Watch the watchers in real time.

Special note: I am on FOUR second delay tonight-they are getting better…I guess…but what I tried to write about, when I started this post nearly 25 minutes ago–was how to detect NSA/MI6 interference in your connection, and then I was hit with this odd wordpress problem (which ISN’T a wordpress problem at all, as I can show later), and that, which costs a lot of time to explain.

And I won’t do that, now, some 30 minutes into just TRYING to write. Here is one example of what happened:

My browsers keep getting naled by these guys--and this is Avant's problem loading page

They bug, and then crash my browsers to exploit the cache

But I am pissed-again, because this IS the way they work; this IS what is really happening, now.

network change detected

then, the pull some network shenanigans–

One of the side effects of complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder is that one becomes hyper-vigilant at times, and ultra-unaware at others. And this is neither-this is situational awareness that I am indeed reporting something that is at once, unique to me, tonight–but also that will be validated later as a form of harassment that is routine in these cases of government/s intrusions.

then, the writing gets lost for a couple minutes until I recover it

Then, the writing–and really, I am not that interesting, or even coherent in it most of the time–then, they essentially steal the raw product, which causes me up to a half hour at times to recover from, in real terms and with other hacks and harassment involved. BYthen, many thoughts are lost, much less the purpose of the piece, and the details tat count.
It is “crazy-making” by design.

Regarding c-PTSD, and as noted elsewhere, I have been shot stabbed, assaulted, and harassed in ways that make the average citizen ask “what did you do to deserve all that?!” Hyuck-yuck, snorf, huhhh…?(1)

The simple answer? Any time I have been confronted with psychopaths, I try to walk away–and when that isn’t possible? Yeah–guilty–I run my mouth as a distraction, which works most of the time, except, in cases of the worst, most nonredeemable, predatory psychopaths; this type reacts harshly when they hear the truth spoken about themselves, or when you let them know that they are in over their heads, and they will and DO pursue you with all the force that their little mean shrew-like hands can muster.

Well anyways, I started writing this almost half an hour ago–and there was a four second delay; then a seven second delay; then upwards of twenty seconds delays–and by then? I am just pissed, and tired. But I will get back to this when I can. But what I was trying to write was this:

One of the great features of the basic free wordpress is that when you get a blog hit, and a reader, you can see what country they were from. And, aside from my one dedicated spooky reader, who hits every new post, every time I publish, this feature shows you a map, and a general location of the reader.

So, I published this, and got hits from both Britain, and Kenya–and this was no ordinary reader-this reader, and their ally, read through the whole blog, give or take–and my writing really isn’t that interesting–but the timing of attracting two such readers isn’t coincidence–I have learned that from being hyper-vigilant. And I am seldom wrong, I now know.

(1)Well, that is another story entirely–but you can safely say these things about that: 1) I live in THE most complex-violent society on earth* 2) as a medium sized individual, I have fallen prey to men of all sizes who for whatever reason, attempt to work out their phallometric angst upon me ( I have been jumped, assaulted, stalked, and otherwise violated by cops and criminals alike–most of whom  seem to be challenged by my ability to speak words as they assault me) 3) the level of exploitation and the government capacity to exploit people in my country rivals Hitler–there are more ways in my society of labeling people than Hitler had at Auschwitz. Simple pink triangles and six pointed stars have been exponentially manipulated by my society–and the definitions change or flex, or re-distinguish themselves from the labels of ‘the past’ in EVERY GENERATION.

* complex-violent is a term I am coniing just now for the sake of separating violence into categories, because yes, violence is violence--but in a complex-violent society, there are more forms of violence than I am able to describe here, and now. My society wages war n individuals with the worst forms of violence imaginable, and some of these forms of violence do not leave bruises, bullet scars, or other tangible, visual or tactile evidence. Examples are: psychological warfare waged on people through media campaigns; the ease or difficulty in a privileged society of the ‘right’ to board an airplane unmolested by state agents; secret databases that inform all government officials about the states opinion of an individual–despite NONE of that being tested in a courtroom; coerced confessions that use stolen children, towed automobiles, and other manipulative state tactics, as opposed to confessions that were gained through physical torture; the employment of gang stalking techniques over decades of time to alter the mental state of individuals, etc.

A simple violent society as opposed to a complex violent society would be: a simple police state where one must pay the police directly for ‘rights’ and each of those ‘rights’ a matter of each police persons discretion; a society where ACTUAL rape takes place, and actual women are harmed by a physical act of rape, as opposed to ‘rapes that COULD take place’ and that are played endlessly via television scenarios to the audience of women who have NEVER been raped, but who fear it more than anything–so that rape occurs in the minds of women who have NEVER been raped, more than it does in the reality of their society, and definitely less actual rape than occurs against MEN in the CONGO, or woin Mexican drug cartel culture, for instance.

Re, other forms of violence, and the target audience of fear based marketing campaigns:These other forms of violence range from: the most basic being police pornography all over the media, the internet, and television–what many people call “violence on  tv,” is actually carefully designed, and carefully constructed, and wittingly deployed social control mechanism that subjugates the individual impulses of fight or flight to a secondary position of subordination to a  social contract of ‘calling the police to save you,’ which seldom, if ever works out for anyone but white women, and other middle class totem objects ( I may sound biased in my repetition of using ‘white women’ as a starting point of discussion–but the middle class, and women who willingly look the other way when violence happens to others are the primary targets of all police and state propaganda campaigns; these ‘others’ who endure horrible, real and often deathly violence serve as the ‘object’ that the police state subtly holds up and insinuates otself into our minds as if to say “aren’t YOU glad that THIS wasn’t YOU…” which is a subtle threat, and it works-to create a fearful female populace, anywhere this is tolerated. BUt the future will see women of all ‘races, colors, and ethnicities subserviating themselves to it’.)


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