Does this guy look “spooked”?

NSA director Gen Keith Alexander.

He oughta be–because his own personal XKEYSCORE, despite layers upon layers of ‘plausible deniability’, anonymous chats, and mountains of internet backbone atrophy and calcification–is not entirely obfuscated.

And, as we know, obfuscation is a law enfarcement specialty, as pertains to the trail of “evidence” in any one case or another.

No, really–try me.

Because all that glad-handing in D.C.? It amounts to nothing when others who you vie for position with are also so deeply entrenched in XKEYSCORING mayhem that you and they make the ordinary citizen look like the real hero’s–no kidding.

No official title can protect you from what comes after. AFter.

“He was 7-8 feet away talking very loudly,” Matzzie told New Yorkmagazine [of the conversation that was overheard from Michael Hayden’s mouth, on an Amtrak train]. “I thought the former head of NSA and a retired general attacking the president on background was lame. Say it in a book like everyone else.”

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