Blast from the past: How I knew that TOR had been hacked*, and more–it’s not JUST Fox Acid they are on

This is a personal online journal entry, move along now…

Several years ago, I was followed everywhere, at times assaulted by strangers, had my car broken into and so forth–and I was writing other blogs at that time.

And strange routers popped up around me like dandelions in the springtime; and the WIRESHARK told me the strangest stories ever!

But then, I was struggling as hard as ever with  merely being able to publish to those blogs: the seven second delay was often a two hour delay, or a total freeze up of anything I was trying to do online–it had the cumulative effect of inducing ‘rage’–not at MY machine, but at the fact that I knew that these various attacks on me were a number of reprehensible things that are far beyond what you now know as the “NSA” scandal, and they had been directed at me since before the year 2000:

1) targeted intrusions, and content manipulation that was deliberately  rage provoking, i.e.–imagine merely trying to write an e-mail, and then ‘flash’ bang’ boom!!” your account crashes for no real reason (spyware up to date, firewall, no conflicts etc.) other than that YOU ARE BEING USED FOR TARGET PRACTICE by hidden attackers, men AND women ‘in the middle’ who operate illegally, and unaccountably under color of law!

2) that no court at the time was willing to step in and monitor their methods, much less their illegality–which are and were mind control attempts that masqueraded as white hat shit directed at ‘bad guys’. And I am not a bad guy in the least–and by that I mean–unlike you or soemone you know, I was at all times actively dissenting over war crimes committed by Americans.

3)These targeted attacks are/were time altering, light and sound shows, which  ironically replicates almost exactly some of the work of  MKULTRA ‘science’.

4) Back then I was being re-directed with TOR, and tracing the servers that they used to do this–AND a host of other things that I was ‘redirected’ intagfter my purpose of merely writing about what they were doing (as far back as 2000 and all that much less get sent through all these weird NSA hoops, and local law enfarcers attempts to practice their hacking skills–on me, in coordination with them–but without ANY JUDICIAL OVERSIGHT!

5) an awareness that, although I was able to tracert or ping, or other IP geolocate the addresses of some of the activity directed at me, what stood out was this: despite seemingly being in Malaysia, for example, variousxxx, and xxxx were taking place and the tracert’s etc were often ending in places that I have discussed elsewhere, and that, the US government and so forth.

In other words, beyond TOR and other programshaving been hacked ( I was aware that they had that abiliyty as early as 2008, but they had not yet directed that at me until 2009, and especially and blatantly in 2011–there are a host of other little things they do that keep a bal rolling fronm their side of the court to ours–and the things they do are hard to decribe in this space.

BUt the simple idea is this: every time I figured out what illegal shit they were doing, they would xxxxxx, and other similar things to force me into silence about breaking the code, or  going public.  A simple example is the PsyOps incidences from 3001-03: previous to Bush 2 waging war on American citizens via Psy ops was theoretically illegal–but how to proveit? So I used the newsroom at xxxx as a honeypot, and VOILA! Next thing I know, stories about ‘terrorists and disgruntled military”: are suddenly falling in my/our lap –and material appears and disappears from our computer desktops (this will be validated when this story is near completion)

So where do you go when the people you are supposed to go to hide behind ‘plausible deniability,’ while waging illegal war on you? You get the picture–and if you don’t read along, and you will.

It’s one thing for the average citizen using community standards to talk about ‘meta data collection*’  and another to peek into the door of the wider, more criminal, and more rights subverting aspects of these other government and law enfarcement programs, and the methods they deploy and employ that as yet have been described fully, or otherwise reviewed.

Well, anyways–here below is an interesting  tidbit from that later era: two of the ‘white/black hat’ local law enfarcers who were active in “ICE-ing” me out of normal activities–like writing my blogs (etc.), as well as active in one vertebrae of the NSA/TOR subverting process. And that process then, started with tower triangulation, and funny looking vans full of people who break into your car and put country music on your radio–because the psychological profile they have of you after decades of intrusions, illegal and un-official wiretaps is that you HATE country music.

And they love that shit, almost as much as they love their dear mother, baseball (they were always wearing XX baseball caps back then, and signalling with the bill).

The note beneath the SSIDs was my thought then–and now, what we know is that I was indeed on to something–something that is world wide news right now…

Acquired from Linksys by Cisco website

Acquired from Linksys by Cisco website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maker Linksys
Model number:v1.0.02
MAC: 00:23:69:c6:d2:74
unique identifier: a32386a3-104c-d546-9352-ed5adc70c803

2nd Network device
model number 123456
Serial number 42c0:c1:c0:86:3d:16
Unique identifier: b56bef35-43ce-8077-da8f-b635cd4d3de5

These are some of the devices that have tried to connect to my computer without permission. Hackers? Possibly. Gang stalkers? most likely.


YES, TOR has been nearly completely hacked, and Snowden’s intel is nearly old news at this point, as he has begun negotiating through the press for better-bargain positioning on his next asylum bid–but the NSA hackers rely on these things below in order for the entry and exit node surveillance to produce their ‘guided captures’:

For Starters, remember back in the mid-millenium when local police farces were all scrambling to get their hands on those big vans full of snooping devices–and they claimed they weren’t going to use them to snoop on peoples wireless devices? And how cities across America said that they wanted to put in public wi-fi, but that it would not snoop on you? Wrong again–they use these towers to triangulate your geolocation and signal test your routers.

They were lying-then, and lying again. Here’s the experts discussion of the NSA TOR hacking software–the technical stuff.

And here is one experience from 2011 with these ops, and this from just that one clue up above in the quote box:

1) the NSA and the DEA, as well as Homeland Security coordinates with intel centers, fusion centers, and or/whatever your local law enfarcers call their version of a “wiretapping Americans center,” and seldom keep records of their ‘tips’ to local law enfarcers-and this communication channel is two way street as well…

2) their coordinated efforts/ illegal hacking,  rely heavily on two-way sharing of Intel via SOD, and NSA “tips and tricks.” And then, on having the local farces park in the vicinity of the suspected TOR entry or exit node. And only then, those nodes that are the least ‘masked’ or the most privacy protected/mirrored, or otherwise untraceable are safe.

3) in the sense that The NSA can unmask everyone–that would be cost-ineffective, and plainly difficult–it is ridiculous to think this could even be done due to the limitations of nodes, and international law, and the NSA has acknowledged that.  BUT…currently, they have been putting together ‘sweetheart’ cases of selected targets here in America to further sell their surveillance state to you. It is targeted Americans that will be the proving ground for the tolerance of the public at large to accept or reject the illegal surveillance–and remember–if at ANY time an American becomes a TI, it is EASY to hack TOR as an entry and exit node, once the node is located.

Exit Node

Exit Node (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is these sweetheart cases that have been the focus of intensive years long data gathering, and data manipulation (think ‘web-clicks, and XKEYSCORE–then think about pop ups, and even more importantly, the unreliablitity of websites and even Google cache to replicate any given point in time) via the collaboration between the NSA et al and local law enfarcement agents–most of which is ‘off the record’ meaning they have done their illegal CYA up front, most of the time.

4) Local police farces then act as the original complainant via a host of methods, and some as simple as enlisting local neighborhood supporters into a gang stalking enterprise; to officers working off duty to hack into selected routers, or inside jobs like the InfraGard ; and others as complex and Patriotic as shredding data at a stakeout that would incriminate them, and reveal their hacking and other stuff.

5) There’s more, but I am out of time on tis story for now. My mind has shut down, and I have more notes to review. But for those looking in–and you know who you are–here are two of your routers from several years ago, just for fun!

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