Beyond Moving goalposts: law enfarcement destroys relationships.

Imagine you meet a new friend: you talk, and find similar experiences or similar interests bond you in some human way.

Then, Imagine that, several days, weeks , or months later, that ‘new friend’ looks at you oddly; talks to you in circles, or otherwise exhibits strange behaviors that do everything EXCEPT affirm you as a friend.

Then, imagine that you have–in some way–established with that person just enough trust, love, or whatever else it is that bonds you to a person–imagine that they break their silence, and tell you why they are acting oddly…

Here is a short story–a story drawn from actual experience in 2001, with a person who is now a witness to the gang stalking and the harassment that I have endured for decades.

This person said ” Yeah–this guy came to the door, I opened it–he flashed a badge…some kind of badge and said ‘ Is he here?’ ”

” i told them he is not here. Then he left. He was driving a ___________________.”

Now, imagine this as a touchstone-as an “arguing point” between you, and another person who you are trying to ascertain the reliability of: that this person telling you this is just a human being like you, and trying to tell you a tale of police stalking, or other abuse.

Imagine that, as you try to trust this person, you wonder: “Is this person telling me the truth? Is what this person says about a persoin at their door, with a badge, and asking about my whereabouts ‘reality based’ or part of some form of manipulative discourse or other ‘truth testing’ by one who desires my trust?.

THEN–imagine that some ten years later, they stick to their story! And they describe it exactly the same!!

Yup, I say to myself, it is quite likely that they were telling the truth THEN, and I was too uncertain, too unaware, or too ‘crazy’ to understand what they were saying,  about the reality of that truth, and its teller, to trust the message I was given.

But now, some ten years plus later, I know that I was indeed being followed, gang stalked and harassed at all points–and that person knows it too.

Wow…..ten lost years, never knowing if ‘reality’ is what I think it is, or that ‘reality’ is in fact a corrupted transaction, with GS, cops, and other disgusting provocateurs and miscreants haranguing me, and acting as the “man in the middle” in every single relationship I have, or attempt to establish.

Makes me wanna Holla’….

But what is most important is this: imagine if YOU had every relationship–every relationship transaction of trust, undermined by the skeptical notion that you were being followed around, set up, or otherwise being used in a grand police state practice exercise of civil liberties-vs- police state boundary invasions?

I bet you would kind of lose it–kind of not know who is and isn’t ‘real’. AND I bet you would change your behaviors–or in the least alter your ‘reality’–go ‘masked’ into the world to find out if you are crazy or not–and i CAN tell you this–that some of us have long been targeted as ‘throw-away” people, that law enfarcers use to practice their larger agendas: the wider “net” that you yourself might one day be caught up in.

They used me, and my time, over several decades to prove that they could get away with decades of harassment, and decades of subverting and undermining my ability to relate to people in a normal fashion–they used me to prove a point: that YOU will tolerate others being subverted in daily functioning; and that YOU will tolerate the abuse of others so that you can go home “free” for now, tonight.

But I think the Milgram experiment says it better:

ANd the bad news is? In recent replications of this same test? MORE people took orders from the torturers than they did in Milgrams experiment…

They stored my profile in their data bases, and then, used me for “Target Practice” in order to undermine YOU some day–I was their experiment, and it was NOT AT ALL COOL.

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