Blast from the past 2: real time analysis of police state hacking, and TOR

This test was completed at approximately 7:30 am, 11/23/2011:

HOMExxxx gets 5 bars within two minutes after i connect, then relatively disappears after I disconnect my device

HOMExxxx appears to be the triangulator signal, stays around one-two bars.


Nxxxxx shows up when i connect, disappears about two minutes after disconnect.

usiw_secure_xxxxxx gets hot after I connect and jumps to 5 bars
These results were replicated over three trials spanning twenty five minutes. I ran the test because I had noticed browser performance issues, even when using TOR. I had also on several occasions had my ******device slow down to what appeared to be massively slow and incredibly (4 minutes or more to load a page) intermittent service.

At another point my device registered a different phone number, and also appeared to be running two connections. These problems are reminiscent of many other times over the years where I was gang stalked, NSA rerouted, and redirected, hijacked, and otherwise had a connection re-routed to mind-bendingly slow speeds for hours at a time.

I suspect someone is ‘leeching,’ using, or hacking my connection. This has happened on several occasions.

Other networks that are routine and show no variations are : various uxxxx, two Linksys–one open network, one closed, mac xxxx, fxxxthexxx, pxxxxxxxx, etc. All of these maintain constant wireless broadcasting strength from 1-5 bars.



showed up in Wisconsin and in Illinois.
J1SS might have been in Wisconsin, but showed up in Illinois, This is the nature and the method of GS/law enfarcement, and indicates at least one part/one aspect/onecomponent of the TOR hacking by the NSA. The multi-state, GPS positioned, and ‘rapid response’ indicates something deeper than mere prying–and indicates a wider ‘net’ of connections, and backdoor operations.

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