For Tillebear, and the seven second delay.

Answers for seekers of answers to the question: are Minnesota cops, window ledge slobering federales and other law enfarcement agents hiding something?

And a poem, for my ONE dedicated reader:

There once was lil’ pig named Tillebear, who crawled inside its shit laden lair;
While his its country raped Little Jack Horner, lil’ pig hid in a corner, and hoped it wouldn’t be found there’
But fate had a plan, which didn’t oinklude fair, and so Tilleblair was lost in a hurry;
His Its fate was resolved, a hero too loud, and his Its job, it’s cause, was lost in hung jury-
But wait, there’s more; he It was found to be a bore, and his Its facts redundant, staged, and dreary;
So Tillebear was stumped, by his Its own information humped,
And America was free again without worry.

(No thanks at all to complicit law enforcement in the subversion of the United States Constitution, and its guarantees against–well, so many amendments and basic rights that even you will shit all over your lair when you see what your colleagues have been  doing.)

Tille on you, Poohbear, you are so obvious tonight:

A Danish term for when you have to pee and poo
(a contraction of the words “tisse” and “pølle” meaning peeing and pooing)
“Hold da kæft hvor skal jeg bare tille nu!”- “Shut up i have to ’tille'”Tillebear is on ZyXEL technology--or spoofed an address

Then, along came a spider…

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