Three children rescued from kidnappers! Calling a hangman card a spade…or something like that.

Not all blondes have more fun: you might remember several recent kidnappings of gypsy children that were FOILED–(and here) and NONE of them were aided in any way by the police, or by privacy invading software and programs hidden on the backbone of the internet; because none of the human rights, or Constitution subverting technology that the police-state claim protects children is actually designed to do any of that.

 The notion of the baby-snatching Gypsy is an old racist stereotype. Since I was born it has been a running joke within my family that I was stolen. My mum’s engagement to a Roma man resulted in three considerably darker-skinned siblings. Among my Roma family I couldn’t have stood out more, but lucky for me I can now hand down the “stolen baby” joke to my younger brother who was born with strikingly blond hair. In the current environment, however, I must ask just how funny this joke is. The implicit, and racist, message to emerge from this case is that blond hair belongs to the purer white race.

Sashka Ruseva and son Atanas

Sasha Ruseva and her son Atanas, outside her house in the town of Nikolaevo, Bulgaria. Since this article was written, Ruseva has been established as the biological mother of the blonde girl Maria, found living with an unrelated Roma couple in Greece. Photograph: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

What these social scares and secret technologies ARE designed to do are in fact to document and track people, leverage human rights, and particularly to highlight and leverage ‘the children’ who are ACTUALLY vulnerable to another form of insidious predation–the use by the state of children in moral panics, which have the net effect  of distracting members of those societies from looking at their own excesses, and their own failures to actually protect children–in the case of the west, Great Britain and the USA–the 12 years of bombing, chemical dusting, starvation, and other mayhem wreaked on children in non-Jewish-Christian* nations, in order so that American automobiles and British kidney pies can still rule the marketplace.

And child kidnapping by the state works in generating capital that trickles down to police-state friendly actors–like social service workers, hospitals and church people, CPS officials, and the foster parents  who act as de facto beneficiaries–and all of whom derive income from state sponsored kidnapping .

But fortunately, gypsies are not all kidnap victims, or victims of state sponsored slander in the official records:


This child was rescued from kidnappers–kidnappers who were, in fact, police, and the subsidiary beneficiaries of child kidnappings: government propagandists, social service workers, foster parents, etc. All of these moral crusading, window ledge drooling kidnappers derive income every time they conspire, and steal children–mostly from the poor.

I would suggest that there are a lot of moral panic generating social hysteria causing ,and ‘bogeymen’ creating stereotypes and pretexts for police state involvement that need to be re-visited; and to see which groups benefit the most (in strict financial terms) from portraying others as bogeymen and fortune telling witches while they get fat off the public till–via the time tested method of invading the homes of the poor, and the disenfranchised, and orchestrating moral panic via the face of a child, who hadn’t the opportunity to have a bath that day.

Before the internet, police and state routinely got away with demonizing certain groups and individuals, setting them up or scapegoating them for crimes, stealing their children,and telling the worst lies about them–before the targeted people ever heard the lies, and then, they seldom if ever got their children back!

In one of the most recent cases–a re-telling of the absurd lie that gypsies (Roma) steal children–the Greek police-state has been busted trying to steal a child. It happened in Ireland too.

In almost all of these cases of police and state kidnapping, we see one common denominator: the state claiming noble purposes and ‘concern for the children’ while covering up the broader issue: how the state uses those children in propaganda and moral panic campaigns.

Special Notes: 

* Regarding the phrases “Judeo-Christian,” Abrahamic religion, and Jewish-Christian: we really need a new word for these people that puts them in the same category, because they are inseparable in their cultural conceit, predictable lies, and unified goal of waging war against against any non-conforming ideal. Islam is itself the brainchild of the same group of cultists. They are inseparable; the same ideology, moral-less.

Re: How does everyone here feel about Nordicism?

Nazi’s, neo-Nazi’s, and crypto-racists, and religionists are very concerned with ‘moral purity’–as long as it is someone else who is labelled ‘impure,’  and they are even more concerned with documenting whether or not people are from their own ‘in-group,’that group ‘in on it together. (which is one reason why the American police union is called the ‘Fraternal Order…’  instead of something less patriarchal, or secret society-like)

The American Police and Surveillance State is looking for every opportunity to orchestrate moral panics of one kind or another, and it is not that far from being the exact same sort of miscreant as the Greek state, but far better funded, and armed with tactics that make blaming gypsies and other out-group members look like the dark ages.


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