The Somali Cab-driver and the wiretap: why use a wiretap with Somali cabdrivers..?

When a tape recorder stationed anywhere near a Somali cab-driver will do– It’s much cheaper–and because anyone who actually knows Somali cab-drivers KNOWS how loud they talk, and how openly, and often, on their burkaberry phones*: 

You don’t have to wiretap Somali’s–they talk ALMOST as loud as this guy!

“Moalin, a cab driver, and three other Somali immigrants were convicted in February, largely thanks to evidence gathered through telephone surveillance. The charge: funneling about $8,500 to al-Shabaab, the Somali militant group, in 2007 and 2008. Moalin’s case is the Holy Grail for the NSA: He represents a (kind of) terrorist plot, (partially) on American soil, that was foiled thanks to “critical” evidence gathered through the NSA’s mass telephone data collection program. Successfully prosecuting Moalin is critical to the government.”

Yeah–and camel’s meat is a good beef substitute…almost as beneficial to the heart as listening in on Somali cab drivers.

Don’t believe me? Just head down to any one of the local coffee shops where they congregate. One guy is shouting across the room to another guy, while on the phone with another guy; and groups of friends sit in corners and at tables that seem to out-compete each other in how loud they talk, and seem to compete for who can take the most phone calls, or talk the loudest over another guy who gets MORE phone calls tan he does.

And since none of these cab-drivers are women, we all know that there are no Burqaberries in the room to worry about.

Image Hosted by

This is one concept of a burqhaberry–but the ral burqhaberry is actually not an ‘item,’ and not an object: it is a conceptual image based in reality. Many Somali women take their cell phones and position them underneath the headband portion of their burqha, so they can employ hands free driving…ooops-hands on the wheel driving…

But now, after the NSA warantless wiretaps have been revealed, the Federal government is orchestrating round two of ‘Operation Whistleblower,’ and using warrantless evidence in court-rooms; testing the American publics tolerance for illegal investigations, and the evidence that was stolen during those investigations–the next step on the slippery slope is having no constitution at all, and just trusting them-after all, YOU aren’t the target YET, and YOU have othing to hide…right?

In yet another case that sprung from NSA fishing expeditions and SOD database defamation’s that some of us knew were taking place–ironically as early as 2003, as in this case–the Constitution will be tested finally, over warrantless/FISA wiretapping, and bogus cases that spring from such dubious sources as the SOD database, and a host of other fraudulent investigations targeted against people who for all practical purposes were minding their own business when they were kidnapped into National Security Apparatus security theater excercises.

And really, I don’t give a shit about Al Shabob, Sheik Kabob,  or whatever his name is, and his camel compound over there in Somalia. No matter how hard my own law-breaking, religious zealot pandering United States government stalks me, shadows me, mentally tortures me for decades with internet foul play; steals my stuff, reroutes my web-traffic, and generally and constantly subverts my most basic of human drives; and my general “pursuit of happiness,”–because at the end of the day? You are a bunch of child killing, depleted uranium dusting, psychopaths–and you scare the hell out of me! But not so much as that I won’t wade in to the exact hell that you try to throw others into-and find the half-burnt beams of your own smoldering eyes, and publicize them.

And I am NOT ON YOUR TEAM anymore–because you wipe your asses with the Constitution, and then pull your pants up from your wide legged stances, and scurry like rats to the mall on the weekend, family in tow, and all of them conned into believing that your money is your freedom–and you think that freedom is watching the Sooper Bowl. AND, you cut off all of my escape routes back in 2005, when I predicted this shit coming, and everyone called me crazy; and I had no way out of here.

Isn’t there even ONE nation out there, to whom I could swear allegiance?-a nation that would swear in return to protect citizens from decades of police harassmnent, tasering, stalking, and unwarranted invasions?– a nation that has at the VERY LEAST, a mechanism to punish or otherwise sanction those of your state who allow for a quasi-legal, extra-judicial process that is actually, just an unrecorded brownshirt excercise–and a horribly biased slandering of decent people in state-kept databases?

I was tired of being blackmailed with proven-false allegations back in 2000–and when I went to clear all that up? I found Officer Steals My Stuff from the evidence room, and Offarcer Even More Official Slander with a snide and sickening smile on its face, perpetrating even more lies.

Law enfarcers, employing provably false information over decades, in the most insidious, slanderous, and freedom subverting manner. Makes me wanna holler…or speak about it, here and elsewhere, despite what you have done; and for the sake of those who have not yet become aware that you are the exact enemy that Americans have been taught to believe exists ‘elsewhere,’ in Communist countries, and in the Middle East, and …

If there was a G-d, and there isn’t one–I would have been saved from you people, because you are what any Constitution loving person has been warned about. It’s nice when you can point your finger ‘over there’ and find an enemy, right? But whaty happens when you point it at law enfarcement these days? We see that in fact, the BEST, most PRECIOUS elements of the American way of life have been bartered–by those sworn to protect and serve it.

* apologies to my friends who ARE Somali cab-drivers. Sometimes it is fun to just play with the stereotypes that the enfarcers use to portray people. And Tillebear–for who you really, really are, which likely, offends even you.

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