Well, anyways, the midpoint of the discussion: squashing dissent ‘by any means necessary.’

I need to upload a few scans of some old stories that I was working on about the time that the gang stalking went into overdrive: 2004, for me ( at least that’s when I knew it was in full swing, not just some paranoid delusional thing–despite the fact that everyone I knew–even professional psychologists, inferred that it was ‘all in my head’)

BUT FIRST: the weirdest quote of the day–now that the voyeurs are on the spot–what goes on in the back of your heads?

SHOWERS FOR TERRORISTS? Or does the NSA need a bath?

–or water boarding, or, um, cleaning up the internet, one citizen at a time! After all–they, like law enfarcers in general– seem to think they are impervious to  being watched, and SEEN when they do wrong (Maybe they should just scrub their own filthy, rotten, entrapment oriented, window ledge leering servers–the world would be greatful to have a freshly scrubbed, morally reformed neighbor!)

General Keith Alexander speaking about bad  little boys in bathtubs:

Yet, the strangest part of the NSA’s video by far is a bathtub metaphor Gen. Alexander uses to equate NSA surveillance to a child—excuse me, a boy—taking a bath. The top two mysteries surrounding the NSA right now include what the next Edward Snowden document will say and why the following quote didn’t end up on the DoD’s cutting room floor:

“It’s like when you were younger — well, this is for boys — you know, when you’re younger you say, I don’t want to take a bath… you say, no, I’d never take a bath. Why do we want to take a bath? Well, you gotta take a bath…(garbled noises)… you say, but, isn’t there a better way? Well, we don’t, so we had to take baths right? Or showers. What about here? What’s the better way to stop terrorists.”

Well-isn’t it a sad state of affairs when the government of any nation targets journalists–and even worse, obliterates the warrant requirement completely-and THEN, even worse–steals materials that aren’t even specified in the pretext of that warrant?

“held captive by armed agents of the U.S. Coast Guard, Maryland State Police and the Department of Homeland Security as they staged a pre-dawn raid in search of unregistered firearms and a “potato gun.”

“I think they found a great way to get into my house and get a hold of my confidential notes and go through every other file in my office.”

– Audrey Hudson, journalist”


But instead of taking the potato gun, agents seized unrelated government documents and notes from the former Washington Times journalist…


Did I die, and wake up somewhere other than America? Fuck this place–the Chinese have my vote, from her forwards. Or anyone who can blow this shit up–and or/ compile a database of police and other law enfarcers–and give ot to anyone who will target them, as they stand down and do nothing about the law enfarcement that both Democrats AND Republicans willingly instigate.

Because if the police won’t protect us, who will? My vote is on any other police state out there–my opportunities for steady employment will only get better.

And some scans, from old notebooks. These are rough notes that were from the Mohammed Warsame case, and the case of attorney Lynne Stewart who is a civil rights lawyer who was railroaded by John Ashcroft. AND they had been torn out of the notebook, and pages crumpled, etc.


Notes from interview with railroaded attorney Lynne Stewart, esq.


Notes from National Lawyers Guild interview with railroaded attorney Lynne Stewart, whose case was one of the more ignoble cases that occurred under the Bush Administration.


Warsame notes

This was last time my actual physical writing had been targeted( as opposed to internet writing) was in the last 1.5 years (it was in storage, and when I got it back, it was all messed up. Hypothetical folder”government surveillance” contained material from “family album”, etc., and none of it was in order-pages torn out of notebooks, index cards tossed from boxes; and photos, all mixed up–1993 mixed with 1998, whole diaries missing,etc. Pigs suck–and I can’t wait to see the warrant on that. After all, I have endured decades of these intrusions, and still NO WARRANT HAS EVER BEEN HANDED TO ME, or otherwise indicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough is enough. But I anticipated this before I put these items into storage. And I thought about it the wole time–and tested and retested the ” I must be paranoid/crazy/ delusional hypotheses the whole time as well–while they ‘lasered me’ on my balcony!!

Believe me when I say this, Tillebear, et al,, you smelly little shits–we ALL have nieces and nephews and grandchildren and so forth who are into some interesting shit-and targeting goes TWO WAYS.  And it gets expensive; and it hurts ‘the children’–yours too.

So, shoot away at me, you little piss pandas, hiding there in your pizza and television worlds–keyboard commandos with government payroll sucking, taxpayer lard fatting your asses–and I GUARANTEE that you will know that ‘when you wrestle with pigs–everyone gets muddy.”

I’m no better than you, really–except I do this for free, just to shine a light on YOU and yours participating in this farce. I fucking swear that to you, and YOURS, et al. –mud is a pit–and your own back yard ain’t all that grassy either.

It is in my hands, and the hands of others to muddy you too–and, as you know based on your decades log profiling–I have access to big mud.  After all-we all have a ‘big buttie’ somewhere, right? And my big butties make yours look like amateurs–not that you aren’t doing a ‘gud job’ so far. But time will be on my side-laugh at that all you want at your fantasies of corrupting my time–but you won’t laugh when your favorite baby spooks get caught up in the Halloween candy tasting–and it will be delicious, I promise you. And you will be spooked indeed when it is your own kin choking on some foamy treats. Wanna try me? Have at it.

ER…hem. Sorry about that rant there–just me, responding to the voices in my, um, internet connection, etc.


Once upon a time I was a journalist–a journalist who didn’t cut deals, and who took names. And I was unwittingly caught up in some politics–I guess ‘young’ journalists are naive that way; but that isn’t a BAD thing is it?

And when I read this story–

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