The psychology of Law Enfarcement: gaming the system

One thing that is certain is that police lie, and cheat he system by being false hero’s–pathological narcissists who, outside of their  profession would be called criminals, because the common, and desired police profile has evolved from one thing, to another that has all the hallmarks of the worst traits of criminality, but that is disguised as the opposite of it–what George Orwell called Newspeak is on fact, the language of modern policing.

I first became aware that cops are bad actors when I was 12 years old–and since then, I have found out that I was wrong–that they are in fact a corrosive influence on the Constitution of the United States of America–that America is threatened more by the phrase “I was just doing my job,” than anyone here is threatened by terrorism, or some guy yammering in Arabic on an obscure website.

And police who act as mere occupiers of space on the public dole while some in their ranks taser children, brutalize the mentally ill’ or merely remain silent are,  more than any other thing, the most challenging gate keeping mechanism against freedom that America has ever faced. So I began to chronicle and investigate them as I have been investigated by them–and at all points, innocent. Which makes them REALLY MAD, and they  have covertly harassed me for decades since.

Here below, is a typical web advice exchange between a police psychologist and a police force applicant who is attempting to evade insight into his true nature–by manipulating his/her personal data pre-emptively (by learning how to lie).

This is a typical exchange between a cop who aspires to greater things, and a police psychologist, who assists him in his aspirations–like one con artist feeds the ego of another con artist to pull off a scam!

Or, put another way, it is a glimpse at the collusion between psychology, psychology practitioners, and cops to subvert insight into the true character of both sets of people; this same set of people who have allowed for the United States Constitution to be shredded, and who did nothing; the same set of people wh are most likely to lie when a citizen dies at the hands of another cop, etc. I believe this is the starting ponit in any discussion about policing–and that it answers in part the question: what is wrong with cops?

From: Practical Police Psychology
with Dr. Laurence Miller, on

How to pass your pre-employment psych screening without going nuts

By Dr. Laurence Miller

Q:   I’ve been a police officer at a small department for about five years and I recently applied to a larger agency that requires a pre-employment psych screening as part of their intake package. I’ve heard horror stories about perfectly normal guys and gals getting burned on these exams and denied employment or branded as psychos for no good reason. I’m not asking you to give away any professional secrets, but is there some advice you can give this poor, hardworking police applicant so I don’t feel like the mental deck is stacked against me from the get-go?

A:   I’ve heard the horror stories, too, and it’s a damn shame because a pre-employment psych screening shouldn’t be more mysterious or intimidating than any other aspect of the application process. Hell, if it were me, I’d be more scared of the background check. So I’m going to offer some general recommendations for keeping your sanity while having your head examined and to help you give the most accurate representation of your abilities and personality during the exam. And I’m not going to teach you any dirty tricks or violate any trade secrets to do it. …I’ve organized this column along the lines of questions I’m frequently asked about pre-employment psych screenings.

Law enforcement is a high-stress, people-intensive profession.  Before a department invests the time and resources in hiring, training, and fielding an officer, it wants to be reasonably sure that officer will be able to perform his or her job, will not pose a risk or danger to the public, and – often what drives the potentially contentious nature of the evaluation process – won’t create a liability for the department (“Police agency knew rogue cop was a mental case: Film at 11!”). Sometimes, however, over-zealousness can lead to unfortunate misinterpretations and misapplications of the exam results.

ANALYSIS of the Cops Query:

“I’ve heard horror stories about perfectly normal guys and gals getting burned on these exams and denied employment or branded as psychos for no good reason”

Note the presumption of “normality.” This more than anything indicates the exact sheltered, cloistered, privileged opinion of just about any cop on any force anywhere. What is “normal” and what is not normal has and will always be a matter of opinion. For instance, in China, there is a one child policy, and that is normal, because that is what the government there enforces as a standard of normalcy. Many Americans could benefit from such a standard–especially the uneducated, the poor, and the Catholics who seem to be confused about the difference between little specs of flesh on the uterine lining, a womans choice to bear rhat speck of flesh to maturity, and full blown toddlers that we call ‘children,’ when they spill a bowl of beans on the floor.

Or, normal is a family of 18 children, birthed into, and propagandized by a Nation that condones illegal, pre-emptive war on other nations–and those wars killing others children–in the case of the Iraq war, ans entire generation of children is said to have been obliterated by the children of another nation who came there to steal resources.

Equally, even in America, one states ‘normal’ is the antithesis of another states normal–California houses prisoners in conditions so severe, and so frightening that International HUman Rights organizations like Amnesty International have compared their practices to the most base practices of all tme–and these California prisons make the prisons of Tennessee look decent by comparison.

Normal is not always one mental profile more than another–because really, there is NO NORMAL, only police enforced conformity.

So, in that light, let me pick apart what this insighyt-avoidant personality type is attempting to say, without being accountable for saying it ( a major flaw in the American police profile, and signpost of police cowardice; After all, being accountable requires truth, in it’s most raw form.

And, the claim that 1) there are actual horror stories, and 2) that some are banned for being psychos is classic victim stance–as if psychology and insight are the enemy (black and white thinking, plus good guy/bad guy thesis) and that somehow not being hired to be a cop is a horor, when in fat these same types condone the doors of the poor being kicked in all over America; many of them are the exact same person who, in double government paycheck collecting status, march off to other countries and attack other peoples families–somehow not getting that new job is a horror on a par with watching your own children get manhandled by complete strangers who invaded your home and country, as they cry out for you, and you are left impotent and prostate, humiliated and unable to help them….

This cop then says:

is there some advice you can give this poor, hardworking police applicant so I don’t feel like the mental deck is stacked against me from the get-go

Poor me–poor but HARDWORKING me!–this is classic false humility–and that false humility based on a common trpe of the complaining middle classes–poor me, but EMPLOYED me!. In fact, what I see here is a person who is employing an “insider to insider” track dialogue to mask their mutual back-patting narcissism, and self congratulatory self image ( in other words, they are sucking their own dick/listening to too much Sarah McLAughlin in a candle lit bathtub).

And “the deck is stacked against me,” serves to somehow in this persons head validate that despite having one ‘good job’ already, they are upwardly mobile–seeking higher placement, and willing to skirt actual insight into their own actual chgaracter to do do. This is classic narcissism, a hallmark of both police, and psychologists. These types are indeed pathological narcissists and are the desired candidates of most police forces!

Lastly–‘so that I don’t feel like the mental deck is stacked against me.” Mental deck? As I have said before, I have heard that  most of these types have an IQ around 100–and police forces actively screen out more intelligent types. And also, note how this person invokes a ‘game of cards,’ which is several things: 1) a likely ‘tell’ about that persons personal interetsts, and 2) the sense of being a victim again–as if NOT geting a job is someone elses fault–a complete sense of insecurity about themself, which plays upon the authority figure to recognoize this exact manipulation–as if this person who carries a gun around with them all day, imbued with full authority of law over and above all actually ‘normal’ people is asking it’s mother to feel sorry for it-and give them the tit in their withering moment of personal insecurity, as if to beg for the response from mommy ” No, sweety, your smart, and good! Here’s a nipple biscuit!”

I could go on….


But what is most important is the path-narc transacation here–the exchange between two of the same types where one is vulnerable, but dishonest, and the other is not vulnerable–in a position of aw-torr-ittie! to assauge the fears of the budding path narc who seeks to hide from a mental evaliation, and its power to reveal them for what they are.D

Skipping the intro statements, I will focus on a matter of collusion–collusion between the authority figure and the path-narc, what I call the path-narc transaction.

The authority figure drags out a trope, which is the exact straw man that the police state relies upon to mask its bad behavior, and to distract citizens from asking harder questions about the rise of the police state:

often what drives the potentially contentious nature of the evaluation process – won’t create a liability for the department (“Police agency knew rogue cop was a mental case: Film at 11!”.

This is a multi-layered assault against the American way of life, and especially against the Constitution in a very subversive, extremely covertly transactional way–and the basis of most all police un-accountability–a psychologist sanctioned scapegoating of the ‘rogue officer’ who brings issues of ‘liabilty’ to a police department because of ‘mental’ issues.

Or, on so many levels, this is just absolute crap….but the reality is this memetic device of the ‘rogue’ cop is dishonest, and provides for all department everywhere–and hence a nation as a whole–the idea that somehow, when a cop GETS CAUGHT doing something that this individual cop is “rogue” meaning that they act alone–and that they act ON their own behalf in some way.

To the case in point: we have a cop asking a psychologist how to pass a mental evaluation. That in and of itself would be a red flag for me–because any person who IS right, would never have such a question to begin with. And that is the crux of building a police state–the path-narc transaction that makes such a thing possible.

Never mind the trickle down effect of having such people act as the law in daily interventions; or to act as the trusted servant of the public–because this process above subverts that on every level. Because what we really have here is the exact subversion of truth that is required in a path-narc transaction to make such a mametic possible: an authority figure advising someone who wants to deviate from the process of merely telling the truth on an ‘entrance exam’/pre-employment screening; and that deviant likely to do better on the ‘exam’ after having learned how to subvert it.

Tbecause on the institutional level, they are indeed selected for this exact subversive character trait: pathological narcissism.


Kelly Thomas

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