Movie Notes: Zero Dark Thirty-something

This would have been a better title for one of the CIA/Hollywoods latest propaganda efforts, because the protagonist–yet another fair skinned thirty something with a single woman crisis–fits the profile that I have written about here, but with RED hair, as their is a certain portion of the male audience that encompasses the police state that idealizes red-haired women as well as the blonde. bombshell.

kathryn bigelow

Zero Dark Thirty-something director Kathryn Bigelow

Zero Dark Thirty-something, and the ticking time bomb scenario–directed by a situationally brown haired woman, Kathryn Bigelow. Oh the irony.

If I tried, I couldn’t have written a better piece of propaganda with the ticking bomb scenario–our protagonist, a white American woman who works for CIA intel is thirty something, and no man in sight to put out that fire in her baby-basket (and anyone who knows cops or their associated klans knows that they are very incestuous-and often sleep around with anything that walks in their circles0.

Particularly, this is the Scotch Irish descended members of any police farce in America, or Saint Paul, Minnesota (for instance) which counts nearly 50% of its officers as Catholic, and Irish–but also a large portion of Jewish Hollywood carries this fetish with them as well, a throwback, perhaps, to the good old days when Italian Jews or Khazars still fetishized and even interbred with red haired maid-servants.

I have written about this fair skinned woman before–like where I describe the basic profile of the “object” of the American police states affaection, and its idealized fetish object here, or  where where I note that United States law enfarcers will go anywhere in the world to save little blonde girls from their mothers quests for foreign cash here.

I write about sex based victim marketing and it’s seamy side here, and I have also noted that even my own flawed profiling abilities  were drastically kicked in the seat of my own pants, and proven incorrect on some level,  when a group of heroic blonde women from the blonde woman capital of America had the oomph to stand up against state-wide police gang stalking!!

And then I wrote this profile about how the current trend is to pander to the “brown girls”, which notes that the police outreach to middle and upper class women as objects of police state mechanisms of  ‘protection’ is changing, but only by skin color-and that the methods of gaining their attention, and drawing their emotional resources to police state causes will soon be taking interesting and theatrical turns(which I cannot disclose at this point)…

But the main idea is that the American police state–which wages war on men across the globe–realizes that the women who live in fear of  violence are more than willing to join a police state and wage the most heinous of all violence on others, working with the men of that police state to do so–and the last Millenium has seen white women as the inheritors of this fear–after their own men from their own tribe have been destroyed by that exact same mechanism; the method is as old and older than whoever it was that described the methods of Roman conquerors thus: ” if it can stand and pee against a wall, then kill it…”

Here are my rough notes on this latest propaganda effort:

Zero Dark Thirty-something– talk about cultural co-option: a white woman named Maya(?) solves the bin Laden problem(??)–sort of, while missing REAL WAR CRIMINALS here in America(??!) who condones and conned their way into allowing Americans to use torture against international conventions, laws and treaties.

“when you lie to me, I hurt you,” says the torturer repeatedly, that torturer whose entire war was based on a lie, or two, like “WMD’s in Iraq!!” or “if we don’t stop them over there, they will soon be here!!!!” as we fly the bin Laden family around the worlds airspace, and project upon Iraqi’s, and Iranian’s; and Venezuelans, and Bolivians–that THEY are terrorists, while down-playing the fact that all 19 twin towers hijackers were SAUDI’s.

Then the torturer tackles the guy, a classic homo-erotic scenario with the victim, shackled, trying to use his legs to kick at the torturer–and the torturer clambering between thatmans legs ‘for national security reasons”, and then a quick cut-away shot to the white woman who looks away, over her shoulder in seeming disgust.

Her glance is as casually as if she had heard that her car payment would be  3% higher than she had negotiated with a salesperson; then she looks up, and at the scene unfolding in front of her–as if to tell all white women looking in “it’s what must be done–keep your head held high and just pay it–the car is such a great staus symbol, outweighing anything else–plus men are all cheaters and stuff, especially the brown ones…,” and meanwhile, an actual torture of an actual human being is taking place, against the Geneva conventions, and against every single treaty that was signed by her nation in the last century; AND against her oath to uphold the law, and the Constitution of the United States of America,  as the  torture continues–because the “rights” of others mean nothing to a narcissists need to be “right.”

The torturer asks about Ramzy Yousef (interesting note: spell checker tries to correct this name as “Housefly…”)–the torturer demands of the victim “Give me one email and I’ll stop this…”

And the white fertile-something CIA woman looks on, undaunted in her quest to validate herself–to be ‘right*’(Narcissists need to be seen as ‘right’ at all costs)….and she needs that validation even as our nation scoops up every single e-mail that Americans are sending to each other, and to others across the world–and this white woman doesn’t care–she is doing nothing wrong–she’s so right, in all ways, a protected species for that exact reason!

Other people are wrong and bad, maybe, possibly, likely–like the torturer, and the bad guy–but not her; her hands are lilly white, and clean; protected by those who scoff at evolution, or scoff at global warming–protected as if she is a dying species.

But mostly–she is “valued because of her official  intel shared with peers equal to or better than herself,” she likes to think of herself–not valued because she has no innate ability to empathize, or feel the pain of others–because she is a “woman on fire!!“, and her womb is empty as a flowerless vase, due to her career choices, and her inability to sublimate her ego to her id…or something like that…

No, this path-narc, unlike former FBI agent Coleen Rowley** of Minneapolis, who tried to report intel about the 20th hijacker against the “grand plan” of the New World Order and its false flags–, and the one potentially freedom saving, 911 preventing  piece of intel that led to one Zacarius Moussauoi, this path-narc protagonist, Maya, the white girl with the culturally co-opted name, wants the gold medal, at the expense of the bigger prize (FREEDOM, sans illegal government activity, slippery slopes, and set-ups, for ALL people)…

I give up. I cannot beat a propaganda delivery system that can force normal people to push the button, every time, and I cannot prevent world calamity no matter how long and how hard I immerse myself in the game of Onan the Barbarian. I have only so much shit I can fling into the eyes of the Panoptic cameras of the constant observers who try to limit my ability to speak, write or otherwise live a normal productive life. AND I cannot continue to tolerate the co-option of my thoughts, my ideas, and my greater purpose of “living an un-obstructed life” with all of these fearful, Oprah watching, torture condoning path-narcs named “Maya” surrounding my very libidinal impulses.

But I can continue to get to the bottom of this MKULTRAtion that is going on here in America–this great, path-narc driven circus of civil rights lost, and localized police farces gathering intel like its the last basket of underwear-fruit, and fresh fromunda cheese that will ever be harvested or aged; and I can sit here as a beacon to point others to the doors, and windowsills of those who leered at me for these lost decades…

When DE Cameron was tasked with the job of diagnosing an entire nation–post WW2 Germany– with a mental illness, he was
largely looking at what we now know are well worn tropes, and many of these tropes, the tropes of the exact enabler of the police state mechanism that we see in this film: patriarchal order as seen through the lens of a woman who feels slighted by patriarchy, arrogance and conceit of bad guys, as seen through the lens of an arrogant, conceited path-narc who tolerates torture and illegal activity as long as it advances her career; but nothing in this work that I know of mentioned the pathology of white women, who look the other way as “their men”–their owned, controlled, and possesed to the point of disorder–husbands sons and lovers–torture other childrens fathers, and other children’s brothers; other mothers sons, those mothers often quite happy to not have women like her around.

But Hitler awarded medals to women who birthed this kind of child–that is a historical fact. He, like the USA today, was quite focused on creating nationalistic persons devoid of human empathy; persons who killed and tortured–path narcs who believed that somehow, their nation was right, and everyone else was wrong about the little details–little details like bin Laden’s whereabouts, while the NSA, SOD, etc tapped into the most private details of CITIZENS OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

There is NO LAW anymore, just the enfarcement of it, with the willing assistance of such path narcs. I just don’t have that sort of mayhem and illegality in me–so here’s some pud in your eye–except you can’t see me–I have tape over the webcam lens again.

And it is this–this IN ME–this desire to shoot you in the face, but with weapons of peace after what you have stolen from me–these decades of your targeted incursions in my homes, and places; into my mind and body with your Tasers–, more than anything that predisposes me to see a nationwith a mental illness–the psychopathic mothers that teach through such examples–and who encourage their sons to be this kind of torturer; and whose daughters stand weak and shit pantsed as human beings are violated with pain and illegal methods.

And every time the white woman in the film looks away, I am–we are being trained–if we allow ourselves to be trained–we are being trained to believe that catching arbitrary criminals overseas–bin Laden–is more important than catching bigger fish here in America–like the guys and gals who allowed us to de-nationalize Saudi’s; and de-nationalize Afghani’s etc, and call them stateless persons in order so that Dick Cheney, George Bush, et al could have the ultimate trophy of all: torture and kill war-porn, and police-porn that has no ‘legal definition’ or ‘legal protection’ EVEN WHEN IT DID.

And the protagonist-frozen as she is in her own career choices and frigidity–her rape anxieties and projections run rampant around the wordl–should once–just once, be on the other side of that illegal paradigm.

But, when she is left with the choice between her own Narcissistic play for power–by going along with illegal activity versus creating another solution–, she says to the man in her best, matriarchal condescension ” you can help yourself by being truthful.”

So here we have passive voice passive woman with motherly tones “you can help yourself,” as if it’s his fault that an entire nation has broken international law and multiple treaties, and then ” by being truthful.” Note that she does not say “if you stop lying,” but “be truthful.,” as if she is Oprah Winfrey’s personal success coach doling out ‘the secret” to happiness.

These archaic Mother good guide/father as bad punisher roles of “wait till dad gets home,” are fully employed, and re-instated generation after generation in such a manner.

Then in the next meeting/briefing on “KSM’s network” (Khaleid Sheik Mohammed), and his separation from it– she has the crucial brainstorm “he hs been in isolation for xxx time–we could tel him anything–he doesn’t know anything.

Then they let him out, and he spills his guts. What genius…real genius.
Now wait till we see how this EXACT dynamic is at work, here in America, and has been at work since BEFORE 9/11. The methods are similar but within ‘most’ of the boundaries of the US Constitution–

Then after they get bin Laden–but only after subtly implying that he sleeps with his daughters and a harem, she gets on an airplane–that plane empty, as the pilot says “you’re the only one on the manifest–where do you want to go?

And she cries as some dopey music plays in the background–the only thing missing is some retro backflash music from Anya or Sarah McLaughlin whining about thirty something angst, and a bath tub full of candles–and a waterproof dildoe, or some book that was recommended by Oprah, of course.

Oh–that, and a conscience, because this sort of woman needs one.

NOTES: the need to be “right” and Narcissistic Personality Disorder 

B. Cerebral narcissism may be expressed as a need to be right or a belief that we have
superior insight over others.
1. Cerebral narcissism derives its narcissistic supply from
or academic
2. Cerebral narcissists are convinced their education is superior to others’ and
that the ideas of others are only second best to their own.
3. Cerebral narcissism can easily develop in someone who is truly intellectually
4. The cerebral narcissist is convinced that he or she is unique and should associate
only with other special or high-status individuals.
C. Narcissism will remain unchallenged in the soul if “narcissistic supply” is maintained.
1. “Narcissistic supply” is a term used to refer to whatever feeds the appetites of the
narcissistic defenses.
2. The narcissistic supply will vary according to the type of narcissism being fed:
somatic or cerebral.
a) Food, drink, material possessions, fancy vacations, etc. can be used as
narcissistic supply to feed somatic narcissism.
b) Intellectual stimulation, academic achievements and the academy itself can
be used as narcissistic supply to feed cerebral narcissism”
**Coleen Rowley Link and data:

After the September 11, 2001, attacks, Rowley wrote a paper for FBI Director Robert Mueller documenting how FBI HQ personnel in Washington, D.C., had mishandled and failed to take action on information provided by the Minneapolis, Minnesota Field Office regarding its investigation of suspected terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. Moussaoui had been suspected of being involved in preparations for a suicide-hijacking similar to the December 1994 “Eiffel Tower” hijacking of Air France 8969. Failures identified by Rowley may have left the U.S. vulnerable to the September 11, 2001, attacks. Rowley was one of many agents frustrated by the events that led up to the attacks, writing:

During the early aftermath of September 11th, when I happened to be recounting the pre–September 11th events concerning the Moussaoui investigation to other FBI personnel in other divisions or in FBIHQ, almost everyone’s first question was “Why?–Why would an FBI agent(s) deliberately sabotage a case? (I know I shouldn’t be flippant about this, but jokes were actually made that the key FBI HQ personnel had to be spies or moles, like (Robert Hanssen), who were actually working for Osama Bin Laden to have so undercut Minneapolis’s effort.) [2][3]

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