The first break-ins occurred between 1998 and 2000, and they targeted the Un-Informer Magazine

Back then, I was predicting a war–a most likely, and now provably illegal war, based on the manipulation of women, and women as objects within, and –targets really–of government propaganda.

I predicted an illegal war that used womens angst

The first break-ins targeted my writings–and tried to ascertain what sooper seekrit messages” I was carrying. Yup–I knew an illegal war was soon to take place. But of course–I didn’t actually know that then…right?

And the later break-ins targeted my opinions about an illegal war that was about to happen–‘we’ just didn’t know when and where yet…which, of course we do now, and the rest is history. Really bad security theater, blurred with truth and lies, and lots of windowsill slobbering.

And, they were actively stealing children in that era, to ensure that there would be little resistance–the average state sponsored child kidnapping doled out some $$157,000. Pretty lucrative industry, that United States sanctioned child kidnapping.

they're all virgin mary's

So, probably we should focus on the Gypsies, right? I mean, blaming gypsies, while you torture, kill, and kidnap ENTIRE GENERATIONS–it worked for Hitler so well. After all, we all know what a bunch of kidnappers those GYPSIES are, right?

I was once accused of pulling a Godwin–the invocation of Hitler in rhetorical battle, as if sdomehow, invoking Hitler to contrast yourself with your enemy was wrong–except whe your enemy IS Hitler, and those who have, in the modern era, replicated his exact propagandistic methods, including the diffusion of dissent by demonization of the truth.

Here’s Hitlers thoughts on “the children”

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

Apparently, Hitler didn’t know that in America, women own children, like car dealers own cars. Or, something like that…


Fucking gypsies…apparently, they don’t know the ‘seekrit’ of raising an entire generation of little Fuehers–but they could learn, if they just spent an hour or so, gaming or caving in Minneapolis with cops.


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One thought on “The first break-ins occurred between 1998 and 2000, and they targeted the Un-Informer Magazine

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