Prior Restraint: Why my posts from last night did not appear on this blog today.

Just a quick note that there are methods of prior restraint*of the press, and of the basis most inherent rights of every single American citizen to  be informed (and sadly, mis-informed, or conformed) by the press–but also to be informed informally, by individuals who have access to the internet’s ‘give and take’ commentary.

English: First page of Constitution of the Uni...

English: First page of Constitution of the United States Česky: První strana originálu Ústavy Spojených států amerických Español: La página primera de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a wider ‘prior restraint’ on people, and their very IDEAS–thought policing–that serves no democratic interest. And opinions are indeed protected speech, guaranteed by the Constitution–even the ones we don’t like, and even the ones that come from ‘non-official sources’.

Along with standard prior restraint, that has been used by police and other law enfarcers for decades, other methods that have not been documented by the press, such as 1) government and law enforcement initiated prior restraint against he ideas of targeted people (minorities in the past, everyone who dissents to day) and 2) illegal and Constitutionally cringe-worthy prior restraint methods that violate more than simple the 1st amendment issues, such as the simple right to express opinions via internet forums, or other participatory methods guaranteed by a democracy 3) the methods  span a whole range from internet attacks on things that are being written as they are being written–and like this case example herein: my blog did not register the three stories I posted last night and early this morning(here, here, and here)–imagine your livelihood–and the peoples right to be informed–depending upon writing on a deadline?

And at this point–some ten plus years after they began a steadily increasing campaign against my individual right to write, and speak freely; to associate, and to otherwise merely exist within the same constitutional framework as any other American–I am way past naievete, or mere paranoia, and you should be to by now, after Snowden, et al’s reveleations.

Many if not all of these methods can only be classified as “acts of war”  directed at American citizens at large, and at targeted individuals specifically. As documented elsewhere, and herein on this blog, the net and overall effect of this constant and ever present sense of being attacked is varied–and the results are evident in the writing–but also, in the least, they are INFURIATING, by design.

Now–as proven liars–like the kind that ‘official sources’ are, and those, who now ask that the press put the “wiretapping American citizens without a warrant”  cat is back in the bag,  Tonight, my posts from yesterday do not show on my front page here.Ever since the internet went “unconstitutional” in the early part of the last millennium, the United States government has been practicing its various skills and exploits on citizens.

In other words–they have been exploiting people, places, and internet things. One of the  worst–for me at least, a former journalism student, are the various forms of prior restraint that have been targeted at me, personally; most of which consume massive amounts of time to merely document, or investigate, or even describe to others, without being called ‘crazy.’

This is just ONE of hundreds I can describe to you–and all of them would take massive amounts of resources to investoigate through FOIA requests, etc. But I hope this story provides a starting point for an enterprising news organization.

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