What is Law Enfarcement, and why should you care?

Law Enforcement, in all of its manifestations, is sworn to uphold the laws of the United States of America. Officers of the law are given a clear mandate, and that mandate says that they cannot, should not, and will not break “the law” in pursuing a case, or in merely gathering evidence of a crime or crimes.

And that mandate also demands that officers of the law are: informed about the laws of the United States of America; knowledgeable about the United States Constitution and its impact on local law enforcement; and willing to act in good faith to enforce those laws to the best of their ability.

And, a whole lot of other things…

But what happens when jobs-careers and benefits, and a host of other privileges are at stake? Many, if not most law enforcement officers become “law enfarcers,” who stand directly between citizens rights to peace and protection (in the old days they called cops “peace officers,” whereas today they are called a variety of things, none of which even hint at the possibility of peace), and the states urgency to create cases, manipulate the data that informs cases, and to look the other way when Constitutional guarantees are invoked; or to exacerbate conditions of investigation, arrest, or other data that informs the law, and get away with it.

Mostly–the modern, post 1991 announcement of a “New World Order,” police across the globe, and particularly in America have been breaking the law, or in the very least, causing situations where the “grey area” of the United States Constitution would be challenged, and likely defeated, by a SCOTUS that is entirely bought and paid for from both sides of the political divide.

Thusly, the main function of police and “law enforcement” agents is now, more than ever, to garner revenue for the state at any cost–in other words: the police are non-objective, non-peaceful, non-protective agents of the state whose primary function is to bend the law, break the law if they can get away with it, or to act as primary agents of social control that move forwards in an entirely biased fashion, and act on behalf of subscribers’ outside the United States who work with gatekeepers INSIDE the United States to draw the wealth of the United States outside the United States.

Does that sound redundant? It is–in simpler terms, the “redistribution of wealth” has been mandated, and the targets of that enterprise are everyone within the sealed boundary of this country who is not a hard-core subscriber to the two party system–and they ARE all in it together now: they are exploiting the people of the US in order to further agendas outside the US–and the primary form that takes is 1) to slander people, 2) to create in the slandered persons life situations that could be construed as criminal, or otherwise ‘reprehensible or repugnant ( a sliding scale) 3) to sway public opinion against these individuals–no matter how they gained such ‘slanderous information’ 4) to harass these individuals until the right legal climate is created vis media, law, or SCOTUS derailing of the existing laws, or the right illegal activity takes place (steering the debate) and 5) enfarcement of the law.

Law Enfarcement operates against existing case law, and its agents are gladly, psychopathically attached to the ability to NOT heed the law, and sociopathically attached to how powerless citizens are to stop them. They operate on a ‘sliding scale,’ informed by a master list (the DICE database) and draw us towards the slippery slopes of illegality while asking for your approval; collusion with those who would eradicate law entirely, with you as the intended audience for their bad behavior, and hoping that you check your own personal bottom line, and jusyt go along for the “ride along”.

The next step is their rreach-around grasp at you–you having aproved of their behavior with others. It is a mechanism that challenges us daily, as ordinary citizens, to ‘prove’ we have rights, or that which provokes us through quasi-legal, and patently illegal methods to ‘fight’ for our rights, as opposed to merely being “protected and served” by these public servants–paid for by our tax dollars  and yours.

Whether it is a traffic ticket that states you were parked illegally at 6:01 pm, when in fact you have a photograph of your car and you, in it, driving away at 5:58 p.m.; or whether you are in a bar when the police come, and a melee ensues and it is you, trying to leave, and shot with a taser; or your crazy sister in law, getting her face smashed in because she was arrested for DUI–you will be their eventual target.

That sounds good, and noble, right? I mean, staying out of ‘trouble’ with these types of people? Sure–for now. But we live in a “new era” when the law, as written into the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every legally binding, nobly intentioned document that was ever written, or formed the keystone  of our great nation are disappearing by the minute.

And sadly–you aren’t even their true target! As was said once upon a time by the worst of the worstest person to ever live:

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

Adolf Hitler

It’s for the children, after all…

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6 thoughts on “What is Law Enfarcement, and why should you care?

  1. Everything is right with this picture. Have you read “The Hidden Evil” by Mark Rich? Our free western democracies are being subverted from within to turn us into a 3rd world type fascist dictatorship. One ruling elite with all the rights and privileges everyone else slaves. The innocent target the unconsenting bait to lure the trusting middle class into a trap from which they can’t escape – and get bled dry.
    I found good stuff on cults. I am now chasing material on how the police operate in police states ( to supplement mine and others personal experience 🙂 ).

    • I don’t read much anymore–it’s all CIA/MI6/etc. bankster funded propaganda–mind control for the masses. It attacks my senses rudely to read through these things called literature these days and be able to see the hidden plots, twisted meanings, and the hidden agendas of the police state/s.

      But I imagine I could do it if I were paid to do so–it sure would be better than having these assclowns use “my” XKEYSCORE as a snapshot of “me,” in one of their enfarcements. They never read between the lines, or even in the text–which is where the real messages are.

      And that goes for all literature–in any state or nation. Nothing crosses the eyes of the people unless it has been vetted by state agents or otherwise altered in some way to fit the bankster purpose (and please don’t interpret this to mean “Jews.” Yes, many banksters are Jewish, but many more are not–a certain Nazi dynasty comes to mind named Scherf, for instance–but they are the yin and yang–the Stanley and Ollie of all global calamity–and the financiers of police states any where you find a police state).

      JD Salinger comes to mind as one example of MKULTRAtion–he wrote the Catcher in the Rye and some other stuff. Americans were taught what great literature it was–and come to tell he gave us the archetype of the mad sniper–the red hat wearing loner. And look how well that has taken off…even American gang stalkers have taken to wearing red–hats, shoes, etc.

      In fact, Salinger was a covert-worked for the OSS intel. And he was part of the programs that preceded Wild Bills MMKULTRAtion of Americans. No wonder he lived off in a cabin all by himself, or something like that…

      Trance Formation comes to mind.

      But any of the stuff on cults is just riddle with state-speak, and acts as an attempt to steer the people away from the real story. It sure is easy for any police state and the complicit media to wave the bogeyman of cults in front of the noses of the religious nuts and hickish prudes of the American outback counties, to frame and then talk about some weird group of incestuous local people–but harder to discuss the mayhem that goes on at state sponsored UN events–the drugs, the sexual affairs, the prostitutes of all ages types and shapes that are sold/procured to keep the diplomats and politicos happy. Yugoslavia comes to mind, and now France.

      And, oddly, parties in North Minneapolis, and Minetonka, for some reason.

      And what is called respected literature serves only one main purpose: to wave superstitions and falsehoods before the eyes of the people and ascertain who is “compliant,” and follows the path all the way to the slaughterhouse–is it any wonder that one of America’s “best” writers was both a veteran, AND a man who put the term “Schlocktoffen” into our vernacular? Pardon my crude German–I don’t have a dictionary anymore in German–it was ‘captured’ over the decades during one or another intrusions into my home/s.

      But it means Slaughterhouse, as in Slaughterhouse Five, by Vonnegut. It really is a great chronicle of one mans creative escapes from his PTSD. AND, it is MKULTRA propaganda as well.

      So, you’re not wrong that they try to bleed people dry indeed.

      Mofre recently in my country they are/were using female and often ‘feminist’ authors to do Company work–have you seen the Color Purple? It is quite possible that no piece of propaganda has done more to damage the reputations of black men than that book.

      Or the Vagina Monologues–which is actively creating a new generation of female pedophiles for the state to blackmail, or prosecute at some point in time.

      Based on your interests–and you are not wrong that this new western Stasi that has overtaken western democracies indeed does prey upon the TI as a a rung in a ladder that the state climbs on to get to the higher rungs; my own rungs actually go as high as the last three presidents–and if you have been reading, you can see that they have for years attempted to alter my reality by coming to me with odd conversations and trying to sell me or even give me or plant upon me drugs, guns, missiles, yellow diamonds–after the first half-decade I was worn out with all of their shenenigans indeed.

      So, you might just love this article:


      It describes the exact DICEy methods that the American FBI et al use to not only create crimes, but to then to “police” those same crimes! And it’s all just one rung of the ladder at a time, as if we are here to be manipulated freely by them, and stepped on.

      If I didn’t know any better, I might actually ask you why it is that your writing doesn’t even carry a whiff or a whipple of a British accent–but oh, never mind.

      • The book by Mark Rich ( why not go on to Amazon and read the preview) is half descriptive about what targeted individuals suffer and half we’ll grounded speculation of the nature of the political forces behind it . I would say he is on your wavelength.
        Perhaps your view of British is Hollywood/ TV British. Ee by gum, luv, does that make you feel better?

      • Nope. Doesn’t cut it for me. Ayy by gum is more like the late 60’s version of pirate speak. Or, really bad British comedy on the American public channels.

        Americans especially love shitty comedy, only slightly less than security theater, not half of which is just the accent to make them feel smarmy.

        And, OHHH MYYY, what Pirate Bay has been going through, wouldn’t you agree?

        But real British ( at least the last British I was privvy to) detailed things like strange videos of how black ops operate in London itself-and that, via Canadian Royal police.

        (But you read that too, right?) and how when Assange was detailing collateral murder, some in MI6 thought he was in fact a hero! At least, that’s my intel on that.

        And, of course, the Russians got that from you know who anyways, and DID NOT publicize it first…

        And, of course, I say some, because even you “Brits’ pubbers have a right and a left foot.

        But what do I know? after all, my encrypted went black awhile ago.

        Now out yourself already! Really, it is only you playing games. I am the real deal–and when my compendium of black ops hits the airwaves, you just might be out of a job–not that your record is dirty per se–but your ops are busted; completely and totally busted.

        Or, like my heroine says ” if I get hit by a car; if I die…it all uploads to the internet.”

        And that is the way it is, my unfriendly–quit the show.

        After all, you are transparent in ways that even you and all your technics cannot yet describe.

        But I can–your profile gives you away.

        None of you recognize the value of HUMINT in any way, much less inter-agency ops that overlap. You caused a wave that splashed all over you–or will, soon.

        But now that I have you on a direct line–maybe you can consider the bigger picture? I have whales, in case you are shopping for fish. But it has to be real, and none of your set-ups, or black ops directed at me personally. I mean, really–missiles? yellow diamonds? You should have just asked–I knew what you were up to then, much less now.
        Ayyy, matey? My heartieeeez?

        And steganography, WTF??!!

        You locals always shit into the water hole before you yourselves have to drink.

      • Actually they do speak that way here – and if you can do what you boast – you are welcome – I want everything that is going on around me exposed to the world – who the people are who live here – who the people are who have been lying about me to everyone. hack – and tell the world. And you would have a great start if you even read my blogs. I have deliberately given names, dates and places for anyone to enquire into if they feel inclined.

  2. No–actually none of your blogs give names, or even specific addresses. Maybe you’ve been made, and the IRA has deleted all of the pertinent info that you carefully left there? Damn the IRA! They probably have you on a direct feed to their headquarters!

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