The difference between gang stalking and law enforcement activity.

There is none, they are a homogeneous group, often with criminal, military or police backgrounds (insofar as they are united in their purpose) and they are hierarchical groups. As one example: apparently, they even enlisted children to break in to my neighbors house this summer–according to one of them in a conversation I documented elsewhere–and these children were, according to the cop/GS–“suspects in other break-ins.”.

But for now, I notice that I have attracted that one dedicated anonymous reader–again–and that always means that some controller out there is stalking me, seeking more ways into my head, and profiling me for more directed atacks . THey often try to use my own language against me, which is why much of what I say or write is coded to some degree for my own protection (especially with the wiretappers–I seldom, if ever have been on a phone and actually said what I was thinking–the phone was where they began their attacks in early 2000 or so–and I know this sounds odd, but we ALL KNOW I was right then, and I am right now--you ARE INDEED ALL WIRETAPPED.)

English: "Jitka" telephone tapping e...

English: “Jitka” telephone tapping equipment, signalled line occupancy, possibility to connect a recorder, late sixties of 20th century, used by Czech StB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This has been going on for decades, and I am sure this is a cop, because the GS generally are the foot soldiers in the bigger game. The foot soldiers are the ones who steal my stuff, toss garbage in my yard, try to pick fights, or otherwise aggressively assault me in other ways–they are the affiliated law enfarcers.

And few of them are aware of the bigger picture, and how the decades long intrusions into my life and “my” mind have had the net purpose of creating cases where there are none– to isolate me from living my life, and or to drive me to crime, or suicide. I live between these two extremes, because every time I have ever done differently? Along come the cops with some official slander or other, more stolen stuff, and spontaneous street theater; and sometimes attempts by complete strangers to assault me (usually it is two or more people, as I travel alone.) And the GS attacks increase as well, particularly the internet mobbing and so forth.

They tend to increase attacks in the early spring and in the fall, but there have been notable exceptions as well.


This car positions itself in front of my home daily. Note the freshly removed license plate, and the fingerprint marks. Usually, the cars they drive have plates with ——– on them, or ——– plates for effect, but they are easy to identify.

The black car in front of my house is one of their tools of psychic control. It is there to distract and also create a focal point so that I might miss other details of the play. Details like: most of the time the car is driven by a ——-, who appears to live inthe upstairs unit. Her hours are very odd——–; usually this person is predictable, which is the net purpose of this particular form of theater.

However, today, at 3:56 p.m., a man from ———– which is an entirely different building two doors down–walks up, covers a case in his hands with a white towel, and gets in the car. The car returns at 8:16 p.m., with the usual woman, and a crew of—-.

This would be insignificant if indeed it wasn’t already documented elsewhere that –well never mind–if I write it they will just increase the attacks, and compromise my data.


Tillebear leaps to neg 25 every time i move location in house

Recent activity: The signal Tillebear is a new one–it appeared just a few days ago, and jumps to -25 every time I connect. Note the spike on the right

And, as an important note, my router was hacked again last night, and this morning it was froze up for the first time in weeks. So, here are the snaps of their recent activity:

cannot connect--even thoughmy own sys reports connected--after Tillebear attacked me

Constant broken connections with these new signals–and this has bee apattern for decades.


They knock me offline constantly, and especially when they are hacking the router or otherwise subverting the writing*, and this is essentially  either a dare to do the same to them, or worse, as I suspect, it is death by a thousand connections lost. Because my other options are to quit living ( I live to write and I write to live), or something more drastic….

AND I cannot log in to blog

Big surprise–I cannot log on-despite the fact that MS reports I am fully connected at 4 or 5 bars.
This has happened for decades, and especially after I wrote about M. Warsame in 2003-4, from any connection I write from.

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