woman…

This serves many social purposes (those purposes the purposes of a society based on conquest and the capitalization of those conquests for the benefit of, what is really and actually, a multinational, transient war machine that as no loyalty tpo either men or women, but whose goals are simply the control of useful populations).

Sociology, and evolutionary biology, and other sciences seek to explain the sex and gender differences–but also exploit them.

Communications studies, and the propaganda industries seek to explain them, but also exploit them.

But the military industrial complex–in collusion with local and international agents of social control, and agents of social engineering seek only to affirm them, and benefit from them, as if so-called sex differences are a given and indisputable fact; that boys and girls are essentially like cattle–they are eoither wombs, or warriors.

Which is a convenient narrative for social engineers and war profiteers. They can at one point separate the herd, and indictrinate the herd that tey have specific ‘socially acceptable purposes” and then again, they can and do exploit the results of those purposes to the utmost degree: the killing of some, and the birthing of others, all for the benefit of that same industry.

Or, put another way, peopke are like cattle, or sheep-sheeple to be at once led to slaughter, and then again, back to pasture, for the benefit of who, exactly? And that is the question indeed.

So, children of all nations are under assault at all times from various “memtic devices,”–from the simplest phrases like “boys do this, girls do that,” there is a “split” between human beings, and their ability to work together to understand the forces of social control that confront them.

And, sadly, most of the forces of control that confront them, and eventually assault them, are their own governments and the propaganda that eventually “makes them who they are.”

Even if, they are NOT who THEY say they are.

Do you follow me? In other words–children are born as human beings–and as such, have relatively simple needs, and even more simple ‘common grounds’ from which to aproach life.
But, due to the heinous methods of state agents, and other manipulators of children–the “shepherds of the herd” look down upon, and manipulate children so that they can be controlled for ‘greater purposes.’

Which is total bullshit, and has the bnet effect of fucking kids up.

But, because this systemic “fucking up” of children has benefits to those who fuck them up, —————————————societies condone or tolerate the methods that societies use to fuck children up.

The most common, and prominent amongst these methods is to genderize them–or to sexualize their experiences to a point where they no longer recognoze their common humanity–theoir common personhood, or their common being.

Instead, theybecome actors in a play that is pre-screened by others–which are called gatekeepers, or social enforcers; teachers and academics are the primary enforcers/re-inforcers of gender roles and stereotypes; the employment markets, government institutions, and lastly., the police mechanisms of any given soiciety are the final say in whether or not a child is or has grown to be solcially useful–based on whether or not that child has accepted, or rejected–conformed to, a sexualized stereotype.

And that, is not a good thing, at least as relates to common ground betwen people in a society-but it is a GREAT and VALUABLE thing to societoes that have been co-opted by war industries, because argumentation about hat is right, or what is REAl fuel domestic wars.

And the gender/sex war is the primary one that most societies use to fuel larger wars, outside the boundaries of their nations. And, today, this meme is leavin America, and going elsewhere (India, the Middle East, etc.) and building war machines that will one day confront US in America.

Have you applied your own brain to how to solve this never ending gender war? I have. The answer is simpe: we are all human beings, and the miltary indusytrial complex has used US (YOU). The answer is get off their payroll, and soon.

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